Zombie (“Skullboy”) Interview Posted

Edit/Update: After being offline for ages, here’s an archival link for the first-ever published interview with Rick Genest / Rico / Zombie Boy/ Skullboy.

Sorry about not getting this online earlier — it’s been a long day, which among other things, includes having a transport truck smash into me while I was driving with my daughter to an appointment! Ack!

Big thanks to Veronika for scoring (and doing) an interview with the infamousSkullboy“, more appropriately known as Montreal’s Zombie. Click through to check it out, and as always, come on back to comment.

PS. You may remember Veronika from her cat portrait neck tattoo as well as her half-sleeve — she’s no stranger to both being featured and creating features!

425 thoughts on “Zombie (“Skullboy”) Interview Posted

  1. Wow. Great interview and one I was waiting anxiously for from its announcement.

  2. Iteresting how he sees such a large scale (and I’m sure expensive) transformation as a “sure why not” kind of thing. Bully for him I guess?

  3. I saw him for real a bunch of time, really impressing, almost scary, even for me! and as said, the pictures sadly don’t even do justice to the impression he makes face to face.

  4. This was a really cool and insightful interview.. Update us on him again!

    I got Spocks tattooed on my boobs as a “ehh Yay!” idea ahaha and I love it..

  5. Well that was disturbing. He gave me the strong impression of being a total idiot. He regrets most of his tattoos??! It sounds like he put little or no thought into the entire project, didn’t have even a flicker of philosophical motivation behind it… That’s the first interview I honestly wish I hadn’t read so that I could continue to just appreciate him as a piece of art. That left me feeling a little empty inside… the only thought left being, “oh well, I guess it’s a good thing there are people like that who will agree to be a canvas to extreme tattooing…”

    Veronika did a good job though, asked exactly the questions I was looking for, quite succinctly. Thanks for that, anyway!

  6. great interview! I found it interesting that he said he regrets most of his tattoos though, even though i guess it’s understandable, i thought he would come across differently. amazing and really impressive!!

  7. That was much different then I expected it to be.

    I love how his work isn’t all anatomical though. Its a really good blend of a bit of everything macabre.

  8. heh, story of my life (minus the full body)
    i like his lifestyle but i was surprised to hear that he has regrets for most of his tattoo’s
    a well, I at least think it is awesome and i love this guy

  9. nice tattoos, but he’s just an idiot. He makes other modded people look like dumb asses.

  10. after the original modblog post, i saw this guy downtown and in the metro putting up posters a few times and thought he would make for an interesting interview. looks like i was wrong- he came across as kind of boring.

  11. That’s unreal. He’s so sexy too. I have to say, I don’t know if I’d find him as attractive with out the tattoos as I do with. But good for him. If you are strong enough to live with such a dedicated decision then all the more power, because he couldn’t get a job as a manager for Mc Donalds.

    I have to say that if my son decided to go that far with modifications, if tattoos are in his future (the kids two months so who knows), then I would support him. It’s nice that his mom told him to follow it through.

    Good job Zombie Man.

  12. Elana- I agree. He sounded like he just regretted the entire process, but he didn’t care at the same time.

    I really wish I hadn’t read the interview, honestly. I had, I guess, this misguided ideal of who “Zombie” was. I thought he really thought the tattoos over and he really loved the way he looked. I thought he, at least, considered the fact that finding a job would be extremely difficult. It just sounds like he woke up one day and decided to tattoo his face…

  13. I really wish that his answers had been more in-depth. That had probably the most one-sentence answers and ridiculous slang of any interview I’ve read on BME. I wish there was a bit more insight, or at least a bit of self-respect…

  14. I’m really disappointed that he lives up perfectly to all the stereotypes people must have about him.

    And lives up to none of the hopes I had.

  15. Well…it takes all kinds I suppose.

    He does come off as kindof a negative stereotype of the drug addled drunk who’s kindof more into the self-mutilation aspect of the process than any sortof enlightened mod experience.

