10 thoughts on “Double Lift

  1. ok so i get that the skin a quite elastic and can be stretched without harm to the skin, but how does this work?
    to me, when i see suspensions the stretching reminds me of stretching your ear and how long that takes…and what happens if you don’t wait long enough…
    what? obviously you can’t go for four people on the first go..
    im so confused.
    so many questions!
    suspensions completely amaze me.

  2. I love skin! It always surpasses my expectations. The most I’ve done was 500lbs (including my body weight) on 2 of the Mustad ~4ga shark hooks, which I held for about a minute. The hooks deformed slightly but the skin held.

  3. All the power to you, Brandon! That´s impressive (and I doubt MY skin will hold up to that….) I so wish I`d been there to take part in all the fun that went on that weekend!

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