25 thoughts on “Microdermal Clavicle Piercings

  1. they look cool, so does the neccklace and the freckles. would like to see more of her. up or down.

  2. There’s only one “H” in Northampton…possibly because people from Western Massachusetts can’t spell.

  3. What makes me giggle about this is how the necklace is turned around and pulled back in the click-through picture.
    Because even having that much more skin covered would be a Bad Thing, right? 😀

  4. He pierced my nipples and did a great job. Microdermals rock and I got two done at Lucky’s, but by Penelope. Lucky’s rocks if you live in the area.

  5. wow! i just got ones like this a little over a month ago, same jewelry and everything, neat!

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