Two Year Old Implants

Iguana Mike‘s implants survived his recent legal altercations, and seem to be doing quite well at two years of age (initially done by Shawn O’Hare at Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing in California). I have to admit that giant star implant in his forehead is really visually overpowering and I’ll bet is a little disconcerting in person as it’s so big!


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89 thoughts on “Two Year Old Implants

  1. hmm its really late in oz. As much as its some amazing implant work, I find it very overpowering, especially the star. Each to their own though, quite cool transdermals too.

  2. I also find it far too overpowering, as I am a fan of quite subtle and aesthetically pleasing tattoos that don’t jump out and, excuse the pun, hit people in the face.

  3. So what was the outcome of the felony charges made against him? All I can find is old new articles like this one:

    Man jailed in possible sex assaults on teens
    May 26, 2007 – 12:10AM
    Body piercings in exchange for sex. That’s the deal Colorado Springs police say a 35-year-old man working at a piercing shop offered to teenage girls as young as 14. Reports of sexual assaults on at least two underage girls led to the arrest Thursday of Michael Miller of Denver after a two-year investigation.

    “We are assuming there are a whole lot more victims out there,” said detective Clay Blackwell of the Colorado Springs Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit. Police are seeking other possible victims or parents who suspect their child received an illegal piercing from Miller, who has a large raised star on his forehead. Blackwell said Miller worked at Eternal 7s Tattoo and Piercing, a shop formerly at 5927 N. Academy Blvd., where he was known as “Iguana Mike.” According to the arrest affidavit, the investigation began in April 2005 when a student reported a sexual assault to to a Doherty High School police resource officer. The student said Miller told teenage girls, some 14 and 15 years old, that they could get their piercings free and without parental consent if they had sex with him. She said an underage friend at Lewis Palmer High School told her she had “messed around with Mike” for piercings. Another girl said she was 15 when she met Miller through He used the screen name “iguanamike2” in instant-message conversations, police said. She told police he picked her up from a group meeting at New Life Church and drove her to the shop. She told police she refused his request that she perform oral sex on him. She said he forced her to have anal sex for 30 minutes, then acted as though “nothing had happened” and “calmly” pierced her tongue.

    The warrant states the shop closed in October 2005. The owner was not charged, Blackwell said. “He didn’t know anything about it,” Blackwell said. “It wasn’t related to the shop, but he (Miller) was sneaking them in after hours.” Blackwell said the case took two years because of a lack of reliable information about Miller, who moved to the Denver area. “Initially, there wasn’t enough to be able to identify him — all we had was ‘Mike.’ We couldn’t proceed,” he said. Blackwell said a recent girl’s account was “more astute,” and a warrant was issued on April 20 for Miller. Miller is in El Paso County jail on felony charges of suspicion of inducement of child prostitution, sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact. Bail was set at $25,000.

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  5. So that piqued my curiosity Lori.. That sounds like a similar situation to the former owner of my studio, except it was always just rumours, and never went anywhere.. Hope someone can clarify this one.. :)

  6. To me that star looks horrid. I’ve seen a lot of heavy mods, including a lot of facial implants, but that just looks horrible. And if he did what they say he did I hope he goes to jail.

  7. i know that this site is specifically about body modification and whatnot but i find it really disturbing that you chose to publisize this guy with the allegations against him.

  8. Dani, I don’t know anything about the allegations against Mike, and I’m certainly not about to block someone’s picture from ModBlog because they’ve been accused of something that may or may not be true, to say nothing of the context being potentially quite different than in the article above.

  9. Honestly, he’s a good looking guy. Even more so if he didn’t have the implant. Don’t like it.

  10. Hey, I’m quite sincerely curious to know – if the text above the picture hadn’t mentioned any “legal altercations”, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to look up info about it. The only news articles I can find look like they’re from that same time period, early to mid-2007, I’m genuinely interested in how it got resolved.

  11. my fiance just walked in the door and saw this and did the “superstar” moves that Molly Shannon does in the movie Superstar haha

  12. I wanna know how this ended up too. Cos preying on a young person’s desire to be modded (which in the majority of young people is just a fashion statement) is f*ckin’ filthy. I can’t help but feel that it’s irresponsible showcasing this guy.

  13. he’s pretty good looking but i don’t care much for the star. wonder about what lori posted

  14. Yes please. I would also like to know the outcome of this situation, because if he has indeed been convicted, I will cancel my IAM and BME account without a second thought. I will not support a site that supports rapists.

