I’m sure it’s not an implant

I like Eduardo (Universal Tattoo Body Art, Brasilia, Brasil) Bez’s pierced comic shoulder tattoo, but I have to admit that I’m wondering about the large bump in his young friend’s chest…

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49 thoughts on “I’m sure it’s not an implant

  1. eaeW!! que susto! rs…
    Nem tinha lido, pensei q era um implante no mlk…

    Brasilia marcando a presença.


  2. I have a friend whose family trademark is their breastbone pointing outwards. It looks weird at first, but then you realize it’s “normal” in their genetics… the thing is that its peak is right in the middle of their nipples, not as high as this kid’s.

  3. I have a friend with a benign tumor on his chest that looks exactly like that, except that it is off-center.

  4. My first thought was also port a cath, but there’s no scar and (at least from my own experience) the position wouldn’t be the most appropriate. it would possibly restrict movement, the line wouldn’t be direct and I’m just going off on nothing.

  5. some people have a hole in that location. I mean their chest carves in so far they could place a shot glass in it. Yay partytime! :)
    If it has always been there, I guess it´s not that bad?

  6. woah… that would be a slick spot for a hemisphere implant… I think I want! …and I hope that kids ok!

  7. Sounds a bit strange but my mom has barely any fat cells, and the ones she does have are all pretty much located in that very spot. She’s thin, but if she were to gain weight she’d sort of have what that kid has going on.

  8. my attention is grabbed by the bodiless hand on the boy’s shoulder. who’s hand is that??

  9. i like the way it looks like the boys left hand is coming out of the guys chest tattoo lol

  10. first off the tattoo is very nice .. as for the chest bump .. my sister has something very similar ( although its a bit smaller ) .. its a calcium deposit left from a microscopic fracture of the stirnum during birth .. the babys chest gets just a little to compressed when exiting the birth canal .. and a microscopic fracture can occur .. & that goes completly un notices untill .. extra calcium starts to build up .. I also have a cousin who has the same thing ( only much more pronounced) on her wrist .. from a bad break that never healed right …. hope fully a lil extra bone is all this kid is dealing with .. and if so shouldnt really ever cause further medical issues …
    please up date us .. if its something more dramatic ..

  11. Haha @ Shannon’s response to em_malicious.
    Louie on September 5th

    ha ha I just looked at the pic .. again .. and I see why he asked .. I mean does the lil girl have some sorta freakishly long arms or something ?? I mean maby its the angle or something .. but it does look really off in some way .. like there is no way her hand could reach that far ..

  12. Maybe the boy has a chest bump and a third shoulder hand?

    What kind of mods are they doing in Brazil? I thought UREA was doing crazy work?…

  13. My guess is that at some point that bump’s going to burst open and thousands and thousands of baby spiders are going to pour out of it.

  14. yeah that’s why i asked. you would expect to see her arm behind his right arm too. i know it’s the girl’s hand, i was just pointing out that it looked weird.

  15. #

    25 and 26, I don’t think the little girl took the picture, guys…
    N on September 5th, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    I was talking about the arm around the boys sholder .. i wasnt sayin she took the pic lol !

  16. Looks like it might be a Port-a-Cath. Its a subcutaneous jelly with a bubble on the inside and a tube that leads directly into the aorta. Its used for kids who need long-term intravenous treatment, or who are at high risk of health problems and needs adirect line to ensure prompt treatment. They just pick through the little skin on top of the jelly square and inject into it. It defnitly looks something like that..

    Except this one is pretty elevated.. so i really don’t know

  17. face up to the truth guys, it’s an implant. not everybody subscribes to the same set of ethics!

  18. yeah i do not see any scar on the boy. I don’t think its an implant, it could be a calcium deposit or a tumor.
    that girl does have a long arm if she really is touching the boys shoulders.
    that scar on his rib is great and the tattoo is pretty cool.
    that sums it up for me

  19. Honestly it looks a bit too round to be a port a cath. I remember mine was mostly flat on the top and I imagine that any retention of liquid in that area would be detrimental and make accesing it much more difficult. No scar, bubbles out a lot, I’m not convinced.

    Leavethepolitics..: you forgot to mention the stainless steel, titanium or plastic exterior that hold the silicone or polyurethane center

  20. maybe it is just a cytst. my papa had one on his head and also one on his back. this could be the same situation.

  21. I like the pierced tongue and uvula tattoo on his left shoulder. It’s awesome hehe.
    It even has a smiley!

  22. Could be an osteoma, either osteoid or an exostosis, or it could be a cyst, but I would imagine a cyst to lie less centrally due to pressure.. as for the tattoo – pretty alright, and all the talk of the girl’s long arms – to me it just kinda looks like the photo is taken at a really cool angle, and it’s hiddn behind her hair.. not so long.. but hey, whadda I know!

  23. I love this picture. The guy has a wonderful smile and they are all obviously close(family?) but there are many natural reasons for bumps on this kind in both children and adults(only one person mentioned osteosis so far which is very common in children) that are no real danger whatsoever. What I would like to see is a closer view of the shoulder piece as it looks very detailed, and over the darker skin I can’t quite make all of the design out.

    And her arm isn’t very long at all. you would need to have more information to give them all scale. The guy may be crouched down or not very tall in his own right, and that would make the kids seem larger than they are.

  24. And to #37, why did you just jump the conclusion that it is an implant and that “not everybody subscribes to the same set of ethics”? I’m not sure where your remark is coming from but it sounds a touch racist to me.

    I have another answer to what it could be (though I think it has been totally nutted out by everyone else on here) it could be a reaction to a bite of some sort. I get massive bumps like that whn I get a mosquito bite, and after a day or so the initial bite isn’t noticable, there is just a lump left.

  25. I think that was supposed to be a joke, Sassie. I don’t see how you’re getting anything racist out of it without making a number of assumptions on your own.

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