Old-school Play Piercing Interview

This interview is with an individual who spent about thirty years doing play piercing on himself, without any outside influence or guidance… Because it went on in private like this, it’s quite interesting to juxtapose it with the current style of play piercing that’s much more popular. Anyway, click through to read the article, and then come back here to comment.

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49 thoughts on “Old-school Play Piercing Interview

  1. I also wonder whether his ‘blindness’ is from birth, or rather that his vision has degraded over time.

  2. Interesting article, and the photo really catches you and makes you want to know more. :) Awesome!

  3. Great article Shannon. He’s so normal he makes my friends look odd. [and I am a non piercing, no tattoo gal] But I like seeing this stuff…and reading about it.

  4. Pretty interesting that a blind person would be into cross dressing which is a very visual thing. So from this I would assume that this individual was not blind from birth…

  5. **curiouser and curiouser** In My line of work, I get a lot of “vanilla” people with EXTREME kinks… he reminds Me of a few clients that I have had over the years. Ashamed or unable to research their kink to be fully educated. Im glad you brought him into the fold… Perhaps a community like ours will aid him in his misadventures down the “rabbit hole.”

  6. shannon, towards the end you put in an editors note that you didnt agree with his assessment. can you clarify or expand on that? i only ask because the way it is written, and i’m sure you didnt intend this, but it basically looks like he is urging caution to readers and you are disagreeing with his caution.

  7. Awesome geeky pic there, even better read.

    I totally agree with him on the pins vs needle statement. I really have been enjoying skewers lately for that reason too, more sensation and less trauma/scars.

    Wonder how many other people are out there, exploring similar activities behind closed doors without even knowing others like them exist.

    I wonder if I would find it exhilarating or if I would feel lonely.

  8. I think Shannon was saying that he doesn’t agree with the interviewee’s view that genital play piercing is unsafe and that you shouldn’t do it.

  9. Hey everyone, coming november, I’m going to get my wings finally. John Durante is going to do some scarification on my back to give me my wings. Any suggestions please, for the love of your computer, please give me some suggestions. e-mail me, send me a message on myspace, please something.

  10. That picture has been floating around the internet forever. I have this awkward sense of closure after reading this.

  11. He was very forthcoming in the article and seems to know, and needs to know, a lot about his own anatomy and physiology. Love the breast pumps in the photo…

  12. I haven’t read the article nor read these comments to get a gist of what the article is about, but man that photo rocks!!

  13. pretty fascinating article and an interesting switch from the standpoint of the needles used, versus the standard sharps type we’re used to seeing in BME galleries. One question I wondered about, since he brought it up a few times, was about being diabetic. He mentions that diabetics have thinner skin than non-diabetic people. So my questions are 1. How long has he been diabetic? and 2. Does he think there is any connection with his sensations of pain and the damage to the nerve endings that is sometimes associated with being diabetic?

  14. Very, very interesting interview. He has some factual misconceptions but his heart and head are in the right space.

  15. *snrk* the picture makes me giggle.

    Although, I do kind of worry that someone will be able to recognize him from his moustache and chin in that picture.
    He wants to remain anonymous, right?
    Modblog is pretty frickin’ popular, and this picture will probably be spread all over the internet, because it is…erm…ammusing.

  16. Was this the interview that you were hesitant about posting, because of the attitude the community has had recently? If it is, I am very glad you posted it. It was an awesome read, and the guy seems to be very in touch with his body. He seems so happy.

  17. i’m rarely disgusted by anything on your blog, in fact i’m intrigued daily… but this particular post tickles my gag reflexes. creepy =O

  18. I find it interesting that there are so many members of the BME community who have subdermals, large gauge piercings, and have suspended that find this “creepy” or “weird.”
    To be completely honest, play piercing isn’t something I’m personally into, but this individual’s practice is likely to be the most pure form of body modification one can encounter. Even in primitive cultures, the community and ancestors dictated what was viewed as ritual and accepted in their society. Especially in the 70′s, information circulation related to body modification was scarce (if at all available) so this man made a personal decision to do to his body what he saw fit to make him happy. THAT is what makes this truly unique.
    Thanks Shannon!

  19. Creepy? Where? A guy with a good sense of humour doing his very own thing, not caring about what other people might consider a trend. Pure modification for his own pleasure, that is how it should be.
    Thank you Shannon and Mr. Thomas for the interesting read.

  20. Okay.. seriously, is it just me, or does there seem to be some sort of connection between diabetics and play piercing? Isn’t this the third or fourth one I’ve read here where they’re both mentioned?

  21. this is such a bizarre picture. interview aside, this picture is incredibly weird. women’s lingerie, ‘breast’ pumping, and gaming equipment, and backwards baseball cap. could it get any more awkward?

  22. 37 – Yeah but it may be deep down in the archives. Perhaps not done by Shannon but someone else previously! I am fully aware of Bob’s current facebook status :-)

    Bob Flannegan is ‘teaching Satan himself a few tricks about pain! ‘

  23. Kelli (36), I don’t know, but maybe injecting insulin develops an interest in needles and piercing with some people? Just an idea.

  24. Possibly. But you could also argue that since the “piercing” is keeping them healthy they see it as a positive thing, and if you were introduced to that idea as a child it could draw you to body modification. But what do I know?

  25. (44) I had to do injections for about a year and a half and it *totally* put me off of play piercing. It does make you want to expirament, but me personally, I tried it and it wasn’t my thing.

    I am at a loss for words re: “Mr. Thomas” and his activities.


  26. christ mate you really need to get a chick. try a few months of bangin each other then if you stil want to stick pins in yer tits at least you ‘ll have some one to play with. what a sad cunt you are, the funniest thing is the little fastidious moustache – i bet all the old ladies at your local store just think your quite the dashing young rake.

    what a sad pasty fat little prick you are

  27. Hi,
    needles in the nipples are good…. but it makes a lot of more pleasure to use a razor blade or a fretsaw to cut into the nipples!
    Bernd Sadet

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