    Like I said, takes all kinds…

  16. Did anyone else catch that thought he fucked up because he couldn’t be the manager at McDonald’s, like it was a big sacrifice? I always thought a person with that many tattoos would at least have a little ambition…

  17. Can we look forward to an interview with Bruce Potts? I’d love to see some from “older” heavily moddified men and women. Or maybe heavily modded parents…

  18. C’mon now guys, not all heavily modded people are the deep, enlightened type…Just the other end of the spectrum.

  19. I would love to see an interview with his tattoo artist. He’s done some amazing work here.

    And for those who think he sounds like an idiot, so what? Does it make his mods any less beautiful or awe-inspiring?

  20. amen, cuntcumber.
    i was really hoping for some sort of cerebral responses to his aesthetic transformation. i suppose i was expecting something a little less moronically nihilistic and pedestrian. i was quick to defend what i assumed to be the totality and merit of such a radical retaliation against conventional aesthetics, but i guess all his detractors are right.
    sigh. i hate having to say this in this community, but what a waste.

  21. Completely incredible. I have never seen a more interwoven collection of body art.

  22. What is everybody complaining so much about? Yeah, the guy seems to be an idiot, so what? Why does every tattoo have a story behind, or a meaning and a great purpose yackyack -random miami ink-bullshit-.
    He probably thought it would look cool, so he did it. I have quite much of my body (about 30%) covered with tattoos. ONE of them (a small piece on my chest) really means something. That’s the one I regret, it’s in the way for a bigger cool-looking tattoo!
    It’s body art as in art. Not body philosophy as in if your tattoo doesn’t mean anything you are retarded.

  23. I agree with alot of the posters here, I read the interview expecting certain answers, but he just came across as an immature and arrogant shit. Oh well, congratulations for him for regretting (or seeming to) something that has, and will, continue to impact the rest of his life.

  24. Meh, if you regret most of the tattoos the best way is to blend in everything and take attention away from them! It looks a heck of a lot better than getting them removed with lazers. *PEW PEW PEW*

  25. I’m guessing that the nod to McDonald’s was tongue in cheek – how many times have you heard heavily modded people say, “It’s not like I want a job at McDonald’s.”

    As far as philosophical motivation or spiritual enlightenment are concerned, why is it so necessary to profess either? He likes zombie flicks. If that’s good enough for him what’s the problem?

    13 – Nobody can make anyone else look like an idiot. People do that for themselves.

  26. i think this interview was AMAZING. it was in fact one of the better ones ive read on bme.

    i understand bme is more inclined to chat to ppl whose modifications are a ‘journey’ but to be perfectly honest, its all a bit miami ink. most ppl i come across get tattoos cos they wanna.

    why are ppl so down on him being a idiot. not all tattooed folk are secret intellectuals. they are normal folk, they can choose to get tattooed for any reason they want, or none at all.

    from some of the comments i seen posted it strikes me as its only accepted to get more extreme tattoos/mods if you have some bullshit story behind it but if you want to do it for fun or whatever reason thats not ‘insighful’ of a ‘journey’ then thats you, lumped along with the scum of the earth.

    i think its awesome that hes a bum and he knows that, that hes cut off many chnaces hell never have in life anymore. he knows this, this makes him smarter than a lot of ppl who are interviewed for bmezine so far.

    he accepted his fate and he aint whinging about how he gets shit or called names on the street or how people wont give hima chnace or understand his choices.

    im heavily tattooed and a woman, i get started at alot. i never had a path or a vision or dream, i just like tattoos, nice tattoos though. the more the better but im all about quality control and his body suit so far is looking pretty decnt, not amazing but good, and it it better put together than most ppl’s tattoo projects.

    and at least he doesnt sit and live on the internet discussing other ppls choices and dissecting them bit by bit ina storm of big ass words. on that note, im off out to play in the real world.

  27. Newsflash: tattoos and extreme modification don’t make you intelligent, articulate, or even interesting.

    Of course, if you’re expecting anything out of anyone because of their appearance, be it good/bad, interesting/uninteresting, you’re judging people by how they look. It’s nice to think everyone has some deep personal meaning to their choice in mods or that they’re going through some spiritual metamorphosis, self reclamation or awakening.

    Zombie probably doesn’t identify with any of that crap: I’d bet he doesn’t even really consider tattoos as viable art.

  28. This Interview was awesome! Im sick off all the people posting comments bashing him for not living up to their expectations..
    Interviews are written to give people insight into other peoples lives. Who the fuck are you people to judge him? Sad!