    You could have at least waited until there was a definite verdict before you blogged him. Imagine that one of the alleged victims is an IAM/BME member and sees this? This is spitting in their faces, and in the faces of any survivors of rape/sexual abuse reading this.

    I am getting tired of the offhand way you treat subjects like this and domestic violence on your blogs. And before anyone tells me to fuck off if I don’t like it, I had faith in this site and have been reading it for years. But I am done.

    And his implants look ridiculous.

  15. if the alligations are true then now many more people know to watch out for this guy then before – and if they’re not true then we can just go back to looking at his implants. Bad things happen all the time and sometimes looking them right in face (or forehead) are better then not mentioning them at all. Ignorance is bliss but awarness is the answer.

  16. I personally do not like this because it is so large. When I first noticed it I was quickly going to the bottom of the page to catch up on the photos I missed and didn’t really look at it too closely, and I just saw a really lumpy forehead, I assumed it was going to be implants, but, giving it a closer inspection, I still see a really lumpy forehead.

    I too am curious as to how the case turned out.

  17. A.F. – Even if it turns out to be true, suggesting that posting a picture of his mods is supporting rape is completely foolish. And if you’re saying that there’s some offhand treatment of rape as a matter of habit here, then really, that’s a reflection of your own personal issues, not my attitudes, because your statement is simply incorrect.

  18. for the record Mike is not being charged with RAPE (ie: forcing himself on someone) that might be the term they are using…But he’s being charged with offerin service for sexual favours…ie: he is alleged to have offered piercings to minors for sexual…

    Also if you’re going to delete your account due to potential perverts,etc being on IAM…You should probably have deleted your account already by now..

    I wanted to make a modblog entry discussing matters like this and how we as piercers need to be ethical and professional and how the clients need to not stand for any of this (sexual harassment,etc,etc,etc)…But I wasn’t allowed due to it being a legal case and I was told better to leave it alone so not to get BME potentially involved.

    I truly hope the allegations are false because that’s another black eye on the piercing profession, that we don’t need.

  19. Warren, you might review the part where one accuser says Mike “forced” her to have anal sex with him after she refused his request of oral sex and the part that says he was in “jail on felony charges of suspicion of inducement of child prostitution, sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact.” Sounds like rape to me.

  20. For the record, I don’t think Shannon (or BME) supports or condones rapists or rape or sexual abuse, etc. I’ve been reading this website for over a decade and have never seen evidence of that. I also don’t think we’ll know what really happened, even if Mike gets on here to defend himself.

  21. Well, Shannon’s clearly in contact with Mike and was aware of the “legal altercations” prior to posting this, if anyone could contact Mike and ask him about how the case has been resolved (if indeed it has been resolved by now, since the U.S. Marshal’s service spent two years investigating him prior to arrest, it may well not be resolved yet), Shannon could.

    And I, for the record, take serious issue with piercers who think that exchanging piercings for sex with minors (AKA statutory RAPE, for those arguing semantics – 14- and 15-year-old girls cannot legally give consent to sexual intercourse, whether they supposedly agree to it or not, and the Colorado Springs Gazette certainly reported that at least one of the girls in question felt “forced”), and I don’t see why we need an editorial on why it’s bad thing – it’s OBVIOUSLY not appropriate, ethical, or legal. And I can absolutely see how posting names and details of the cool breezes involved could be construed as promotional to them and their work (go see comment #4 up above) – I can’t believe that anyone could seriously argue that getting your headshot and name featured on Modblog is anything other than good advertising, no matter what happens in the comments.

    And here are links to the articles I referenced in this and my previous post on the subject:

  22. i personally think the implant is ugly. i don’t want to weigh in on the ‘is he a rapist?’ debate, because hey, girls are fucking cruel sometimes. maybe they just want to get the ‘freak’ in trouble.

  23. Lori – Your comments are not being moderated. The reason the comment (#34) above was held is that WordPress automatically holds comments with more than one link in them for approval.

    I don’t know why you’d say that I’m “clearly in contact with Mike”. I have no idea how to contact him.

    And someone or something appearing on Modblog means that I found it INTERESTING in one way or another. Nothing more, nothing less. And I find Mike’s implants interesting. I find them interesting if he’s a rapist, and I find them interesting if he’s not.

