Transverse Helix

If you don’t know why I’ve posted a picture of Nicola‘s ear, you’re not looking close enough!

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47 thoughts on “Transverse Helix

  1. Hmm, I didn’t know that was possible. Im assuming that it is running under the skin but over rather than through the cartilage.

  2. it’s all good, especially the long bar. :D

    but i think the red stud looks out of place.

  3. I think it’s a PTFE bar going in than it goes out on the inside of her ear then through the other hole.

  4. Nice, haven’t seen that before. I wonder if the chances of that rejecting are any higher than a normal helix or industrial.

  5. Hmmmm, that’s really interesting. I can’t figure out what it is… but I like it!

  6. That is never going to heal. It’s possibly one of the dumbest piercings ever.
    (#13 – If it isn’t under the skin the whole way then it would be labelled a vertical scaffold/industrial, not a transverse helix.)

  7. I didn’t get that at all but then I decided to read it and then I noticed it… It’s an interesting idea but I’m not sure how well it’d heal and I’m pretty sure I’d prefer the original piercings. Eitherway, she’s trying something different and props to her

  8. If it ever heals with all these negative vibes running around, it’d be interesting to see it unswollen.. and how unproportional it looks compared to her other :)

  9. I don’t think I’m being “negative” as a piercer if I say that anatomically speaking, this is unlikely to heal. The barbell seems much too long, and an abscess is a very likely possibility. Piercings are always “cooler” if they are done with real expectations of healing, or are distinguished as “play” piercings from the start.

  10. This is definitely going to be difficult to heal. That said, I have seen crazier stuff heal — a friend of Rachel’s has a SURFACE PIERCING through the upper cartilage. It’s insane. I have NO IDEA how he got it to heal… I’ve seen it in person and it looks fine…

  11. well i am definitely interested in how that will heal! it looks like it could potentially be difficult but i’m sure where there is a will there is a way!

  12. i don’t generally respect “because i could” as a valid reason for getting just any piercing. there are safer ways to have this exact same visual effect.

  13. #31 I agree. My orbital helix hurt like HELL. I’d think that transverse would be really painful.

  14. #26: Shannon I would have to agree…This is by far not nearly as “crazy” an idea as what has been stated in the past. If it heals 100% I’d be surprised, it’s going to take a long long time and personally I think it’ll drive the client crazy to the point of retiring it after a few minutes.

    And I was going to say IF ANYTHING it could have been done better by say using a flat surface bar design that is bent into the shape of the ear cartilage and do it up as an actual surface piercing.

    HOWEVER with that being said due to the bend-ability of the ear and its cartilage that type of metal bar surface work just wouldn’t work well.

    I bet 16ga Microdermals would be better suited? Provided the client has enough flesh over ear cartilage in their helix ridge area,etc.

  15. Oh wow, I can’t even begin to imagine how much that must have hurt. Then again, I hate my ears being pierced and hearing eat piercings.

  16. The problem with microdermals is there’s no way they’d last long term… *IF* this heals, it will last long term… But that’s a big “if” I think…

  17. Man, it never gets old watching all the modified people make fun of each other and say how dumb we are for doing what we do.

  18. Interesting but there’s no way in hell I’d have enough patience/bother to heal that. My industrials were bad enough for the first few days and they’re a breeze to heal.

  19. Christ. My industrial gave me a fear of sleeping on it that I now wake up instantly if i start turning over in my sleep, I can’t imagine what this felt like!

  20. I like it. Though it’s quite subtle, I don’t agree with people saying there are other ways to get the same result. In my opinion you’ll always be able to “feel” (just by looking at it) that this is special.

  21. It looks decent now but I really can’t see that working out in the long run… unfortunately. Too much pressure on surrounding tissue, even with the flexible jewellery. It’d be a huge bitch to heal.
    I’d like to see a follow up though.. Some people can heal anything! (remember that article showing the person with the 10 or so year old madison with a circular barbell?)

  22. I would have thought that drainage could be a problem due to the sheer length of it. Still, hope she manages to heal it, some pics a few months down the line would be good as well.

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