  29. I agree with Elana – as a journalism major, this interview was less than spectacular. I’m not implying that Veronika did not do a good job at the interview; I think that a lot of her questions were great.
    But the whole thing as a whole wasn’t that impressive. I wish he had gone into a little more depth, but like Christyn said, perhaps I’ve just become accustomed to the previous interviews posted here.

    That being said, it was still worth reading. I guess you win some, you lose some.

  30. I pretty much agree with Anders, adding only that he seemed to take the interview about as seriously as he does anything else. Which is cool, that’s who he is. Maybe don’t read into all the hype so much, eh people?

  31. I pretty much agree with Anders, adding only that he seemed to take the interview about as seriously as he does anything else. Which is cool, that’s who he is. Maybe don’t read into all the hype so much, eh people?

  32. I have mixed feelings after reading this one as, obviously, so many of us looked forward to reading this interview and in the meantime managed to create our own image of the guy.

    Some of his answers sounded unbalanced and disappointing while others made me think that he didn’t take it seriously at all and just played with us. I still think there’s more to him than he wants us to see.

  33. alloylove – I think it’s as simple as a lot of people are rather self-righteous, and don’t really “get” punk…

  34. why is everyone so negative about his “i don’t care” attitude?
    he’s doing what he wants to do with his body, turning himself into what he wants to be fun fun — which means that it’s to make him happy.

    isn’t that the whole point of modifying your body?
    people complained in earlier posts about how people on tattoo tv shows always have some deep story attached to the artwork. and now they’re complaining about doing it for fun?

    tsktsktsk. nothing appeases you people. :c

  35. My thoughts exactly, what a disappointment that was. It doesn’t really sound like he gives a rat’s arse about any of it. It’s not like I was expecting him to have deep philosophical reasons for his tattoos, but to at least LIKE them…..my Skullboy bubble has definately burst.

  36. He came off as no-bullshit and seemed honest, warts and all.
    Doesn’t have any philosophical reasons or deep insight to why he’s done what he’s done…and doesn’t pretend to.

  37. A few follow-up thoughts, since I kind of started the bashing:

    I fully admit to not getting Montreal punk! I’m an academic-type from Toronto. That way is his way, and my intellectualizing way is my way. True to type, my next thought after reading everything was: I guess his attitude is really authentic nihilism, which is a philosophy? Ha ha ha. And I always get bummed out after reading nihilist stuff.

    Obviously we’re all free to get tattoos for any reason or for no reason. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to prefer interviews that have *some interesting content*, though.

  38. I agree with Elana and others: what an utter disappointment, and perfect example of someone who really isn’t interesting at all, except for his startling and evidently thoughtlessly pursued tattoos. While I’m not someone who believes that every tattoo has to have a deep meaning behind it, in this interview he comes across as immature and obnoxious.

  39. alloylove pretty much said it all. well said, madam.
    he looks pretty damn awesome, yeah it was a bit of a disappointment that he sounds like a complete arse, but then who the hell said we all had to be philosophical intelligent or focused on some big dream?

  40. “I think it’s as simple as a lot of people are rather self-righteous, and don’t really “get” punk…”
    Amen Shannon. Zombie really seems to live “no gods, no masters.” Personally, I’ve always kind of admired people who can immerse themselves so fully into nilhilism. What a wonderful sense of freedom must follow.

  41. I suppose as long as he’s happy…

    To be honest, in my opinion, some people are better seen and not..uh…interviewed.

    What a moronic bore.

  42. I like his attitude & the fact the interview was lighthearted,… hes just having fun & doesnt give a fuck so what!
    I find it strange & hilarious people are expecting this guy to live up to any of their expectations.

  43. I think i would have to agree with Elana. You really hit the nail on the head. I was amazed that he is only 22, I wonder where he will end up in 20 years time?

  44. He made something that most people can`t becouse they worry about
    outher people reactions/job/unreversable change.
    They expected to find answer where this guy`s courage is from. They`re dissapointed seeing just “I don`t give a fuck” approach.
    Maybe he isn`t stupid and this is the answer? If you want to do something just get your ass up and do it?
    Unfortunately in interviev he doesn`t tell why he regrets. He doesn`t want his tatoos at all or he sees how they could look like to be bether.
    I love his tatoos, i like his thinking and I regret I can`t do somenthing simmilar. Maybe someday.
    Sorry for my english, i hope it`s understandable

  45. “I don’t think it’s unreasonable to prefer interviews that have *some interesting content*, though.”

