44 thoughts on “White Ink Palm Tattoo

  1. I was going to comment about how good it looks for a drunken spur of the moment thing, and then I notice the bite marks. Still, a really nice tattoo.

  2. i love palm tattoos, just something about the ridges in the skin…im not sure but its lovely non the less. oh man and that bite!! some savage ass shit there, i hope he got the ear of that fool…

  3. my eyes went straight to the bite.
    and I’ve seen more noticable drunken tattoos so you got off easy mate! LOL.

  4. Um, yeah….that bite doesn’t look good. Has he got that checked out? Did he have the tat and then get bit while out? What’s the sequence of events here?

  5. #21 bite is fine, didn’t break the skin.
    going to leave a lovely purple bruise a couple days after this photo though.

  6. Answers to questions:

    The tattoo is well healed, over 18 months old.
    The bite happened around four weeks ago, and that healed fine as well 🙂

  7. holy shells and cheeze batman! that is one heck of a bite mark! i tried to do it just now, i can’t even bite myself that hard! dang!

  8. It took me ages to work out that was a bite! In the meantime I thought it was the shape of a cookie cutter which I think means I’m hungry.

  9. I’m the one responsible for the bite! Hahah, I’m gonna do a better one next time. This is not the best I can do. But I like the fact people think it’s an implant eheh 😉

  10. Yikes. As someone who inflicts and receives those type of bites on a regular basis, I say Kudos. It takes a one hell of a man/woman to take a bite like that. =)

  11. Holy Shit that is a serious bitemark, damn.
    But the palm tattoo is also very nice and the use of white ink is just amazing.

    But what actually happened, looks like he tried to do a karate hit straight to the face but the hand just got stuck between the teeth of the one who was about to get hit hahaha

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