  24. JP: agreed that I forgot about the part where the girl claims he forced himself on her. If that is found out to be true and valid, etc then like I said its another black eye to our profession.

    also I forgot that the courts don’t flat out say: “Rape” they use other words to describe it.

    Shannon: I actually have a partially started editorial that I was going to submit to The Point called “Ethics 101: Don’t Diddle The Little!” Of course that title would probably be changed to just: “Piercer Ethics 101” so not to tread on open wounds,etc.

    I’m still working on it but the more I live in this profession and hear and see the way its going…I feel as if I’d be preaching to the choir, that being like minded individuals,etc…Whereas the ones who NEED the education on proper ethics,etc will not read the article nor take away from it.

    Although I might write an editorial based on the side of the client and what to look out for and how to handle such situations…But then again even if I write it, will it really stop a young person of “loose morals” to throw themselves at a piercer and offer sexual favours for mods.

    Lord knows I’ve had a few girls offer to “discuss matters” privately in the procedure room with me, the only difference is I send them walking to find their next pogo ride…

    Much like how doctors, police,etc are often caught sexually assaulting their clients,etc. Sadly I don’t think it will ever really go away…But clients just need to learn this is not acceptable and if a piercer makes a pass, acts improper,etc to notify their boss and or police immediately.

    and as for any piercers reading this, as I’m sure there’s many who are, shape up or ship out…Cuz the last thing we need is more dirty unprofessional jackasses putting us deeper under the microscopes of the law/governments.

  25. I assumed that you are in contact with Mike because you got his picture to post and made mention of his legal altercations – I wouldn’t think that Shawn O’Hare would still be flogging pictures of a client he worked on two or more years ago, but I could be wrong. At any rate, if Shawn O’Hare submitted the pictures (not Iguana Mike), he would presumably be in contact with Mike and could get in you in touch with him, if he liked.

    And we’ll have to agree to disagree on the topic of how interesting rapists are – the only interest I have in rapists is watching them die in a fire.

  26. Lori – I’m really not particularly interested in demanding that Shawn give me Mike’s contact details so I can hassle him about this. Again, my interest is in his implants. Not in whether or not the allegations against him are accurate.

    I have featured rapists before. I have featured Nazis. I have featured murderers before. I have even featured a serial killer. However, I featured them for their modifications, not their extra-curricular interests, politics, or beliefs.

  27. Were those Nazis/murders/serial killers currently working as body modification professionals and thusly directly financially benefiting from their Modblog features, one wonders?

  28. how is posting a picture of someone who MIGHT be a rapist with heavy modifications on a blog ABOUT MODIFICATIONS condoning rape and spitting in rape victims face? if i had a blog about beards and i posted a picture of Charles Manson it would be because he has a sick beard, not because i condone what he does and what he did. oh and the implant is a bit to lopsided for me.

  29. lori

    how about you drop this, this is going know where fast what do you done for shannon to delete this posting due to mike’s run in with the law what are you personally getting out of ruining modblog with your personal issue towards this individual. frankly i’m tired of reading comments about people bitching and whinning for sake of whinning shut the fuck up and leave it alone.

  30. In regards to drama: The whole purpose of body modifications for a lot of individuals, such as myself, is to claim your body as your own and I find it incredibly disturbing that there are rapist assholes out there using those exact means to take your body away from you. Let them burn.

    In regards to modification: I totally agree about the klingon comment.

  31. #42: As the article states US Marshalls,etc were investigating Mike for 2 years or more, usually “MIGHT” is taken completely away if someone is investigated for that long.

    I can see where Lori is going with this, especially in the eyes of individuals who HAVE been raped, as it IS very hurtful…Much like how I’m sure parents of those killed by Manson and his bunch, would be hurt looking at the face of their childs killer.

    Also know the situation is this…Iguana Mike is a piercer, is he still working right now? I have no clue. But if you read the various posts on here it does to some extent glorify him, give him “cool scene points” to certain individuals…Who would be more than willing to get work done by him, and if its found out that he is guilty and is labeled as a sex offender,etc…You’re almost telling people its ok to go get work by a convicted sex offender.

    Although Shannon never stated where Iguana Mike is working, he stated where Shawn O’Hare is working…So it was more of a props to Shawn O’Hare for his work…Yes the star is off centered, yes there are three implants on one side and two on the other, blah blah blah…It’s all been discussed before really…

    However I do get where Shannon is going with it by posting it, in terms of the modifications instead of the wearer himself,etc…I saw Mike at the APP Conference and honestly I couldn’t take my eyes off his forehead whenever I saw him, just because it IS an eye catcher, regardless of placement and all that.