    Thank you for reading my mind.

  46. I think other people have covered it better, but I have to chuckle at all the people let-down that there’s no (as one poster put it) “Miami Ink” story about why Zombie has his mods.

    He seems perfectly content being who he is, in whatever world surrounds him, and I have to say I like the “don’t give a fuck” punk attitude.

  47. Shannon has always said that he wants BME to document EVERYTHING in the modification scene. This interview is a perfect contribution to the BME mission.

  48. Okay, I tatally see where so many people are coming from about tattoos not always having to have some profound meaning. I agree. Tattoos are different for everyone. That’s fine that he got them just because he though it was a cool concept. I’m more bothered by the fact that he had fuck all to say about it. All of his answers were trite and ridiculous. He didn’t need to give me some lengthy story about it representing the transcendent nature of man, but he could have said SOMETHING that gave us a real picture of who he was or why he did it. I appreciate the self-deprecating humor of what he says, and I honestly hope a lot of the interview was him being sarcastic.

  49. This guy layed on the sarcasm about a foot thick and its amazing that some people think all his answers are serious, this dude rules

  50. ace interview. why should people have to bare their souls on the internet in order to be applauded for their mod choices? his tattoos look cool and he has a fun attitude.

  51. Ok forget about how cool the ” I dont give a shit ” attitude is…The way I see it is He’s just another “CHUMP” who is going to be sucking up my hard earned tax dollars livin the life of luxury on welfare…

  52. haha, I like it. I love how vague he is about everything. he obviously has little to no respect for online communities it seems, which doesn’t bother me. Rock on brotha.

  53. Sarcasm doesn’t quite translate to the written word, it’s in the tone, how the hell are we supposed know the diff?

  54. i’ve never seen this guy! everytime i’m downtown i’m hoping to see him, but i never do. ah well, i will eventually… hopefully.

  55. By the way RYan, I don’t think you have any idea how the welfare system works. Coming from a social worker. Just so you know.

  56. tho I agree that I wish his answers had been more in depth I will have to say that I am glad his responses went un-edited as it really gives you a better idea as to his personality, in any case awesome interview and beautiful work, i look forward to more interviews from veronika.

  57. DETN8R, you are sooooo gay

    I was hoping for a more interesting, informative interview rather than a bunch of smart-arse answers. Oh well, I suppose after having a run of great interviews there was bound to be a crappy one.

  58. Well Smallfry , I do know that the welfare system is designed to help the less fortunate…I do know that these people do not get close to the amount of money to live month to month..these people, who deserve it, I dont have a problem with…its people who are into some “scene” that give no thought to their future in todays society, who like something today and hate it tomorrow…and end up have no future and no choice but to jump onto the welfare chain…its these people that ultimately lower the amount that the deserving people receive….

  59. What a moron. Why bother doing an interview if he doesn’t SAY anything? Shoulda just been a pictorial.

    Plus I find it hard to believe that someone would be tattooed so extensively without any idea how they are oging to support themselves in the future. I firmly believe that, within my generation (and I’m about the age as the zombie boy), tattoos will be almost universally accepted. BUT they aren’t yet, and I still need to work in the meantime, so I’ll keep them cover-up-able until then.

  60. YAAAYYYY! Cool ta finally git an interview with this chap!! He does seem rather- interesting… Sad he has so many regrets. WHen i saw photos a year ago i was like,”holy shit!!” Now, after many years of BMEZINE desensitization, i’m like, “meh…” THe execution on his face, neck and back is amazing art!! Muchos Propz to the artist!!

  61. Awesome…I’m so glad for this interview…this guy is the real deal and all the people who read this interview now know that! I would chill and smoke herb and drink with this guy anytime.

  62. RYan; if you weren’t as close-eyed as your close-minded you would of seen that he has a job, not only that…but he’s actively looking for anything else as well. I’ve never heard of him being un-employed and I’ve met him.

