34 thoughts on “Reworked Collarbones

  1. Frances and Mateo are friends, and she was aware he was getting them beforehand, and actually got “permission” from her personally. Even still, aside from the full length clavicle placement, the design isn’t all that similar.

  2. What… are you going to steal my haircut next Mitchell?

    Decker, you’re in trouble as well!

  3. These look les than awesome in the picture but after seeing the infamous cupcake and ice cream cone end up looking so well defined I won’t judge. PS Everyone has to cut out the mod “stealing” talk. Its unhealthy…

  4. We have a tattoo artist here in bumphuck Iowa by the name of Ben Decker so I always do a double take when I see Brian’s name. This guy seems to be rather brilliant with the implants…

  5. Haha, that’s why it was “similar”….And I literally only posted because I couldn’t remember her IAM name and it took me forever to find that post.

  6. You wouldn’t even know Brian.. you’re either too busy stuffing poptarts in your face or waiting for me to fall asleep so you can stare at me.

    But yes, on the record, he talked to me years ago about it because he knew it was going to look really similar, and I said go forth and do your thing, thanks for asking.
    He has such lovely manners, this one.

  7. They look lovely. I avoid asking personal questions, but I did notice the dent in his lip and thought it might be a piercing ripped out previously. However it’s none of my business really =]

  8. poptarts!! i don’t think we have them in oz anymore 🙁

    but totally LOVE the implants – collar bones ARE underrated. A very very very sexy piece of anatomy!!

  9. For the lip, he had big lips plugs (maybe 1/2″ or so, he was already featured on modblog), and there he just took off the jewelry. Nice implants by the way !

  10. I’m curious as to why there wasn’t a huge freakout about these being similar to Dunebug’s, like there was with the whole cherry blossom scarification side piece thing between Kitten and Nae. Hell, I heard Nae even got messages about people not wanting her on IAM anymore because of it!

    I wonder if he’s getting the same type of hatemail like Nae was getting.

    Side note though, I think they look great and I’m sure Brian did an awesome job

  11. I wanted to make two incisions so i wouldn’t have to leave that big pocket open to outside bacteria entrance any longer than it had to be.

  12. Consider how many modded people there are in the world – about a billion, maybe less, maybe more. In all those people, there are bound to be some similarities between mods. Those people who sent hatemail to Nae should grow up.

    Anyway. I’ve actually never seen a stretched lip taken out before, so I didn’t recognise it 😉
    Also, I forgot to mention – the medusa really suits him.

  13. I’m sorry,but I don’t get implants. Why would anyone bother? (Well,I know why of course). I mean how much does this kind of thing cost? That’s the thing that I can’t help,but wonder about – the cost. It has to be pricey to do this stuff,and just think what you could buy instead. I’ve seen some that are pretty cool,but it just seems silly. Just my opinion.


  14. #32, I don’t think anybody else knows why someone wouldn’t get implants. If I weren’t trying to get into medical school, I would get some.

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