Anchor Wahey

Cleavage dermal anchor on Naomi.

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23 thoughts on “Anchor Wahey

  1. dallas – Her boobs are exposed because I suspect it’s necessary to expose her cleavage so the the anchor can be wahey-d.

    The video’s one minute long, the original was a little longer.

    Can you install one faster? 🙂

  2. Dallas – This was my piercers first dermal anchor and sure he did have a little bit of an issue getting the anchor in the first time but that does not make him unprofessional. Also, if you would look at what i was wearing you could probably tell that it would pretty much be impossible for him to install a dermal anchor through my shirt. Dee is a good friend of mine and everyone at his shop is very professional. Would you have reacted the same if my “tits were hanging out” and he was piercing my nipples? If you are so scared of boobs maybe you should look at another website or at least not click on videos that state cleavage in the description.

  3. Had she worn a bra she would have been covered, but considering the placement and the clothing she was wearing it seemed pretty necessary.
    However it did take a while longer than it takes me to do them. Then again he’s using a different technique than I use. Different strokes for different folks, nothing wrong with it.

  4. thats great! i ment no harm nor faul. sorry if that was the way it was interprated. it looks great and congrats on the first one. i do them a bit differently than what was show. nice job, but one question. whats she going to do when its healing? not wear a bra?

  5. sorry i get carried away sometimes. i do apoligize. but that tattoo on her chest is beautiful

  6. It was pierced slightly above where my bra sits so I was able to wear a bra while healing. That said I do not wear a bra very often as they are uncomfortable as hell. I usually roll with a tight undershirt.

  7. because obviously when you haven’t done any dermal anchors you know what the best jewelry for it is? oh shit wait opinions are another thing that comes with experience.

  8. I’m with you Dally boy….unneccessarry….you did both mine in about that time…….and my tits weren’t hangin out…

  9. Well…
    Although I was somewhat distracted by the beautiful breasts I could not staring at the v. well done looking tattoo.

  10. Naomi…I like your comments….you’ve got some spice to ya….haha….

    The vid is kinda boring, and it doesn’t show much about the procedure…..but DAMN!!….beautiful titties and nipples….haha

  11. This is amazing, love seeing micro dermals being done.

    Did he use a dermal punch or a needle?
    i had my forhead done with a needle, but like took 7 attempts to get the jewellery in, as the skin was so tight.
    and considering that was his first one it was pretty fast:)
    i love it

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