21 thoughts on “Professor Nape

  1. That is gorgeous! I’ve always considered getting a nape piercing, but I’ve never liked the fact that the surface bar resulted in TWO points of exit. This is a great alternative!

    (Plus, the title of the post = win)

  2. That’s some pretty expensive jewellery…did she have it specially made into an anchor? I’d love to know how/where she got the jewellery, cus now I want one!

  3. Sue’s anchor piece is a 3mm square cz set in 14 karat rose gold, and that piece is screwed onto an industrial strength microdermal base.

    The cz top itself costs $50, and is available through our website http://www.venusbymariatash.com, or by calling our studio.

  4. 15-the link may not work because there’s a comma attached to the end (after “.com”) just type it into your browser without the comma and the page will come up. :)

    Thanks, Meg for the link.

  5. 13-Why should she shave her neck? God forbid someone actually have body hair that they were born with, right?

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