Hello, it’s 1978 calling!

I don’t know why nostril-to-ear chains ever fell out of fashion. Every time I see someone reviving the style I smile. There’s no facetiousness in my words — I’m being 100% serious. I really love the way it looks.


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50 thoughts on “Hello, it’s 1978 calling!

  1. I like the way they look too, but it seems incredibly impractical to me. I imagine it would hurt a lot if it got caught on something.

  2. im sorry but i still love this look no matter how impractical it truly is!
    i just think it is so kick ass

  3. My only problem with it is that I was always afraid that someone would rip it out… by the way, I sa plenty of those on Indian women in walking around in the U.A.E. infact, I even saw jewellery for it in “Gold Shops” around town.

  4. Looks lovley when Anna Varney (?)put chains into hes nosepiercings and link them to the ears..cous..you know..he has so many o.o

  5. I think it looks great, but the only way i’d do it is if someone rigged them with magnets so if they got caught it would come off without ripping either piercing.


  6. Nostril chains are the shit, I’ve totally thought about wearing one. I feel like that chicks nostril looks kinda pissed off though, and I think she should have a larger gauge ring. Otherwise I totally apporve.

  7. I also love the way it looks!!!
    Wear it proudly, but stay away from the aggressors in life. ;)

  8. yeah, love nose chains….i wear one sometimes but you gotta be SO careful!! i like the magnet idea #10, might try and rig something up!

  9. On a slightly related note I love the look of a VCH ring linked to a navel piercing with a chain :)

  10. One of my Bengali friends showed me a picture of her cousin’s wedding and the bride had a nose-to-ear chain. Nose rings are traditional for women in a lot of Indian subcontinental cultures.

  11. I think these chains look cool too, and I’ve just recently began wearing one again (nostril to tragus).

  12. *sigh*
    I used to wear these until one of my friends told me he’d slap me in the face whenever he saw me wearing it…

  13. when I was a kid in school we were in PE playing basketball, and a guy made a shot and on the way down fell into another kid. That kid started screaming and a chain with a ring attatched fell on the ground..
    YES it was his nipple ring! No one even knew he had them pierced much less a chain between the both of them. Needless to say he still had one in but the left one was ripped out. He had a basic necklace chain between them, attached by a c shaped ring pressed closed. Luckily the ring attached to the right one just came undone and didn’t rip out.

    I never attached anything to any of my piercings, due to that memory.

    Silly I suppose.
    That made for a pretty interesting day at school.

  14. The whole connecting piercings by chains look is really popular in j-rock kinda fashion. I would do it, but I don’t like things hanging off my piercings. It makes me uncomfortable.

  15. classic! although i think i’d go with a lighter weight chain. does this remind anyone else of the Sea Folk from the Wheel of Time series?

  16. My hunny (iam:PoorLittleGirl) wears one 24-7 for more than half a year now without any problems… And I really like it!

  17. all I’m thinking is cheese cutter…her nose looks pissed and so does her lobe, I would’nt do it but if I did I’de damn sure wear a very light weight chain

  18. I’ve made a nostril to nose chain, using a very light necklace chain. I make jewelry, I have peircings, it was bound to happen. I don’t wear it much, because it feels like I have a hair across my face all day, and I couldn’t ajust to having it there. The chain pictured, while it looks pretty cool, seems to me like it’d be astoundingly uncomfortable.

  19. i used to think and still do, you have to be a very nice and polite person to wear one of those for long.
    a lighter chain might be happier for the piercings.

  20. I thivk chains between piercings are beautiful. but i would go woth a way, way lighter chain. this reminds me of wallet to belt chains. I’d be nervous about my nostrils tearing, but i have my septum pierced as well and it could probably handle a good yank or two.

  21. Oh man, I had totally forgotten about these! I used to wear one of those back in the late 80′s. They were fine for regular wear, but sleeping in them proved problematic, since I toss and turn a lot!

  22. i wasn’t around for much of the eighties, so the extent of my experience with these chains are confined to that of more traditional indian forms. i must say, i prefer the much more delicate, fitted look of the indian ones. this just doesn’t do it for me. i love the idea of reviving body mod trends… except for paper clips in ears. i was most definitely cognizant of that trend and don’t particularly care to see it again :)

  23. I totally remember a rock video in which someone wore this. Jane Child, maybe? I hated the song, but I think the look of the chain was part of what sparked my interest in body mod…

  24. Heck yes, every time I watch Return of the Living Dead I get stoked on nose chains.
    Also nostalgic: ear cuffs with little chains to pierced lobes. Being badass was having pierced cartilage instead of a cuff.
    Or nose chains to ear cuffs. Also, for movies it’s something that looks badass but is easy to fake so many other shows had characters who were “punk” with face chains.

  25. i like it…its hot but i’m a little detered by the danger factor. i mean remember bride of chucky with that little chain he ripped out…that looked painful and i would never want to live through anything like that :P

  26. #42- Cuffs still have their place. They are great for young girls who can’t get cartilage piercings yet.

  27. The women in certain parts of India do it to this day, according to marital status. I know. I was there… and also tried to get a chain myself =P

  28. #41, you are correct. It was Jane Child. She also had a huge ring in her nostril. I can’t recall the song either.

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