  63. I see nothing wrong with his attitude or views or anything.
    He has steller tattoos, and enjoys to drink.

    It only makes me kind of desire to go over and see the Montreal scene more now. I mean there seems to be a whack load of decent bands coming out of there, and a bunch of my Toronto punk friends are going over there, meeting him just seems to complete it haha =)

  64. I don’t think anyone had expectations for him. We had hopes. I hoped he wouldn’t be an idiot, some nihilistic “I love to drink and smoke and contribute nothing” individual who seems to have no redeeming qualities (unless you consider not giving a fuck about anything a redeeming quality). I hoped that he would be an intelligent, well-spoken person who broke the stereotypes surrounding people with such extensive mods.

    What people are upset by, I imagine, is that not only is he not what we had hoped (an example of a seemingly ‘normal’ person with very extraordinarily non-normal mods), but that he is, it seems, a really substance-less person with fuckall to say. That is, exactly the type of person most people without mods probably assume him to be.

    I don’t know about you, but I think it sucks that I’m often viewed negatively because that really are people in a ‘subculture’ I’m a part of who live up to shitty stereotypes.

    More than anything, though, he just sounds like I would hate.

  65. I know a homeless guy with some really shitty tattoos who’s about as articulate. I’ll grab a bottle of sterno and a tape recorder and see if he’s more profound.

  66. half of the people don’t understand his mentality because they are probably not very involved in the hardcore punk scene
    NO FUTURE!!!! that’s what it’s all about

    honestly i found it quite humurous and even though i’m not really into punk (i’ve always been a metal head myself)
    i can understand where he’s coming from especially the whole “Never really had to think about it… I’ve been white trash my whole life…”
    i can relate so much to that one line hahaha

  67. “i understand bme is more inclined to chat to ppl whose modifications are a ‘journey’ but to be perfectly honest, its all a bit miami ink. most ppl i come across get tattoos cos they wanna.”


    People always want me to “explain” my tattoos and seem disappointed when I don’t talk about a family member who died of cancer or something else sentimental and instead I say I like how they look.

    Anyways back to the interview. Montreal, punk and this guy’s tattoos all suck but he probably wouldn’t care about my opinion so more power to him.

  68. He doesn’t come across as someone I’d want to be partnered with for a class project, but he seems as if he’d be fun to have at a party, or to take home for an acrobatic night or three. Punks need eye candy too.

  69. Lulz @ zombiez for thinking there aren’t tons of kids out there with always visible mods that have no idea how to support themselves.

  70. I wish that bodytwo was still up so I could find the post where Shannon talks about how tattoos should have some meaning behind them.

  71. one would think that a community such as BME wouldn’t have so many people judging others this way. being that a lot of the members have probably put up with the judgmental attitudes from “the world” for their own appearance. This guy obviously lives life the way he wants to, more power to him. If you people think that having your “mods” makes you appear intelligent you’re way the fuck off. This guy comes off (over the internets) exactly the way he looks and I bet he’s a blast to hang out with, unlike the self-righteous types that seem to be trolling modblog these days. You’re boring and having stretched lobes doesn’t change that in the slightest, you are who you are despite your appearance, stop pretending otherwise. also, learn to sarcasm, damn

  72. Comment 54 is all I could say and more. My name is Cait, too? Weird.

    Anyway, I want to carry his babies or kill them and eat them – whatever he prefers.

  73. What’s wrong, exactly, with wanting people to be intelligent and interesting instead of (or as well as) being interested in how they look?

  74. That guy is an idiot and this interview was a waste of time.
    There wasnt anything interesting about it, other than his actual tattoos, and we didnt need an interview for that. Oh, he doesnt give a fuck!? I didnt see that one coming.

    I wonder how much dick he sucks to pay for his tattoos, as I doubt hanging posters pay enough for tattoos AND beer/weed.

  75. I was 3 hours with him, he wanted to keep the interview vague and not very personal. He IS a great guy very decent AND intelligent, he would of had more to say, I think he wanted the interview to be more in the direction of his mods. He is very interessting and we had long conversations, which are not in the interview.

