Ribbed For Her Pleasure

Slave Butterfly writes of her genitally implanted muse, “It is delicious!”

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44 thoughts on “Ribbed For Her Pleasure

  1. heheheh…
    hey you didn’t blur his ‘balls’!
    Seriously cool, I always wondered how well that would work…

  2. I really wonder what that actually feels like. I don;t think it would have to much effect though. Any one with any expereince?

  3. I wonder how that would feel…? Yeah I too was wondering whether that would cause problems with condom use.

  4. I have beading done too, and no, it doesn’t interfere with using condoms….it does however, make a condom harder to put on! You gotta pull it over the beads which can be a little tricky in the heat of the moment!

  5. Holy hair Batman… I myself prefer him to be mostly shaven… but the bumps… Hmmm… I’m intrigued…

  6. I never thought I would see someones genitals and think of Lemmy Kilmeister…. I stand corrected..

  7. #12 – I think I just peed myself a little bit.

    What bizarre pubic hair. Is that guy Asian? Is it true that only Oriental people have straight pubes??

  8. All I can think of now is Wayne’s World, and Garth: “Ribbed for her pleasure…eewwww.”


    Haha, the Lemmy comment cracked me up, too.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks genital beading often looks like a bizzare std or tumor infested penis?

  10. #12 hahahah amazing
    these ones look really good i have seen others that are not as pronouncd and look like they migrated durring the healing process but this looks nice and healed and still in the exact spot they strated in very nice!!!

  11. Em, not to be a bitch but just to let you know…

    Human beings from Asia, Korea, Japan, etc. usually do not like being called Oriental. Oriental is usually reserved for inanimate objects like vases and rugs :)

  12. I don’t imagine the condom-application would be much different than people with frenum ladders, apadravyas, and ampallangs.

  13. #22 – I agree. I have thought about beading in the past, but never went through with it because the pain didn’t seem to be worth the payoff (aesthetically anyway). After seeing this pic, I am reconsidering it. Can anyone comment on how he may have achieved such good results? Placement, aftercare, materials, etc.?

  14. Those are the straightest beads I’ve seen yet.

    I wouldn’t mind getting a few myself, one day :)

  15. I had beading done like this, the one downside, my partner found them VERY uncomfortable, and they weren’t nearly that big! Just my two cents.

  16. The beading is very interesting and all that…but I keep thinking about that penis toupe!

  17. I am super confused by that “only oriental people have straight pubic hair” comment. Not only is the oriental part just wrong, as mentioned already, I’m not Asian, and I have straight pubes? I mean, they seem straight to me?

  18. Getting away from the pubes talk and focusing on the real deal here, that’s a nice dick. Normally looking on this website makes me appreciate what a nice shaped dick my ex had. No offense meant to anyone but genitals sure can get ugly.

  19. yeah. sorry to echo a few people on here but the photo reminded me of genital warts. but I admire the bead placement.

  20. They look like burrs stuck on my pants after walking in the woods. I bet I can’t just pluck them off :)

  21. would be interesting, whats his gf says to the effects for fucking?! I have implanted some pebblestones in my shaft with good effects, but in earlier times i had some threads of fishing line placed through my cock head (like a little brush), and this was to strong with rubbling during sex, and my wife wished the threads to remove. Only with the round softy stones she is happy.

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