    I will say the legal situation and making it public should easily be obtainable…I mean if he was convicted he would be added to the sexual offenders registry would he not? I know Canada has that list and I’m positive the US has that registry as well…So it could easily be looked up quite possibly,etc.

  32. ok all i have to say is why would anyone of any age want to give any sexual favors to a guy who looks as ridiculous as this haha…i don’t care what you’d get in return! i wouldnt be able to stop staring at his forehead….
    a shitty belly button piercing certainly isnt worth fuckin him

  33. If he’s fuckin’ you in the ass, Rori, you won’t have to look at those implants. XD

    The implants are ridiculous looking, especially with the receding hairline thing.. just.. weird. I wouldn’t want this guy to work on me at all, rape or no rape, frankly.

  34. c’mon Amy and Scarlete, and everyone else, lets not turn this into: “Oh my god who’d fuck that he’s so not fuckable” bah blah blah…As we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder…Sometimes its legit sometimes its skewed,etc…But just because someone doesn’t look physically appealing, doesn’t mean they’re a shitty piercer.

    Mike might be a competent piercer, but the discussion is his current legal situations…Which personally is just a spinoff cuz shannon posted a more recent picture than what was previously modblogged,etc.

  35. #45 – Taye…

    That was creepy. Hahahahaha.

    Secondly. This is definitely about the mods, not whether he likes little girls or trades sex for piercings, or anything like that. Yeah, it sucks if it’s true, but shit happens, get over it. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Bottom line is that his legal troubles are not our business.

  36. i think this whole discussion is pointless. if shannon had not mentioned his past legal issues there would be no issue, it would be just another chance for people to make jokes about his head. as for the maybe issue, i dont know and i dont think anyone else knows only mike and the accuser know for sure if he did it. and just because someone is INVESTIGATED does not mean they are guilty. when they are found GUILTY then thats when they deserved to be considered a criminal. how do we know what happened? can we say for sure that the girl in question just got in trouble with her parents for having the piercing and made up the rape story to look like a victim? no we can’t. there has been plenty of cases where alleged rape “victims” have used peoples sympathy for there own gains. i didn’t read anywhere in the posted articles that he was convicted of anything so until its confirmed that this guy is a scum-bag everyone needs to chill the fuck out and enjoy modblog for what it is. a blog about body modification, not a rapist support blog.

    PS the topic of has yet to be discussed.

  37. Kat: it’s more so a piercers concern, as the situation that surrounds it reflects not just his business, but how people view all piercing business.

  38. Totally off the current topic and back on the original:
    Is the star two years old as well as the domes? I wonder because the points of the star are rather sharp not to mention the edges high. (Seems it would be giving him problems by now just because of that shape.)
    I’m impressed that hes healed it so well and kept it. Will there likely be a time when it will thin at the points?

    And for the books, I was sexually assaulted as a teenager and trust me, I didn’t hang around (for a piercing or anything else) afterwards. I fought, screamed, and made an escape as soon as I could.

  39. I can definitely see how it can be construed as an advertisement for Iguana Mike. If he is still working, this feature creates hype for HIM not his mods. IF, and only IF, the allegations are true, I’d like to see him punished harsher than the law allows. Only because it’s NEVER okay for someone in a position of power or authority to abuse that power by sexually assaulting a young person. It’s not okay for Catholic priests, and its not okay for piercers. I hope one day piercing is seen as a profession, but it won’t happen if things like what Mike stands accused of occur.

  40. Oh, I wasn’t talking about the prospect of fucking, Warren, but his judgment leads me to wonder..

  41. I’m “ruining Modblog” with my “personal issue”? Pull your head in, “hoops”. I’m responding to a tidbit of information that Shannon himself initially dropped, I didn’t know word one about this guy before this morning, that’s hardly “personal”. And if reading intelligent discourse on topics posted on Modblog offends you, I suggest you don’t read the comments. You can fap to the sexy stuff without fracturing your brain all you like. Frankly, I find it alarming that a concern about ethics and professionalism (and it certainly isn’t just me talking about it here) offends you or is “ruining” anything having to do with body modification for you – the ethically minded professionals are the ones trying to make things BETTER, not worse.

