I wish I was far away too


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42 thoughts on “I wish I was far away too

  1. I usually don’t like swimming… but right now… I’m just TOO jealous… I wish I was there….

  2. wow… i am mail, married and deffenetly not into guys – but you are pure fucking beauty and sex.

  3. I’m not normally into this particular physical type; but that is pure fucking sex right there. Mmmmmmmph.

  4. how can such a bad person who make this kind of site putting God’s picture and making Him a different pic. How stupid! Don’t you know that God is our Savior during the times when we suffer in a big problems!

    I hope that you can delete the picture you put on the home page, if not I can say that, a person who put that picture dont have a good heart.

    hope to hear any response coming from you!

  5. Trixie dear, are you high? I can’t make out a thing you tried to say. What pic where, and who is evil??

    And don’t give me the whole “english isn’t my first language” bit. It isn’t mine either. God invented spell check.

  6. Shoots! Big mahaloz for all the sweet compliments…..However, I’m pretty sure Trixie IS high. And Casper…..I TRULY can’t believe it’s not buttah!
    Aloha Nui,

  7. I agree with 21g

    Not interested in guys, but damn I love dreads and you are fucking hot.

    I made the comment to a friend of mine “Kinda makes me wish I had a vagina”

  8. OMG!!Does anyone have a napkin to wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth??? Now that is HOT..

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