As if getting killed and eaten wasn’t bad enough!

So I was at the grocery store and my daughter and I were looking at all the various bits of animals they had — pig’s feet, pig’s tails, and then, when we picked up a pig’s ear, I saw it had been tattooed… Anyway, tomorrow is a busy day so I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be able to squeeze in posts, but I’ve got some great stuff lined up, and the other good news is that later this week we’ll be posting a full interview with Zombie (aka Skullboy)!


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158 thoughts on “As if getting killed and eaten wasn’t bad enough!

  1. Oh look another piece of meat, but this one’s covered up a lot more than most.. :P

  2. I find dried ones with tattoos all the time at the pet stores when I go in to get my dogs treats.

  3. Yeah, that’s a $0.98. Fun fact: for a natural way to get rid of yellow jackets in the summer, tie a chicken spine on a stick and lay it over a bucket of water. They drown and the chicken spine is SUPER cheap/free because no one wants them.

    Also, my puppy LOVES piggy ears, with or without tattoos.

  4. I was looking at “home brand” bacon yesterday and it had tattoo on it’s rind. It really showed how well the pieces of bacon were lined up in the vacuum pack.

  5. *vomits*
    eating meat is the most vile act anyone could commit……
    I would not be able to even TOUCH that….
    just seeing it makes me sick

  6. i like hotdogs!
    actually hotdogs are gross. chicken is good.
    but yeah what’s the point of tattooing animals if they’re just gonna be killed anyway? :[

  7. I live in south Texas not far from Mexico and there are all sorts of animal bodyparts at the store. Pig stomachs, tripe/intestines, tongues and hearts, cabrito heads and split calf faces.

    I’d rather have a nice grilled salmon, tho.

  8. You know what i get sick of?
    Whiny vegans!
    I was a vegetarian for 7.5 years.
    I always wanted people to respect my choice not to eat meat.
    I assume you guys who are still on this path want the same thing.
    So why the FUCK do you condemn those who made the choice to continue or even start to eat meat again?
    Why is one choice noble and deserving of respect while the other is “… the most vile act anyone could commit……”

    Grow up. Now.
    Realise that the world isn’t black or white.

    Cute marking tatoo though.
    My friend is getting one of those to match his cat ^^

  9. Things like that make me glad I’m vegetarian but if you want to eat meat go for it, I’m just glad it’s not going into my system.

  10. my dog’s ear was tattooed at the breeder before i got him… its a series of numbers and letters.

  11. 24: Yeah, no kidding. If I wasn’t a vegetarian for 6 years without forcing my beliefs on others I’d honestly wonder if it were possible to be one and shut up about it. :)

  12. PiXiETroll: I absolutely agree with you…If we’re to respect the rights/decisions of the vegans, than they should respect our rights/decisions to eat meat.

    Personally I believe the human body is all about moderation…eatin the proper amount of meats with veg. not over doing the alcohol but drinking in moderation (certain alcohol types like red wine,etc has been proven to be helpful to the body)…The main thing is to not go over board with any of these things, but to do it all in moderation.

    Also just imagine if we all swapped over to being vegan, there’d be a veg shortage…and problems would occur much like how the problems are occurring with meat…So we’d be pumpin veg with hormones and other things to make them bigger and more synthetic,etc.

    not only that I can’t help but see the ignorance in saying animals have lives we must save, yet lifeforms such as vegetation should not be given the chance to live. They might not be as complex cellular lifeforms as human beings, but just because that’s true doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about them as well.

  13. Seems like untattooed people are the ones who judge (and disapprove) of those who are inked and not usually the other way around. Sounds like some of those who choose not to eat meat have that same attitude with those who do eat it…while I doubt if most meat-eaters would verbally condemn someone for eating a salad.

  14. I’m curious about what people cook with pig ears or feet. Do they actually eat the flesh from them, or do they simmer them to make soup bases and stews?

  15. Love meat. Hate veggie-fascists.

    Eat what you want…But try and dictate what I eat and you can (in the words of The Mighty Stephen Hawking) go suck a dick.


  16. I think its HK24.

    I wonder if all the meat from that pig was tattooed. I reckon theres an aspiring tattooist working in the butchers dept of your store!

  17. Thumbs up for the right to eat meat!
    and FINALLY the INTERVIEW i’ve been waiting the most!!!

  18. I’m vegetarian so I completely wouldn’t eat that but I have no problem with others doing whatever they want, everyone should be given the choice to eat whatever he/she thinks is best for him/her. I guess it’s called freedom of choice in English or something like that. And also everyone should have the right to publicly display their opinion, I guess that is freedom of speech? And I really don’t think we should argue about something like this. (Yes, I do have “Free Hugs” written on my shirt :)

  19. Meat rules but the interview will rule more. I eat meat becuase I lvoe animals so much. I love them INSIDE me. It’s like eating their souls.

    Not really.

  20. this picture made me sad,bad things can make me more sad is that bme have whole gallery includes pics of pierced and tattoed’s sick.

  21. Warren, if people switched to vegan there would not be a “veg shortage”. I hope you’re joking.

    The reality is that it costs far more vegetables to grow meat than it does to feed them to humans…

  22. @ carnivores: you want respect for your “decision” to eat meat…? No! Because your choice means suffering and torture for millions and millions of animals and humans (people who eat meat use up ten times more plants, water, energy and land -for fodder- than veggies). So it´s not just a personal thing at all!!!!