  42. that star can not possibly be 2 years old…i met mike at the APP in 2006 (in may)…he had no star, and he was missing an implant due to a drunken mishap…i even have pictures from the APP-i just need to develope them…and a ton of that ink fix stuff he was handing out-i can’t use it, i had a negative reaction to it…its january 2008…that doesn’t add up…its likely over a year and half old if he got it right after convention…but its not 2 years old…

    i don’t think posting his mod is an endorsement of rape on BME’S part…its a modification blog-not a background check…if BME is going to speculate on their posts, i’d rather them do more to help viewers be more informed on these mods (like risks and such), not hash out aspects of the practioners and clients personal life…if you want to address the sexual ethics of questionable piercers, their are better places to do it…warren’s editorial-to-be (Ethics 101: Don’t Diddle The Little!) would be an ideal place! -i was taking a sip of mountain dew when i read that…its all over my monitor i laughed so hard at that!

  43. The simple fact is that as soon as Shannon typed “survived his recent legal altercations”, he knew, or should have known, exactly what would happen here. Plain and simple, the “legal altercations” should never have even been mentioned.

  44. well the last entry was in dec of 2006…so i’d agree mid 2006…because the other entry didn’t appear ‘fresh’ and he had received an implant at the end of convention in may-and it wasn’t the star…he started the hawk, and the swelling from that was noticable…he was talking about being diabetic and going blind then too…i’m not an implant expert, but something so large, and on a diabetic-there would be alot of swelling right after…

  45. Everything else aside, whether this guy is a creep or not, his implants are striking, if not wonky, but his head spikes bug the hell out of me. They look like they’re off center and too damn tall, if he hit his head, there’s so much metal sticking up they seem like they’d be really easy to rip out with minimal effort.

  46. i personally think the implant is ugly. i don’t want to weigh in on the ‘is he a rapist?’ debate, because hey, girls are fucking cruel sometimes. maybe they just want to get the ‘freak’ in trouble.

    Zar on January 28th, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As mentioned before, a 2year investigation is usually a pretty good sign that its not fake. And its absolutely ridiculous to even say that. YES false accusations happen but to even have that mindset is ridiculous. That’s exactly why so many girls never come forward, and exactly why they assume theirs more victums. because girls in that situation have to face ass holes like you.

  47. haha! worse than myspace drama!!

    I’ve known Iguana Mike for 3 years, i know him as a friend and a client. I know that these charges againest him are false! half the facts of the case dont make sense and Iguana is literally just a innocent victim of the justice system! the reason that the case has been open 2 yearscause the first 20 months they knew nothin but “a piercer named Mike” the shop that the alleged crimes happened closed down shortly after the alleged crime happened. the girls claim Iguana had the star and implants at the time in question, and he didn’t! Iguana has had his life turned upside down by all this crap and is a proud father of 3.
    Theres proof that this is all bullshit and Iguana will win this case, i wouldnt associate with a child molestor/rapiest, and Iguana is not either!
    Fuck all ya’all! None of you know Iguaua Mike, get a fuckin life drama queens!! I posted pics of my work, i didnt want all this drama, once again, fuck you haters! bring it! :)

  48. Addressed to Lori, and anyone else who feels that shannon’s posting of iguana mike’s implants is a support of rape:

    Shannon just did the women of the tattoo community a huge favor.

    Iguana Mike works for Ink Fixx, and is a body piercer. He works Tattoo Conventions across the United States. WHAT IF it’s true that Mike has poor sexual impulse control, and what if you were a modified woman working a convention too, and Mike asked you if you would like to meet at a bar for a drink and “talk industry”… and what if he forced himself on you while making sure you got back to your room safely.

    Think about it, Shannon posted a photo of his implants. Now, If you see this guy in person, you’ll remember the photo, and subtle hint at this guys record.

    Whether the accusations are true or not, IT’S PROTECTION

  49. there rarely is real hardfast evidence in assaults. and i really hope the allegations are true. but if it happened to someone he loved would he be so quick to denounce it as girls trying to star trouble?

  50. The asymmetry bothers the crap out of me, but I like it otherwise. And I don’t think his crimes have any bearing on whether or not the photo should be posted – it’s an interesting modification, it’s fairly rare to see implants like that, and that’s what modblog deals with.