    And yes he has a job, yes he has projects, and NO is not sucking up money from welfare… Seriously, where do some people come from? How can you even be that… Ehhh…

    He wanted to keep the answers short and clear about everything. He has a great sence of humour too, so this interview is to be taken lightly. I had so much fun doing this, and I’m very happy to have met him and I made myself a new friend. He is easy going and not full of himself or stuck up and I think you can clearly see that. After all the negative comments left the first Modblog entry, I’m just happy he accepted to do an interview.

    Read it, but don’t think it’s a “deeper meaning” type of interview. He is very normal like most of us, he is articulate and he is very nice. I won’t comment on here anymore as I see some people just might not get it. Anyways, I asked the questions, he answered them. Not everything in the world has to be always serious. If you don’t appriciate the interview, don’t read it, don’t click on it. That’s all, no one forced you to read it.

    I can understand in a way how the interview can be “sulting” to himself, but the tone of the itnerview is not made to be taken too seriously, and he is being honnest, it’s his words, the interview has not been adited in ANYWAY, I just read it, and everything has been left intact (except the layout and presentation).

    PS. What he meant about “regretting” his tattoos are the small ones which aren’t part of the body suit, and that now they kind of all blend in, he doesn’t notice them anymore…

    Thank you Shannon for giving me the opportunity to share this interview, and great “layout” editing! Thanks!

  76. That’s nice to hear. Still don’t understand why you’d want to present yourself the way he did in that article (if he actually is intelligent and a great guy) but at least it sounds like he was ‘hamming it up for the camera,’ so to speak.

  77. cuntcumber – Honestly, “Montreal punk” is the beginning and end of the answer! He’s got the best look, but you’ll find a ton of people with facial tattoos and a similar attitude.

  78. 100% What Shannon said, he has the attitude, which shows a LOT in the interview, and YES he is a great guy, which shows more or less because of THE attitude. You can have an attitude an be a great person with an awesome personality, just like he says.

    And thanks again Shannon! (Hope you’re alright after the small accident).

  79. Ohh… And yes, he didn’t present himself like most people do, he was himself from start to finish, this is why the interview might seem more or less “good”.

  80. Can’t say I think much (in either direction) to the responses he gave in the interview, but his tattoos are really cool and it was good to see more photos of them rather than just the one or two that have been on Modblog before. He seriously has the best tattoos ever! I love them.

  81. amazing work on his back
    seriously detailed i love it..

    interview wise..u can tell he isnt used to it

    “im fucked in the head!did i mention im fucked in the head?”
    any last words

    we get it mate…
    realy..we get it..
    nice tattoos!
    glad someone got a hold of him!
    nice to see more pics!

  82. And one last thing, *I’m on a rant now*… Why does every tattoo have to have a meaning, why does everyone have to have “enlightened mod experiences”, can’t you just do it for the sake of loving something or art?

    And I as said, not that he doesn’t “care”, he wanted to keep the interview mod related and not a personal add for himself. If he wouldn’t care, he would of done the interview.

    Maybe he made himself sound like a drug addicted retard, but what he was saying OUT of the interview, was way more smarter than most of what certain people posted on here.

    *Rant done…*

  83. I can’t express how excited I was when I saw this interview was posted, and I’m not going to lie, that excitement had turned to total by the time I had finished reading it.

    I don’t want to get into this whole big fight that appears to be brewing, and I understand that YES, he is punk, and YES he is sarcastic, and no, he doesn’t need a “Miami Ink” reason for his tattoos, or any reason at all besides the fact that he wanted them. Despite all this, did he REALLY need to basically tell us all to fuck ourselves and make himself completely fit every stereotype that people have of this community? Maybe other people outside of our relatively open minded BME world aren’t going to be as understanding about Montreal punk as people seem to expect everyone will be, and if they read this, they would just have something else to back up their hatred. I know that apparently he’s intelligent and whatnot, but just because he’s punk and doesn’t care about anyone, or anything, or himself, blablabla, does he really need to speak like a 13 year old myspace-crazed girl? I feel he could have gotten away with being a lot more bad-ass and punk, and a lot less idiotic.

  84. Hay this was no shock to me at all. From what I picket up on him online (and the clothing he was wearing) he came off as a punk. Anyone know anything about Squatter punk culture? Face tattoos are pretty common as a slap in the face of society.

