This is harder on my eyes than Guitar Hero.

Sometimes I worry that people will get bored because I post work by a number of artists quite regularly, but then I realize that I don’t particularly care because I post what I like, not what I think will generate viewers… And I remember how mad I was when public schools started switching to “everyone should win a prize” instead of “the best people get the prizes” — so I again bring you some wonderful geometric work on Davy by Vincent Hocquet from Beautiful Freak Tattoo in St. Idesbald, Belgium.

I continue to greatly admire his skill.

49 thoughts on “This is harder on my eyes than Guitar Hero.

  1. I’m going to that shop in a few weeks probably.
    Proud to be Belgian 😀
    In the past, there already has been a ModBlog picture about a tattoo Vincent did. It was also very very beautiful !

  2. Now thats one very well planned tattoo and you can tell. One word…Jealous!!

  3. Beautiful. In my opinion this should generate a lot of viewers because it is a very cool piece of artwork.

    I’ve always been a firm beliver that if you try to please everybody, you’ll end up bland and ignored. Major props Shannon!

  4. To just come up with the idea from the beginning is just amazing, awesome sleeve!

  5. Dope ink..i’ll love a tattoo like tt if i dun have a japanese suit…i m jealous~hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Repetition: amazing.

    Proud of Belgium, even though strictly speaking I’m not belgian.

  7. it seems to be inspired by one of the Escher’s masterpieces if I’m not mistaken… well, anyway, it’s really cool

  8. Oh wow, that looks amazing. The detail’s so intense it looks like you would feel the shapes if you ran your hand over his arm!

  9. Go Belgium!
    Beautiful… It’s obvious to see how much talent is involved in such masterpiece.

  10. Whoa, that’s intense.
    And trippy. My eyes went slightly crossed when I first looked 😛

  11. I was going to say that’s really ‘trippy’,but I notice the person above me already said that….fuck it – THAT’S TRIPPY!

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