  23. I don’t object to people who want to eat meat because I also don’t think that people should object to me NOT eating meat.
    My main problem with meat production and consumption is just that. Meat production by and large is a cruel thing and the mass consumption of meat fuels this by people who are unwilling to pay a fiver for a whole chicken.

    I support organic farming, both of meat and veg. I wish that people could reconnect with their food and not just see meat as some shrinkwrapped joints on a supermarket shelf and breaded ‘nuggets’ in the freezer.

  24. @Lene
    Some countries still haven’t reached the age of reason. Let’s concentrate on people first before “we” fight for animal rights
    (I eat meat and I’ve castrated pigs)

  25. I really don’t see what the problem is with eating animals,what else are you supposed to do with them?
    were tattoos done on people before animals? or the other way round?

  26. Lenes, you have to take into consideration other aspects of it. In most countries there are laws to insure that all animals have a healthy life and are killed quickly, without suffering. The debates between whether eatting meat is right or wrong will wage on forever, but you have to remember that these animals have been given a good life. Without human intervention many species of animal would have died out [or dropped in numbers significantly] Ironically it is thanks to human consumption that they have the chance to live.
    I oppose against battery and intesive farming because I believe it is cruel, but I see no problem with eatting meat that comes from free-range and organic providers.

  27. I was Vegetarian for awhile. Not because i love animals. I just hate plants…..

  28. @Tom For Real
    Without farmers and their farms there wouldn’t be many cows or pigs walking around in the western, industrialized world.

    I like the nuance Holly (on March 18th, 2008 at 7:54 am) makes, there’s a big difference between the traditional farming and the meat-industry.

  29. Lene, those animals wouldn’t be alive in the first place if they weren’t bred to be eaten…
    As far as “torture” or whatever. Don’t be stupid, sure in battery farms and the like animals aren’t treated well, doesn’t mean that that’s true of all farms.
    And how are we torturing human beings by eating meat anyway? So, we’re maybe driving up the prices a bit for energy and the like, so what, it’s not as if the people who can’t afford such things now would be able to afford them if we didn’t raise animals to eat. As far as land is concerned, there’s still hundreds of thousands of empty miles with no use, so we’re not exactly short on land.

    I absolutely despise preachy vegetarians/vegans, eat whatever the hell you like, just don’t try tell me what I can and cannot eat.

    As far as the pigs ear, it was most likely tattooed on the pig while it was alive to mark it for slaughter or some such thing.

    Nature is just as cruel as we are. If you’ve ever had a pet cat you’ll know they torture mice to death and then do nothing with the body.

  30. Well yes Frester, killing a poor innocent animal that has been pred purely to be eaten is far, far worse than raping and killing a young child.

  31. I have found there are 2 types of vegetarians.
    there girl vegetarians who love animals.
    and then there are dude vegetarians who are trying to fuck them.

  32. @Frester on March 18th, 2008 at 8:52 am
    If only their ancestors had the same ideas… ;-)

  33. “eating meat is the most vile act anyone could commit……”
    lol @ this. preeeeettty sure there are a crapload worse things people could do, and do already than eat meat.

  34. Lene, do you drive a car? Ride on a bus? Throw things away? Don’t get preachy about people using energy and all that jazz unless you live in the woods and are completely self sufficient in terms of consumption of consumer goods.

  35. You think eating meat is cruel?!

    Eating vegetables is much worse. Chop there heads off, slice off their skin and let them boil. Sounds much worse than a bacon sandwich to me.

    And on that note, To the kitchen.

  36. @ caspar and jacques: you´re so ignorant and naiv, it hurts. Which animal would have died out without the intervention of humans/the meat industry? Beef cattle and other species “created” to meet human needs?? That´s so absurd… I guess there are more species dying out because of the ecological consequences of exploiting nature for land, plants, water for the meat industry.
    Caspar, I don´t know where you live… We have had these laws here in Germany for years. But nothing has changed. These animals still dont enjoy a happy life…even if the killing was mainly without pain their lives have still been a total torment!!
    And organic farming is not really an alternative to meet the requirements of billions of meat consumers. And it´s still a cruel, boring life for animals because organic farming mostly means they are just fed organic fodder, and that´s all…

    And Jaques, i don´t want to comment your statement about “hundreds of thousands of empty miles with no use”. I cant imagine you really believe that…

    To me it seems you just refuse to see the reality of millions of animals that are tortured every day. There is enough information about it, so i don´t have to tell you here. But i guess you just don´t want to know…

    @ bas: obviously you didn´t read my comment fairly… Vegetarism/Veganism is not just about animal rights! It´s also about millions of people who suffer from the meat industry and its ecological and economical consequences (the exploitation of nature AND humans by taking up incredible amounts of land, water, plants…)

    (Why do you mention that you´ve castrated pigs in that connection??? Poor…)

    @ emily: Of course it´s a difference whether you take the car or the bus for example… You are criticizing people who at least try their best not to waste energy/pollute the environment etc… That´s so cool!

    @ solocard: … doesn´t even know where his bacon comes from…;-)

  37. Lene, please get off your high horse and stop patronising everyone. I’m sure most people here know a lot about the subject so theres no need to shove it down their throats (mmm….reminds me of foie gras….sure its cruel but it doesn’t half taste good!)