  51. and now for an educational lesson on sexual assault in Colorado and the american legal system…

    sexual assault in Colorado is listed as a class 4 felony. CO has 6 felony classifications – the lowest being 6 and highest being 1. i’ll spare you the (more) boring details, but basically if convicted of felony assault he’s looking at between 1-3 year sentence and 2-6 if not mitigated (with possibility for parole after 3 years). his fines would be between 2,000-500,00.

    from a legal standpoint (and i’m certainly not a lawyer or criminologist – just took a couple classes :), there doesn’t appear to be much evidence against him. it’s taken years to receive a warrant for his arrest and the only apparent evidence is the testimony of two teen girls, one of which didn’t even know enough to get him arrested. while it’s just awful to say, sexual assault cases without hard, physical evidence are virtually unprovable (it’s all he said/she said) and near-impossible to convict.

    just for reference, he is not currently listed on the Colorado registered sex-offenders list, so up until this point, he hasn’t been convicted. it drives me crazy when someone is accused of something and everyone jumps in and assumes their guilt. that isn’t how our system works nor is it how it should work. plus, you need to remember that the articles posted are not legal documents nor are they necessarily even accurate or up-to-date. newspapers don’t print when charges against someone are dropped and they rarely print quick retractions. i know the girls are the victims, but i’ve seen first hand entirely too many false accusations concerning sexual assault to automatically believe them without more evidence. but all that aside, it really isn’t anyone’s job here to decide if he is guilty or not.

    sorry this is so long :). i happen to think all the implants/spikes are rather unattractive – although i think he is good looking. i don’t think anyone should really question whether this belongs here. how many of those posted are criminal deviants – i’m willing to bet there has been alot of illegal actions between the lot of us that we most definitely commited :)

  52. nope: I’m going to agree with a lot of what you wrote there…If Mike is guilty he’s guilty but if he’s innocent then he’s also innocent….Only time will tell and we should not jump to conclusions until everything is over an done with.

    Perhaps Mike refused to pierce them, so they developed this story, or perhaps its true…When things are settled thats when the truth will be known and thats when we can self-realize.

    I will say though that innocent or not in Mike’s face…I’d like to just keep everyone informed that these things DO occur all across the world…Many people claim they were touched, hit on,etc in uncomfortable ways when getting pierced.

    Also…I don’t give a shit for saying this, they can hate me all they’d like…But there have been quite a few anonymous/private forums where so-called piercers have discussed about how they’ve picked up on the job, offered discounts on piercings/jewelry in exchange for numbers/dates/sex…How they longly stare down female’s tops and pants while doing work,etc.

    Yes we as humans are often more times than not, sexually charged…But in the piercing/tattoo studio these things SHOULD NOT be occuring AT ALL.

    Hence why I’m advocate for the clients to speak up instantly if they are treated in a way that makes them uncomfortable…A joke, a touch/grope, a seedy stare,etc,etc,etc….If this shit goes down they need to speak up and call the piercer on it and if it escalates to bring it up with their boss/manager,etc.

  53. in addition to what you just said, warren, i feel it’s important to add that as a customer, don’t start joking around if it could at ALL lead to a situation in which you aren’t comfortable. i went with a friend to get her nipples pierced (the piercer was female, also) and my friend made a couple comments that were pretty risque, i guess you could say. i think she said them because she was nervous and awkward. the piercer handled it well – laughed, but didn’t egg her on or push it further, you know? i guess what i’m trying to communicate is that if you don’t want your piercer joking about groping you, then don’t make those comments either. it’s just better for everyone.

  54. When I got my PA done the piercer touched my cock for longer than I would have thought necessary. It would have been pretty cool except that I don’t like men with beards.

  55. I’m not sure everyone’s policy, but here we are allowed to pierce minor’s with parental consent (if they are 16)…though there is only a few piercings i’d even do on a minor, one thing i do ask is that the parent remain in the room…they don’t have to watch, my room is big enough that they can sit in a chair in the corner and look away-but they have to be present…this way should there ever be a discrepency with the procedure, the parent was present the whole time…fortunetly i’ve never had to worry about being accused of sexual misconduct…but i have had a piercer get VERY INAPPROPRIATE while piercing my nipples, and fuck them up in the process…IF PAIN BY SHANE out of vegas want’s to pierce you…RUN!

