Striped Hands

I’m definitely liking the stripes that run across SilentWes’s hand, tattooed by Jim at Inkaholics in Moreno Valley Kim Dunham from Brewery Ink in Los Angeles. It looks like it’s been difficult to keep in at the fingertips, but that’s to be expected.


16 thoughts on “Striped Hands

  1. I think only his left hand has stripes.
    I couldn’t stop looking at his hand at the SOCAL BBQ. I wonder if it was obvious.

    yay Wes!

  2. Thank you for the compliments.

    I’m though I must have mislabeled it, it wasn’t Jim, it was Kim Dunham from Brewery Ink in Los Angeles who did my hand, From the wrist down it was Jim at Inkaholics.

    Just to avoid confusion or hard feelings.

  3. I think the mislabel is my fault — I probably just looked at the entry for the picture that was of the whole arm instead of the hand one, and assumed the artist was the same.

  4. Silentwes how difficult is it to keep the ink on the top of the fingers as my hand tattoo in the future will be covering half way between the knuckle and tips.

  5. Thank you Holly Bo.

    The knuckles have been done twice, but as a pircer I have a tendency to destroy hand tattoos with my (very important) habit of changing my gloves pretty often. The next session will be hand poked before a long hiatus of wearing gloves (possibly before APP or Comic Con International). So I’m probably not the best person to ask about how to keep a hand tattoo healthy.

    Kimmy on the otherhand is a wizard with black work. Perhaps she would have some advice on the subject, and can probably be reached at the West Hollywood Prix.

  6. I think I’ve met that kid before… In fact, I know I’ve met that kid before 🙂 I fell down and up his stairs quite a few times one drunken X-mas night 🙂

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