  38. @Lene
    I mentioned the fact that I castrated pigs so you know what side I’m on (I’m proud of my ancestors’ background and I don’t like eco-fascists who think they can erase a piece of culture)

    I don’t see how the meat industry exploits humans. Are you one of those kids who think Africa can be feeded when we stop using vegetables and other resources to feed our animals?
    If so, my answer would be: “don’t give them fish, learn them how to fish”.

  39. Lene, I have no wish to patronise you, but I thought you might be interested – I have read a case study (irritatingly I can’t find a link for it at present, but it’s very interesting, and not a word of a lie)
    In South America there was a great deal of concern about the effect of large numbers of beef cattle roaming open grasssland and destroying the burgeoning fertility of the land, so a group of well meaning souls put some money together, bought out the farmers who kept their beefstock on the land and removed the cattle. They then sat back to watch their good work take effect: surely the land would prosper without the cattle eating everything in sight every day.
    Unfortunately their hypothesis was wrong – the open grassland which had been a haven for birds and grazing animals that shared the area with the beef cattle began to turn into scrubland, the first stage in the process of colonisation by woodland. This might not seem like a bad thing, but the other animals, insects, reptiles and other wee beasties relied upon that open grassland that various scientific surveys decided had been a constant for about 3,500 years were faced with increasing shortages of food and resources.
    What did the good souls do who’d bought the land? They approached various scientists and specialists, and a pilot progam was begun. They introduced a limited number of livestock in a mixed grazing pattern (sheep, cows and lamas) that were rotated regularly or allowed to roam freely, and the scrubland retreated. The result was an actual improvement in the soil and an increase in the biodiversity of the plot.
    Livestock play an important role in the maintenance of the landscape as we know it, and as the beasties we share this world have become accustomed to it. There is a balance to be reached, but it would be wise not to assume that the largescale farming of livestock is anathema and bad for the environment.

  40. “eating meat is the most vile act anyone could commit……”

    Check out this site from Italy ;

    A 180 kilo pig freshly slaughtered was brought into one of the small cantinas facing onto the piazza and five butchers set to work. If it wasn’t for the distant whine of high-performance engines of the rally cars further up the mountain, you could almost think that you were back in another period of time.

    Apart from the electricity used to power the sausage maker, everything was exactly how it would have been for centuries here in Barga – even down to the scales which looked as though they had been around since the Medici period. People coming out of the Sunday mass and wandering through the piazza suddenly found themselves transformed back in time where things were done the old way and even the price reflected this as all this meat was being sold at the cutdown price for charity. There were hectic scenes as people jostled and pushed in an attempt to get their hands on what must have been the freshest sausages in town – they were being made to order – ” how many do you want, five or six?” and the handle was turned and five or six fresh sausages were expertly tied, cut, weighed and delivered to the waiting customer.

    Have a look at the images, check out the video and then have a quick scan of the comments section at the bottom of that article where there is an image of a freshly killed and cooked wild bird ….

    “I must admit that I am one of those people who prefer pig in bar-coded polyethylene bags with the specially Inkjet-ed words “Fresh local produce”, “Sell by date” and “Special Offer” slowly dribbling through the plastic to create that supermarket tattooed humanely conserved dead meat look – so although it doesn’t taste as good I only risk puking after having eaten it. (Umm. us townies…)”

  41. Oh, and since this discussion has side-tracked to carnivores v vegans, here are my 2 cents.

    I am very much a carnivore (technically omnivore, but that’s not the point). I enjoy the company of vegans who can talk about other things than food. I don’t enjoy the company of self-righteous vegans. I also try and not eat pork because pig waste is very damaging to arable land. It seeps in rivers, burns fields dry, and gets in drinking water. To me other animals are, indeed, fair game.

  42. I’m a vegetarian, and there is nothing I hate more than an annoying veghead who tries to convince everyone within a fifty foot radius that eating meat is the most horrible act you could ever commit, and that you should be just like them…
    because they’re right about EVERYTHING, yanno.

  43. People posting furiously – and not a farmer in sight! Livestock are tattooed for identification. The combination of numbers and letters can tell date of birth, lineage, and even the farm name. Hogs, specifically, have ear notches if they are breeding stock – tattoos for market animals. Look up ear notching – it could be the next great mod! : )

    Soooo much intolerance from a group who ‘just want to be accepted as they are’ . . .

  44. uppity vegs&veggies are only natrual when we live in a meat-culture. I can’t drive down the street or watch one minute of TV without seeing at least 3-4 ads pitching meat products at me. It’s disgusting. Meat is disgusting, think about what it is, where it comes from, and what you’re about to do with it. Hell, a lot of fruits are weird/disgusting, too, considering they’re like…plant uteruses. I try not to think about that while monching on a peach, but it’s a little hard to ignore with a disembodied pigs ear floating under plastic wrap! Ahaha.

    Anyway, I don’t respect anyone who has to go out of their was to tell everyone how much “meat rules”, how much they love eating it and the like. Just like I don’t appreciate my friends pretending that the pizza with the greasy curdled milkfat is better than my slice with the fungus and smashed&chopped uteri. I also don’t talk about veal calves as they chow down on it, either. The only way either side respects the other is by not talking about it in the first place, imo.

