Tale Of Two Tongues

Lane (assisted by Charles Finnie) splits tongues with Jaclyn Loshaw and Amanda.

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47 thoughts on “Tale Of Two Tongues

  1. I rarely ask this, or care in general, but since I want my tongue split sooner than later… how much does that sting??? It seems like the only part she winced at was when the scalpel went through, but not the cutting. Awesome new tongue(s) by the way.

  2. Yeah,didnt look like it hurt too bad…do they heal quickly? i ask too many questions…they look great tho,”PLAlALALALALla” (tongue wiggling noise)

  3. It doesn’t sting so much, but don’t expect to eat for the rest of the day Scott. For the first few days you wake up and have to separate the two ends with mouthwash, now that stings!

  4. #3 Tongue Splits actually heal very quickly. They’re one of the fastest actually. Most people, myself included, heal within about two weeks. There’s a ton of helpful information on BME though, so check it :]

  5. Tom – Mine healed (the second time, the first split was with dental floss) in about, oh, four or five days

    I say healed, it was relatively painless at the four day point.

    The procedure didn’t sting for me, it certainly throbbed afterwards though!

  6. “Sick of seeing Lane featured on ModBlog?”


    I’m sick of seeing Lane talk to newspapers and the radio about his immense Leg implant failure, and potentially ruining the body modification industry in Canada as we know it.

    What ever happened to keeping stuff like that on the down-low?

    I don’t like opening a newspaper at the corner store, and seeing Brian Decker’s name plastered all over it in relation to a failed cosmetic surgery.


  7. that last frame looks like an octopus is trying to climb out of her mouth. badass. splits look like so much fun. i could never though.

  8. Wow! They are such troopers! No tears steaming or anything, even tears just as a natural reaction.

  9. Wow, both splits look like they went really smoothly. I didn’t know they went that easily. Reversals though are much more difficult aren’t they?

  10. Seriously, that must hurt so goddamn bad. I kind of want my tongue split, but I can’t imagine going through that without it being numbed or anything.

  11. Maybe they were natural but seriously, no flinching?

    And that article called brian decker a surgeon. jesus, poor brian could get into a lot of legal trouble over these articles. name change!

  12. sometimes things fail, what, are we just supposed to post all the good ones and forget about the ones that failed? or learn from them?

  13. Aaron – I’ve actually been surprised at how positive (or let’s say, “neutral”) the media has been given that it’s the story of a failed implant. And honestly, it’s not a bad thing to make it very well known that these things go wrong from time to time.

    I was definitely very worried at first when it became clear this was going to be a mega-story, but luckily it seems to be alright.

  14. I first heard about the leg implants here on modblog but 2 days ago they were talking about it on 92.9 fm (local station here in Calgary, Alberta) They kinda covered some of the things but it was short and they ended the story with something about his boobd burst. oh radio when will you learn !!

  15. that is how i want mine split. but i am going to stretch my piercing to 0g first:)

    Aaron, if that stuff was kept on the down-low, i wouldnt be aware of half the shit i know now.. complications, risks, etc. just keep that in mind

  16. This seems like a procedure gone smooth correct. I you tube’d some videos of splitting and it seemed to take foreeevvverrr. The “artists” went up, down, up down, slicing, slicing, and the cut took so long. This video reassures me that if i keep looking i might be able to find a good (speedy…painless) place to get mine done! I’m in the northeast PA region, if anyone has any suggestions of places to check out

  17. The leg implant was also put up on TMZ (a site that is suppose to be about celebrities) Pretty much calling him a dumbass for doing it followed by many comments along the lines of “Tattoos suck”

    I don’t think we should be hush hush about stuff like this. Implants are already being shown on the web so we might as well show what might happen, even under the best circumstances, if it decides that it doesn’t want to stay put.

    But anyways. Nice video. I liked the “lol!!1one” at the end.

  18. Nice video, quick cut too! Interesting procedure, quite different than from how I had mine.

    I was hoping to see video of the stitches too! :(

    Roo: Nice music, as always.

  19. Wow! I’m not squeamish in the slightest but THAT made me cringe.
    However, I do love split tongues and would like the guts to do it someday :)

  20. Great videos. Now that I’ve seen quite a few where so few people have even flinched, I’m totally going through with it!

  21. I agree Shannon… Luckily things have been fine (it seems) in regards to how public that article has been.

    I’m 100% for educating people/the public about things like this, and I agree that this story in particular is a great example of implant associated risks..

    but if I wake up one day and find out that I can’t use a dermal punch or scalpel at work anymore, because “someone” was practicing “medicine” in Canada without proper licencing…

    I’m going to be ticked.

    I’ve always just been super cautious about stuff like this. it’s Just SUCH a gray area, that I think we need to be as careful as possible. There are certain places, and contexts in which stories likE That are appropriate (ie: bme.), But is advising the general public really necessary, or safe?

    I don’t want to turn into the states!

  22. One of these days, I’ll get me one of those. in the last shot of that, when the girl pokes her tongue out, I personally thought it looked like a lobster claw lol. NIIIIICE!

  23. Aaron if the government was going to band procedures and tools they would have used BME and ModBlog to present their case years ago. I’m interested in promoting the industry while making sure people understand the risks to the procedures. I never said I was against it and the Sun misquoted me twice. Media is hard to control and this was on 30-40 sites with the right story copied off of ModBlog before the paper and radio stations called me or started talking about it, yet they still got it twisted. Even so it has been positive in nature and most if not all responses and questions have been positive. The majority of hate mail comes from worried practioners. I said it before and I’ll say it again, my surgeon and his practice have no interest in stopping this, they only want to understand it and make sure people seek help when things don’t go right, but the procedure was preformed in the same manner my surgeon would have and at not fault to the body modification artist. I want people to know we don’t sweep mishaps under the rug as if they don’t happen. The only way to move forward and learn is to look back and improve on it.

  24. Lane theres a difference in promoting the industry and accidentally tarnishing it, did it not seem like a risk too big to take and it just seems you’ve hit it lucky this time.

    Either way, I’d like to see more videos not of Lane, but fucking hell that was 2 amazing tongue splits – so fast and so effortless! You have a skill with a scalpel.

  25. Naturally, I love split tongues. Just always fascinated me. The video is awesome, the girls are awesome. The only thing I cannot stomach is the fact that within days of this being posted, its already up on ebaumsworld and pretty soon to be up on all the other random viral websites. Isnt there some kind of encoding that you can do to stop people from transfering the video to their sites? The comments really are kind of disturbing to say the least.

  26. Yeah just saw it on ebaums also, the modblog mark from the beginning is gone but the url is still down the side of the video. Is that a good thing? Also, wasn’t Pauly on ebaums like the day before this?? The comments are full of nothing but lousy racist, sexist, homophobic and just plain obnoxious remarks with bad grammar. Sigh.

  27. Roo – Unfortunately it was over and done within about 30 seconds :(

    Not really worth watching, but like I said Lane has got some mad skillz.

  28. Hell Shannon, take a look on ebaumsworld for the past 3 days. Paulys there, The tongue splitting video is there, and when you three got your eyes tattood, you better believe it was there.

  29. WOW Loved this vid… the girls are unperturbed by the cut.. any follow up remedies to ease discomfort? The mouth is the quickest healing bod part,,, but still woohoo!

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