Once you go black…

I was recently interviewed about “internal body modification”, and we talked about uvula piercing, discrete implants, cervix piercing, soft palette piercing, and debated whether tongue piercings and tongue splitting counted. We talked about internal scarification (and martial arts designed to do “body building” on internal organs), and internal tattooing. At the time, the only example other than oral tattooing (tongues, and I’ve seen a soft palette tattoo as well) I could think of was anal tattooing, but in today’s update (which is just finished uploading and I hope to uncompress it before I go to bed) is lots from my DIY-mod friend “Black Cock” who has a bonus gallery in BME/HARD, and reminded me of two other examples. Read on…


I’ll explain the gnarly picture above in a moment, but BC has got nearly completely black genitals from DIY tattooing, including his urethra, which is a more-common-than-you’d-imagine modification as I can think of a few guys who’ve tattooed the insides of their subincisions (ouch!).



Unfortunately his constant tattooing has left him with some scarring on the glans:


The method is uses for tattooing is a large syringe full of ink which he injects under the skin. He’s recently experimented with much deeper injections, causing his internal tissues to be tattooed as well as he heavily saturates his genitals with ink. He did what amounts to a saline injection but with tattoo ink, so large part of the inside of his scrotum and perhaps part of his testicles are now black as well — in the title picture above, taken not long after the fresh picture below, you can see that the injection points unfortunately became abscesses as his body resisted this transformation.


Anyway, if you’re a member, there are something like 300 new pictures in his already extensive gallery.

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49 thoughts on “Once you go black…

  1. first thing that i thought when i saw the very top picture was that it was a very infected cow nostril, or a very small and infected horse nose. true story.

  2. I’d have to agree with #3 i also thought that’s what it was, then i rembered “wait, it’s mod blog” and thought “well, it’s like no cow nostril i’ve ever encountered before, hence, i’ll just jump to the conclusion that it’s a sack” low and behold, i’m right!

  3. I was thinking it’s a horse, but like number 7 I remebered the general rules with BME is if it doesn’t say what it is in the title assume it’s male genitalia.

  4. Haha, wow, my first impression was the same as #3′s as well. That’s quite impressive. I wonder how long tattoo ink holds inside tissue.

  5. Immediate thought was just necrotized scrotum for me.. What kind of biocompatibility does the ink have? Could this lead to extreme complications? I mean, relatively small amounts in the skin is one thing, but internal organs being dyed from large amounts of ink? It’s crazy sounding to me..

  6. I thought of an infected horse’s nose when I saw the first picture. Glad I’m not the only person on the animal track! I’m not easily grossed out at all, but those first couple of pictures…

  7. After almost a year of reading Modblog I thought there aren’t that many things here I can encounter that would really gross me out but the first picture…certainly.

  8. I had no idea what that first pic was!

    The black tattoo work is pretty cool actually…but injecting ink deeply with saline I’m not sure would be safe.

  9. you know youve been on modblog too long when it doesnt surprise you anymore :( shannon please provide more surprises :D

  10. i was going to do this a while back..guess i have to go blue now…especially since im smaller…i guess i can tell everyone i stole my penis from a smurf…

  11. There isn’t any internal tattooing done here, actually. While it’s a cool idea, the ink that is placed anywhere by injection actually gets washed away by the body’s fluids, lymph and blood, and doesn’t stay put as it does in tattooing.

    It’s just injecting ink, not tattooing, when done that way.

    Tattoos work because the layer of skin the ink is placed in creates shields of cell wall around the ink, isolating and containing it, so the majority of it is not washed away or absorbed by the body. When tattoos are done too deeply or shallowly, the body actualy starts to carry away some of the ink, hence “blowouts” or faded work. In this case the injected ink has no protection from that natural process, and most likely does not stay put for very long.

    You could probably do a testicle exposure, and get ink to stay in the outer cell walls of those, and have your nuts tattooed…but injecting ink at random into body cavities does not make any permanent mark. The body has a flushing system which will prevent that from working.

    Thought I’d lay some science on everyone, for what it’s worth

  12. In response to #35, I agree with most of the comment except that it is possible to tattoo by injection. I discovered this many years ago whilst attempting to self-tattoo my cock. I was working in a line down my shaft and must have hit an artery. Checked my ‘handywork’ a few hours later and found I had a large grey [almost black] smudge heading away from my body from the point of injection.

    Next day this grey smudge extended from the entry point all the way to the beginning of my glans.

    Ten years later and I still have a dark grey smudge covering over half my cock! Hasn’t faded in the slightest from the day after I caused it.

    Now if only I could find a tattoo artist who is prepared to do a pro job on my cock :-)

  13. The injection method of tattooing sounds cool, did it cause the scaring on that cock or was that caused by something else?

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  15. if i met a guy who’s dick looked like that, i would not feel safe sexing with him….in fact i’d probably just laugh and put my clothes back on

  16. Eres lo más tonto que he visto en mi vida ¿te crees que porque sea negra vas a follar más o te va a crecer? si tu tamaño es ridiculo.
    You are a Silly Man. Really Silly Silly man. You think becaus black you fuck more o extensive? your dick is liiiiiiiitle ja ja

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