  45. Seriously…what with condemning people for their choices in life.
    And ys,it is a choice to eat meat.
    I know many people are brought up with it and just keeps on eating but in out modern society where people are well aware of vaganism continuing to eat meat is defenatly a choice.
    And then again,there are those like me who didn’t eat meat for many years and then started again…

    Humans are omnivores. Humans think diferently.
    of course you can live well and grow old without eating meat so don’t hand me the thing about not having to,i know that.

    For me it’s about expanding my cooking (wich i love).
    For some others it might be about the evolutionary ladder.
    I think we should start condemning those evil carniverous animals as well…

  46. I don’t blame sailors for wiping out dodos, everything I’ve heard points out that they were rather nasty tasting. That and I’d be one of the people that’d be happy to hunt some fresh meat to the point of wiping out a species, as opposed to living on fish and meat that’d been salted to death.
    Certainly one cannot use that in an argument when people in those days didn’t have the internet and such to educate them about eco systems.

    And species die out anyway, we’ll die out one day, that’s nature, we’re just giving things a helping hand, somethings are done to excess, yes. But that doesn’t change the simple fact that every single species on this planet will at one point die out.

    Why don’t you think animals on farms enjoy a happy life? Sounds to me that you’re guilty of anthropomorphism.
    And yes, I do mean the comment I made about there being thousands of miles of empty land that people could responsibly use without causing serious harm to the environment.

    And what people exactly are we exploiting by breeding animals to eat? Certainly not the consumers who want to eat it, and certainly not the people that choose not to eat it.
    If you are thinking that we could use the land used to raise and feed animals to feed third world countries then I’m going to have to say that you’re the naive one here.
    Feeding people costs money. It takes money to buy the land, plant crops, water them, fertilise them, harvest them, prepare them, transport them, package etc. Money that those people do not have. I for one am not going to cut back on my eating habbits and give other people my hard earned money so someone else can benefit from it.

    Oh, and you completely misinterpreted what Emily was trying to get at.

  47. Slightly aside from this meat-eater/veggie war, I have question more concerning the tattoo itself (as I’m almost positive that it’s the reason a pig’s ear was featured on Modblog).

    It concerns also the ethical treatment of animals. I agree it is unethical that they are subjected to such poor treatment while growing up waiting to be slaughtered, and for that reason we have free range farms (although they do take up tons of land and resources). But say you were still in support of free range farming, as many are, would you also be against tattooing as identification for animals?

    In short: do you think it’s ethical to use tattooing as a form of ID on an animal?

    I’m just interested to hear what people think…

  48. hey, carnivores and vegnazis, just don’t sit down at the table together, okay? every one is entitled to their opinion.

    meat = yummy
    meat industry = evil

    soy = yummy
    soy plantations = evil

  49. Lene, I live in England. Laws and changes in society are changing the way we raise and slaughter; the change to free-range/organic has taken over demand for cheap meat, still a way to go before eradicating it completely but it’s moving in the right direction.
    Wild boar died out in England a few hundred years ago. Over the last few years boar have been introduced back into woodland around the country, for the purpose of conserving and increasing the population of these animals while providing meat.
    I believe that free range farming with the correct slaughter is the best option. Personally I wouldn’t mind never having to eat meat again and converting our farming resources to soy and other alternatives; but realistically that’ll never happen, so the best thing that I can do as a consumer is to support producers who farm correctly and try to put battery farms out of business.

  50. hey man, don’t diss the soy. soy is amazing. however, the fact that soy plantations are destroying vital ecosystems is, in my opinion, just as bad as the meat industry. by plowing down rainforests to plant soy, you’re killing off a large percentage of flora and fauna that can’t really be found anywhere else.. le serpent qui se mord la queue, peut être?

  51. @ cat: most of the soy is used by the meat industry to feed the animals, not to produce tofu…

    @ caspar: yeah, that´s ok… I was just a little upset by these aggressive and mindless comments that appeared without any veggie statement before…

    @ PiXiETroll: Oh, and carnivorous animals are just natural. But animals kept in mass stocks, to assuage human appetite, are (just in my opinion:-) quite sick;-)

  52. Lene, you’re right that it doesn’t primarily go towards making tofu (rather, biodiesel mostly, then livestock feed, then soy byproducts). However, some of us omnivores choose to eat free range meat and choose organic, local produce rather than mass produced.. don’t throw us all in the same bag.

  53. @57 yea its a “hammer” with the number of farm its from so they know the origin ist with pins and they beat it on the pig and when its dead the numbers appear

    but on the ear that must be with ink

    anyway i was a vegitarian not anymore and anyone needs to respect another man’s choise to eat whatever he wants

  54. Jacques- I generally avoid arguing on the Internet because I think it’s pointless, and specifically in this case I highly doubt anything I could say would convince you to think differently, and you’re certainly not going to convince me to not eat meat. Usually I don’t even comment on other peoples comments!

    But I will agree that tofu is gross!

  55. I think the problem isn’t eating meat in and of itself but the way that the meat industry exists and the sheer VOLUME of meat that people consume… the proportions of how much meat vs. veggies that most people in North America eat is WAY off, hence the rampant obesity and obesity-related problems. Eating meat isn’t bad and it’s not bad for you, but if you eat like 3/4 meat and 1/4 of all the food you eat, it’s just not healthy anymore. And that’s what a LOT of North Americans eat. If people just reduced their consumption, even a little bit then I doubt it would be such a problem.