  56. Pale: Don’t lie man, you totally enjoyed the fuzzy beard ;P

    nope: and agreed…I will say I’ve had the fair joke cracked to me that made me raise my brow…Asking me to feel their heart beating so rapidly after a piercing,etc…So yeah its a dual street.

    Laura: There’s certain cities/states laws that dictate that HAS to occur if there is a piercing on a minor,etc. Usually when a parent comes in with a minor I try to get them into the room with me…

    But if not, for whatever reason, I tend not to sweat it because I know they are just in the waiting room…And people who know me, know (and Lori can vouch for this) I have a BOOMING loud voice when I talk about aftercare,etc. Sometimes I don’t need to go over aftercare as much as I do with some people cuz I talk so loudly they can over-hear everything I just told the previous piercing client haha…I still go over it all though, just in case they forgot something or if there is someone new in the waiting room ;)

  57. yeah, its not required for them to be in the room here-but given how flakey the average 16 year old can be, i have the parent there for the procedure and very much a part of the aftercare explanation…i try my best make the parents know what they are signing for and how utterly important it is that they follow MY instructions…not their friend’s advise…

  58. What do you do with the implants when your 70? and a big saggin’ sack o skin?

  59. I did a tattoo guest spot at Eternal 7′s in 05 when these allegations took place. I know the real story. I grew up with an artist that worked there at Eternal 7′s. Im not going to slander anyone and mention anyones name. but I went out there to work a guest spot and stay at the tattoo artist house. I stayed at his house but he was completely addicted to meth. It was hard to stay at the house with him. So I ended up staying with Iguana Mike and basically going out after work with him. I was around him the whole time. Nothing of the sort was going on. The tattoo artist got pissed because I stayed at Iguanas house instead of his seeing how we grew up together. THEN, once Iguana worked at Eternal 7′s for a month, the owner made him manager and not the tattoo artist. Well that made the artist even more pissed because I was hanging out with Iguana and I was supposed to be the artists boy. So, he had one of his friends sisters go to the police and make up a story about Iguana. Thats the true story. The girls did not even show up in court to testify against Iguana Mike. So the charges were dropped. I am a respectable tattoo artist that has been in the industry for 16 years. Ive worked with some of the biggest names. Im here to put an end to the slander of Iguana Mike. That was all bullshit. Anyone that jumps on the lynching bandwagon is just another tool in the industry.

  60. well for everyone who wants an update on iguana hes been charged for another case in sexual harassment and indecent exposure currently on trial but this time not with minors. He’s been on probation and is still on probation for another 4 more years. If he gets charged for this case his probation will be revoked and he’d end up going to jail.

  61. to all u people out thar on mobblogiguana was not cotvicted of any of the crimes u talked about infact the da in the case had to admit to the judge in the case that he was droping the charges of rape because ov evadence that iguana went forward with witch showed that the girls in the case had lied such as 1 girl saying he asaulted her she left the shop and never came back but he had a realise that showed that she came in 6 months latter to get a piercing from iguana on her 18th birthday

  62. I can attest to the accusations against him. I was sexually assaulted by him in 2004 as a 16 year old. I used to live within walking distance of Eternal 7 and interviewed him for an essay in high school. He offered to pierce me “in places my parents couldn’t find”. Obviously that did not end well.

  63. I am the Detective Quoted in the article at the top, though the case was actually my partner’s case. The results are public record. Mike Plead guilty to two counts Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor and two counts of Promotion of Obscenity to a Minor and got 5 years of probation, all other counts were dropped as part of the deal. He should successfully complete that probation in a few more months. The second case of public indecency in 2010 was dropped as well, and as far as I know, with that exception, Mike has stayed out of trouble.

    As far as it being a two year investigation, it wasn’t really. The case was reported by in 2005, then was assigned to a Detective. By the time the Det. got the case, the main victim could not be located for follow up again until January of 2007 and Mike had moved away as well. So no investigation was actually occurring during that time, the case just sat for 20+ months.

    I spoke with Mike about 10 months ago in another shop in town while I was getting some ink. He was trying to move back home, SC I believe, to be closer to family. He was very sick and didn’t believe he was going to live much longer. He had removed the star form his forehead and his spikes were only about 3/4″. That shop has since closed as well, so I am not sure where Mike is or what he is doing at this point.

  64. I was raped by this bag of trash back when I was 16. He handcuffed me to a futon bed rail and raped me.
    Tonight, I just learned he is dead.
    He died about three months ago it seems.

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