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  1. I’ve been in love with Dan’s work for a long time. Daniel, when you’re ready to tour Australia, I’ll be first in line to get work done by you! Otherwise, I’ll have to keep saving for a trip back to the States, I s’pose. 😛

  2. its wonderfull to read about a artis passionat about his work it again makes me proud of being belgian to (not to say that other artist arent great)
    but reading these article makes me more and more itchy to start tattooing to (next year i’m starting as a piercing apprentice)
    its also sad to read about the appentice he had and how he disrespected him.

    anyway dan’s work is wonderfull and i hope in the future there will be some of his work on me to

  3. Great interview, and great work! It took me a while to realize that his studio is located almost around the corner for me (doh)… I’d love to have a large side piece in one of his wonderful styles one day. When I have the money for it.

  4. Representing Belgium :P.
    Nice interview. I’ve always been a sucker for blackwork like that, but his style is just so awesome.

  5. I’m not a fan of monochromatic tattoos, so his style doesn’t impress me as much as it seems to impress others but I def. agree that it’s very interesting.
    what I liked the most about this interview, however, is Mr. DiMattia’s attitude, past experiences he was so kind to share with us and some insight into his personality. A very good interview, so big thanks for that!

  6. i dont have time to read it yet but fuck yeah dan dimattia!!!

    and he shannon, last night as i was going to bed i was thinking it would be really interesting to read some interviews with people who had lip sewing done. as far as i know you haven’t conducted any of those before. it’s a ritual i couldn’t see myself participating in but id really like to know more about

  7. I’ve enjoyed this guy’s work since I first became aware of it, maybe two or three years ago. He seems like a pretty decent guy, too. I’m not sure how other people feel but to me the tattooist’s personality is very important. Getting tattooed is a two-way experience and if I were to be tattooed by someone who has an unpleasant personality, I would feel forever tainted by that experience, no matter how good the artwork was.

  8. I absolutely love, love, love that sternum/chest tattoo in the last, bottom right photo.
    So dainty, yet bold…especially on her smooth, pale skin. Beautiful.

  9. I think Dan is the most talented black work artist our there and of course what could be better than having a eurohunk artist tattooing your thigh???
    thank you for the kind words……

  10. I think Dan is the most talented black work artist our there and of course what could be better than having a eurohunk artist tattooing your thigh???
    thank you for the kind words. Cant wait for my next appointment……

  11. “Kicking a ball around a field for a lot of money will not earn my resepct.”

    Nice ! 🙂 And Belgium is such a short train ride away – perhaps a visit to Mr. DiMattia is in the cards for me ?

  12. Hearing about his apprentice saddened me. He sounds like a profound individual who could give someone wonderful insight.
    But now he’s become jaded by a bad experience.

  13. His art is magnificent. I’m with Lori – come to Australia, Dan! You’ve got a guaranteed client in me. 🙂

    Thanks for the interview, Shannon!

  14. Wow, his style is so beautiful. I love the bold black with the soft lines. It’s very striking. Which language is his first language then, Dutch, French, Flemish? I’m an American living in the Netherlands now, so I’d love to visit his shop sometime.

  15. Fallen Angel Eyes: Dan’s first languages are French and Italian. The studio is in the French speaking part of Belgium: Liege (or Luik in Dutch). His spoken English is great, and I just help edit the writing for him when he needs it.

  16. THANK YOU, Shannon for a great interview! I love his work so much; I might just have to take him up on one of those “tattoo vacations.” Beautiful work, Dan. It speaks to me so.

    PS: to Marisa – love your tats, very jealous! 😉

  17. I got my first tattoos from Daniel when I was a foreign exchange student in belgium (coming from California). He’s such a cool guy, and did a great job! The environment was the most sterile, comfortable, and professional place I found in Liege.

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