  56. haha…i would fry that up for thanksgiving ;)

    about the vegans, I was vegan but then i realised no matter what they are going to kill the animals so i might as well eat their meat so they didn’t die for nothing. its better than not eating it and having all those animals be killed just to have their meat rot in grocery stores.

  57. definitely agree with 85,
    i’m vegan but i don’t look down on people that eat meat
    cos i ate it at one point as well
    almost all my mates meat and i can’t look at them any differently
    it’s horrid what happens to animals of course but telling other people they’re disgusting for what they’re eating will not make that go away
    you should be able to eat what you’d like
    bare if you weren’t raised vegetarian or vegan
    you’ve no right to judge cos you’ve eaten meat before
    so you’re just a hypocrit

  58. Frester, I would never dream of ever even trying to convince anyone not to eat meat, I love the stuff.
    And yes, the whole e-argument is entirely pointless, interesting on occasion but most of the time it’s not ever going to change someone’s mind.

  59. Can’t wait for the interview! :)

    And just to add my 2 cents, I love meat :D. I have worked at a chicken farm and seen how they live and let me tell you something. They get out of their cages walk outside peck around for a while then go back inside, and sit around the cages until someone puts them back in. I would think if they were suffering they would run when they got the chance.

    I know where my meat comes from, I know how it is raised/treated, I know (and have seen) how it is slaughtered. And I love meat.

  60. i don´t think eating meat is a vile act, but i do think this total disregard about animals, in many comments of this picture for example, it is vile.

  61. you know what zombie vegans eat right?
    Graaaaaaaiiiiinssss. GRaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinssss….

  62. Hmm, perhaps we should respect people’s choices to kill other people too? Because they like to do it, so they should be allowed to, right? They are okay with you not killing people, so you should just shut up and let them do it.
    Haha, of course I don’t see it as the same thing, but some people do.
    Like many others, I’m mostly upset about the factory farms, abuse, and the evilness of the whole industry (to be vague). And the lack of moderation in anything. Since I have so many options living where I am to eat less/no meat and stay healthy, why wouldn’t I? To at least think about what I’m eating and where it came from and how it affects others. This really can apply to anything though.
    It’s not easy by any means and on top if it you have to deal with jerks and people who want to stay actively ignorant. ._. That I don’t get. Or people who try so hard to find out that you’re wrong, or look! You ate this and it’s an animal product! Or whatever…

  63. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah…….
    Lene do you own any pets?

    oh yea and…SKULLBOY!, cant wait for that interview

  64. Lene: Humans and naturally omnivorous and make use of our intellect to help us make up for our lack of claws.(again with the foodchain)
    I can agree that some parts of the meat industry is bad.
    Eating animals is not.

  65. LMAO @ 94!

    Hmm.. I tried to be a veggie once, lasted about a week. I just love meat, don’t have the willpower to give it up.
    At least I try not to eat it too often, and if I do I will always try to find organic free-range meat where the animals have lived as good a life as possible.

    No one should have any right to tell someone their choice of lifestyle is wrong.

  66. How come some sort of huge political debate always erupts on modblog comment forums?
    If you want to discuss how messed up the meat industry is go on a PETA forum.


  67. Makes me laugh that all of the preachers in here who denounce meat production in factory settings probably own trendy clothes made by poor asian children in horrendous factory conditions.

    Honestly, being vegan/vegetarian is a wonderful thing, but if you’re going to preach to others about how disgusting they are, make sure all of your morals are sound and in the right place first.

  68. @ PiXiETroll: Yes, you´re right (although i believe a healthy vegan diet is possible;-)I don´t think eating an animal is bad at any rate… I would never judge someone for hunting or fishing who is still living in harmony with nature!!! But to supply billions of people with meat it needs intensive mass animal farming… I don´t like that;-)

  69. ….I’d like to see a pig covered in ink :D. Can’t we just comment the pig ear and not have a huge animal welfare / vegantarianism debate? People will do what they wish. Let it be, of all places I’d like to assume modblog would be the last place were people are judging one another’s life styles.

  70. @ Hanargh: How many “preachers” or at least veggies did you count here:-)
    There are lots of cool and affordable fair trade clothes… I know most of the veggies are aware of that too;-)

  71. Moe: they’re not pointless. If you read the comments you’ll see very valid reasons for why world-wide vegetarianism would be a huge benefit in the long run.

    I’m not going to condemn someone for eating meat; I see it every day, and I rarely ever say anything, except for perhaps a bitchy comment like “Wow, the blood seeping out of that steak looks delicious” every now and then.

    But to say that I must “respect your decision” is kind of ridiculous. It is more than apparent that the slaughter of an animal is no more necessary than the murder of a human, and causes more harm than good.

  72. i consider the well being of other human beings to be the primary concern. no way am i going to start fretting over the treatment of farm animals while at the same time so many human beings are being treated much more inhumanely.

    it just seems trivial in comparison.

  73. @rhiannon- yes, there are valid points. There are valid points for the meat eaters also. We all have our opinions. Good luck changing anyones. If someone gets aroused by a bloody steak, good for them. They have found something they enjoy. If you are aroused by Boca burgers, good for you. Enjoy them to their fullest. I myself hardly eat meat, if that helps at all in my view point. I do, however, raise pigs, and participate in a program that sends heifers to third world countries. Do I want you to believe what I believe? Not really. The world would suck just as hard if everyone was a vegetarian as it would if everyone was a Christian. The human mind is beautiful in the fact that it can form opinions. Let everyone have theirs. I’m not asking anyone to respect anyones decision. All I wish is that others would realize that everyone is an individual, and will think as an individual. Let them. Don’t try to be a fascist.


  74. I tried to post this a minute ago, but I think the wordpress thingy doesn’t like my linkies, so I cut ‘em out.

    Ok…this is one of those firestarter subjects huh.
    I’ll try to steer clear of the trolling. Just thought people would want to know a little about why livestock is tattooed (as that was what the post is about).
    So for the most part in Western countries the correct legal practice is to identify any and all animals intended for the food chain – poultry all has to be leg-ringed. Animals with suitable ears and behaviour such as cows, sheep, deer, goats etc all have to be ear tagged (imagine a large guage plastic composite earring which is ‘gunned’ into the ear.) However certain animals are not deemed suitable for ear-tagging as their ears or behaviour make it likely that an ear tag would not be maintained, or may cause the animal harm, so animals such as pigs (because they dig, are socially agressive sometimes and have large floppy ears) are tattooed either at infancy or slap-marked on the shoulder using a pin and ink system – essentially delivering the whole tattoo in one hit before culling to ensure the meat can be traced.
    This might seem a little extreme, but the point is to ensure any animals too sick or damaged do not ever enter the foodchain, and to maintain detailed records of stock movements to prevent the risks caused by the increasing global mobility of livestock. The hope is to reduce incidents that resulted in the european BSE crisis, the numerous outbreaks of foot and mouth that occur across the world, and the Swine fever pandemics that sweep across parts of the Americas.
    It looks cruel I know, but if it reduces the risks of my livestock contracting diseases due to poorly managed animal movement near me then I’m happy, and if it prevents my friends and family developing diseases as a consequence of ill livestock entering the foodchain then so much the better.

    If you’re interesed in what these things look like then google ‘slap marker’ or ‘livestock ear tag’ and you should get some good images and so forth.

  75. Shannon: Yes I was joking…As usual my odd form of jokes/humor make people go: “WTF DID HE JUST SAY?”

    However my opinion on moderation and that we as humans should not be gluttons vultures, is firm and solid….Eat meat if you want…Eat veg if you want…or eat both if you want…but regardless of the food intake choice, to do so responsibly and in proper moderation, not gorging yourself.

    but also ask yourself this…if we spend more time feeding animals to eat them…what happens if said animals eat their daily intake, and then literally everyone else int he world starts eating veg? and we still maintain this glutton gorging state? I can’t help but think stress on the vegetation life could occur.

    However if we stop being gluttons and utilizing moderation in our daily food intakes…animals will survive as well as plant life….Just like how the human race has ate animal species to extinction if I remember correctly, we’ve ate plant life to extinction as well.

    so let us all raise our pig ears, tomatos, chickens feet, cucumbers, steak, potato’s to the sky and say: “its alright for you to choose whatever you eat, just like its ok for me choose my own food…but lets just eat responsibly!”

    yes part of this is comical buts also partially serious as well.

  76. fucking hell thatscheap

    is it just me or like..
    does anyone not think Ireland is a fucking rip off!
    a Pigs ear you would pay about 5 Euros for it..and thats like what 7 Dollars?

    crazy for a random body part!

  77. #80 Gabriel – I find it interesting that the question tends to come up with regard to tattooing (or occasionally ear notching) but not so much with the branding of cows?

    Also piercing, or however they get those big plastic number tags to stay on the cows’ ears.

    As for ear notching though I could swear I’ve seen a picture of a (human) girl with a notched ear, several notches at the top, in one of the ear galleries next to the people with pointed surgeries.

  78. Eat what you want… but don’t tell me that torturig and killing any sentient being is something that OK and I shouldn’t have a problem with and because of this I can just be clasified as a preachy vegan. If you think we’re annoying you should walk down the street and count how man times how many times an vegan is bombarded by the smell, look or sound of an animals dismembered body parts. I have to touch dead animals every day and have to look at cosmetics and other stuff that has been tested on them… not to mention the fact that people like to put some animal part ito everything, because it’s profitable. But no… you have to comaplain cause every once in a while an angry vegan has had enough.

    You just don’t get it, to many of us seeing this happen to animals is almost like seeing it happen to people, it’s just mass murder in my eyes.

    Why don’t you go ahead and eat a dog then… I hate the pet one and eat the other philosophy.

  79. Moonchild – I have eaten dog and it was quite frankly delicious.

    However, I am a commited vaginatarian.


  80. Seriously, to all Vegans/Animal rights activists having a wobbly over thid entry – cry me a river.

    PO BOX 2322
    AB11 IDC

  81. I know this is way way down the thread, but I have to semi-disagree with Caspar’s comment (#83) about England moving much towards free range and organic meat production and it taking over from intensive.

    Whilst this is the case for a certain ‘green’ few (whether they be well off or not) most people, both affluent and non-affluent buy majority battery/intensive meat, eggs and dairy (this isn’t even taking into account products that contain animal products like mayonnaise, meringues, cakes etc).
    People prioritise wrongly, spending more on cars and clothes than on their food.

    I really don’t see Britain moving towards free-range in any great numbers. Sure, after the Jamie Oliver and Hugh-Fearnley Whittingstall more people did buy free range chickens, but this quickly drops after a few weeks. Out of sight, out of mind.

  82. Moe – And as I’ve said before, I do not expect everyone to go veg, that’s unrealistic. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be something that I would prefer, and that in no way makes me a fascist, and to accuse me of such is fairly ridiculous.
    I’m a passionate person and I will always stand up for what I believe in, but I don’t feel that my post was an attempt to force my beliefs down anyones throat whatsoever. I never make a comment to someone eating eating meat unless they know me as a person and understand my lame sense of humor.

  83. *****So where do you veg Nazis stand on pescetarians?

    Kendra on March 19th, 2008 at 8:14 am *****

    Joe Pesce TOTALLY cracks me up!….i didn’t know he had his own church though…? I bet he is doing it for the fuckin’ tax write offs huh?

  84. TBH, all veggies and vegans are fucking murderous scum cunts who should convert or die.

    - fruitarian



  85. In response to Lene’s “@ emily: Of course it´s a difference whether you take the car or the bus for example… You are criticizing people who at least try their best not to waste energy/pollute the environment etc… That´s so cool!”

    You completely did not understand what I said to you at all. I have NOTHING against vegans/vegetarians nor did I say anything bad about them. The ONLY person I was criticizing was you. Don’t get up on a soap box unless you have ALL your ducks in a row.

  86. gawd people are bloody self righteous.
    you eat veg fine – good for you
    you eat meat – fine good for you
    worry about your self not what others are eating.
    My best friend is a vegetarian and I on the other hand refuse to eat true vegies (leafy green things, fruits and grains are fine).
    we tease each other all the time, but we both respect each others choices!

    I am a zoologist, and my research has direct conservation impacts on animals, why because i love and respect animals. I still eat them though, in fact i have eaten ones that most people would never dream of eating (seriously roast hippo is amazing). It isnt some kind of cruel thing, in fact as part of the natural order i find a deeper respect for the things that have provided me with sustenance.

    From a spiritual point of view (eating things with faces, souls, babies etc) there are several cultures out there that believe everything has a spirit or soul, if you will, so unless they have ways of living of absolutely nothing i think the not eating things with souls argument is moot.

    And before militant vegos jump down my throat, read what i say next.

    All plants produce compounds, found in the VEGETABLE part of the plants (leafs and stems), that are toxic – this is a form of self defense against being eaten. Thats why some plants would kill us if we ate them. Most people understand that, but most don’t realize that several of those compounds are still present in crop vegetables, just in a much lower level. (you could argue thats proof the plant doesn’t want those parts eaten). A particularly common one is Calcium Oxalate, very nasty in large quantities.

    My point is that some people, like myself, are highly sensitive to these toxins and will get violently sick from even eating a little bit.

    So some of us can’t eat vegetables even if we wanted to, please think of that next time you want to get preachy that thats the only “right” way to exist.

  87. Great…Now I want to try hippo.

    The ‘worst’ (insofar as ‘most unexpected’) things I have eaten have to be whale, dog, cat and puffin. I’ll try any meat!


  88. I think there’s a slight difference between society using animal products and mass murder. Mostly it’s the piles of dead humans in the street. Slight difference…

    Sometimes it’s not always about profit, sometimes an animal product is the best choice. For example, magnetic audio tape used to use boiled whale bones for the adhesive used to hold it together. 60 years later, those tapes are still in amazing condition. Tape made with a different adhesive in the 80s was a disaster, it would get all sticky and tons of precious masters have been ruined. I’m not sure what’s being used now, but it’s hard to tell how long it’s going to last…

  89. There are some vegetarians that want their pets to follow them in a vegetarian diet. Cats eat meat, including cute little mice and birds. You open a can of catfood or serve kibble…it’s got animal in it.
    So as a strict vegetarian I’m assuming keeping a cat as a companion would be out?
    (And a snake, surely.)

  90. Joe, Are you saying that I should be ok with animals being killed so you can have good quality tape? Don’t get me wrong I love music but I believe in fiding an alternative too. I bet soap made out of Jewish people were great too, but hell, I wouldn’t want to use that either. There is always analternative. I think the difference is just the point of view which you are looking at it, Piles of animal flesh and piles of human flesh are both piles of flesh at the end of the day.

    herekittykitty, my personal view on this topic varies (a lot of people debate about ths even as vegans) but there are strict vegetarian alternatives for cats and dogs as well. Wethere we consider that natural or unnatural is a diferent story, especially when it comes to cats but I assure you there are commercial pet foods avaiable for them, that have addatives like Taurine and other important things that cats need. One thing to think about is this though the stuff that is in normal pet food isn’t exacty natural or healthy for them either, infact some of them are damn right horrible.

    I personally won’t have a carnivore living with me simply because I’m perfectly happy with my beloved herbivore companions.

  91. @ emily: ok, maybe i didn´t understand (my english is not very good, and I also don´t get the last sentence of your last comment…) But I thought you said that people who are not 100 percent perfect don´t have the right to criticise others who don´t even try to do anything at all…

    It´s funny how people here complain about “all these selfrighteous, militant vegs”… There are about 120 “pro-meat” comments here, most of them mindless and aggressive against veggies…and just a few from people who try to defend their decision not to eat it against false allegations… So, please, stop crying!!!

  92. Leme that was my point earlier too. We have to face cruelty to animals on a daily basis because living in a meat eating society and if ever open our mouth about the issues involved for them to get what they eat, we get enraged meat eaters.

    I tjhink hey feel like they have a right to do that because they are a majority and we are debatadely omnivores, but ethically speaking if we know we can do just as well on a plant based diet and be much more compassionate to animals it’s just plain cruel to keep on doing that for selfish reasons like “it tastes good” Great billions of animals each year because they taste good and another who nows how many because because people don’t give a shit. Factory farming is worse than I could possible wish for the most horrible person, why then do they think it’s ok to have animals in those conditions?

    “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.” ~Alice Walker

  93. This argument is as old as time. We are biologically geared to be omnivores. Whatever anyone chooses to eat is their own preference. Yes, the meat-raising industry is deplorable, but what about the bush meat poaching that is going on in Africa and elsewhere? What about sharks being caught just for their fins for soup? What about this nonsense about tiger parts and rhino horn being aphrodisiacs? Quite frankly, meat processing at least is not killing animals that are endangered or for a stupid reason that I just mentioned. The pig ear in that pic was just coincidence. I’ve seen them in the market also from time to time. By the way, I’m a vegan by choice, and have been since childhood. I just didn’t like the taste of meat.

  94. Or what about the slaghter of horses? I am also a horse owner, and to me, rounding up mustangs or buying auction horses for meat is sickening. Sometimes horses are stolen to be taken to auction for sale as “killers”. This meat is exported to places like Europe and Japan as a delicacy. This is far worse than butchering cattle or hogs or chickens. At least butchering is done very quickly.

  95. What about all the animals that are killed in the combines to harvest all the veggies you need to eat? Why don’t you hate all vegetarians that don’t pick their own vegetables? At least the pig was killed on purpose with a reason behind it’s death.

  96. Yes, but I’m not the one that has a problem with dying animals. You talk about prevention of suffering, but you aren’t doing all you can to stop it. You could be planting your own crops. Where do you draw the line at acceptable animal loss? Or is it only cool to stop animal suffering as long as it isn’t too inconvenient?

  97. Cucuy, Lene already pointed the facts out to you. I do understand what you are saying though, we could go on to be frugivores and we could do other things as well. I don’t think being a vegan in the meat eating world s too convenient either but you are right, most of us do draw the line somewhere.

    What most of agree on though is we do our best to reduce suffering. I personally started doing a lot more about other areas like animal testing, our planet and so on since I became vegan. I just wish everyone would care a little more thats all.

  98. But we aren’t arguing facts are we moonchild? It’s not a fact that eating meat is wrong. We are arguing opinions. And I am trying to reduce suffering myself; that’s why I don’t kill animals for sport. So why is it wrong for my line to be there if yours isn’t as low as it could be? If you have a problem with people eating meat because it causes animals suffering, you had best not be causing animals suffering yourself. Which you do. Which makes you the hypocrite, not me, as I am not judging your eating habits. The only fact that Lene has pointed out is that eating meat hurts animals more than not eating meat. But they both cause suffering, so quit pointing fingers and alienating the people you are trying to enlighten if you are guilty of the same sin.

  99. And since I live on the border I think I will go to restaurant down the way and get some cow-tongue soft tacos. Adios hippies, the world is brutal. Get over it.

  100. Animal products are used in a lot of applications. Quite a few types of rubber and plastics. (Like the non-leather interior of cars.)It’s also used in industry to lubricate machinery…such as producing rolled steel. (Perhaps even in the production of the metals used in body jewelry? I’m not sure but it’s something to think about.)

    The freon that your car AC and home AC and your refrigerator runs on…reportedly contains an animal fat derivitive.

  101. herekittykitty, I’m ware that animal biproducts are practically in everything these days. It annoys me quite a bit too.

  102. herekittykitty, yeah, that´s sad.. but today many of the plastic doesn´t contain any animal products anymore… And, for example, the freon in refrigerators is often replaced by non-animal chemicals (propan-butan) in newer models (due to being an ozone-killer, like CFC)… So, there is not rally a need to use these animal products (maybe they were/are quite cheap as beeing by-products of the meat industry, i don´t know…)

  103. Not seen it on the ears, but shoulders is quite common. It marks the pigs with their farm of origin before going on to slaughterhouses (or where ever). It’s done with a pattern of nails that form the head of a handle. It’s smacked in ink and then onto the pig, a bit like a hammering type action.

    Very quick, and with a good stockman/aim less stressful than the act of moving them on itself.

  104. Almost all pigs are tattoo’d before they hit the production line. I worked on the kill floor at my local slaughterhouse and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a big without a number tattoo like that… I’m not sure what they’re for though. Also if you think this is bad perhaps you don’t know that live pigs are often used as cheap practice dummies for up and coming tattoo artists. There’s a lot of controversy over this but it seems to be pretty common still since pigs skin relatively simulates what it’s like to tattoo on human skin. Some tattoo artists practice on synthetic materials but they’re often expensive. Most people in my town wouldn’t even consider getting a tattoo unless they know the artist has practiced on a decent amount of pigs. I guess it’s just one of those things.

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