    I myself am 23, and tattooed my face when I was 22. No real meaningfully story behind the tattoos other than I wanted to ink my face for as long as I can remember, and want a full body suit. I don’t need a long drawn out spiritual meaning to all my mods. I just got to like how they look, and they need to make me happy. Hell I even got the face ink when I did NOT have a job. I wound up going back to school and getting a job after I started inking my face. In the interim I was not on welfare or anything like that (I was living off savings)

    As for work aspect, I know the implications of the ink I have, as I am sure he knows too. I wont let that stop me from working though. From this guys attitude he seams like he does actually work. Allot of punks are squatters or welfare people, but he does not seam quite like that. He may not be making a huge contribution to the social-economic position of society, but he pays his way, and has fun. I bet he is less stressed out over money and life and having the latest this, or best that then either you or I.

    He seams like a chill guy, would like to meet him face to face one day.

  85. ironic that a community that strives for acceptance doesn’t accept someone who gets things done for different reasons. people can take themselves too seriously on here.

  86. i must say, i dont normally like facial tattoos, but im deffinatly finding his AMAZING, and in a way hes pretty beautiful.

    loveeee itttt!!!<3

  87. Seriously, how the FUCK does our scene end up judging people for modifying their bodies? Isn’t the whole point that we accept alternative lifestyles and life choices?

    I admire this guy’s intense dedication to his art and as far as streetpunks go, he sounds like a good cunt. When he said he regretted some tattoos, did you guys slinging shit really think he meant he didn’t like his skullface?

    And for those people wanting a big esoteric meaning, what would you say if he described his tattoos as challenging people with their own mortality. Maybe it is, but with the intense visual nature of his facial tattooing, it was pretty obvious before the interview there wasn’t going to be much more to it.

    Thank you E-Vomit for bringing us this interview, and thank you Shannon for posting it.

  88. The most anticlimactic interview ever. Way to carry the “I don’t give a shit” attitude with enthusiasm only rivaled by a retarded kid spotting a bunny.

    @ ZOMBIE – keep livin’ the dream

  89. all i have to say is: i officially <3 this kid! come to newark so we can chill 😀

  90. i thnk people are trying to go to deep into the interview searching for truths that dont exist, or what they want to be the truth, hes punk he lives live fast and hard, does what he wants no questions asked, so he might not be as “interesting” as they wanted him to be, but he is who he is and he dont give 2 shits since he probably wasnt trying to get too much attention in the first place, maybe he thought i we bored him we would leave him alone? great interview, love his attitude

  91. I heart him and his attitude. He’s punk as fuck and has a great sense of humor. His attitude is punk rock – duh. I love that he has this interwebz fame and y’all wanted him to say something deep and meaningful about his tattoos and this is what ou got.

  92. I bet I am more disappointed (but not so surprised) in many of your attitudes than you are in his. The collective elitism that runs rampant here sometimes is sickening.

  93. By the way, did anyone consider that maybe one reason heavily tattooed/modded people are stereotyped this way, is that this subculture is what helped draw so much mainstream attention to mods in the first place? I mean, if that makes sense… Badly worded. OH WELL. GUESS I’M HUMAN.

  94. I’m going to get hated on for saying this, but:
    He sounds just like I expected — just some irresponsible, dumb kid living a life consumed with pot, beer, and dicking around. I’m not judging him for this, just merely stating the facts. He may be happy (and I sincerely hope he is), but he’s not anyone I’d deem worth meeting. And he’s certainly not anyone I’d ever consider looking up to.

  95. maybe i (and probably some other people)don’t like his attitude because i am jealous. i just wish i could stop caring about everything. however, i have emotions and sometimes i suffer. i see people around me who are hurt and i can’t help but care.

  96. don’t feel like reading all 127 comments, but i read maybe a quarter. anyway. i think the interview really showed his personality, and i think that personality fit his tattoos. he’s really blunt and honest, and that’s cool. and i think it’s cool that he doesn’t seem to care that much about his tattoos. because he just doesn’t seem to care that much about life.
    why make it so serious… it’s just one person’s life, on a tiny planet.

    love it.

  97. I don’t think anyone is particularly criticising his tattoos (here at least), but ultimately there has to be some reason for an interview: the interviewee really has to have *something* to say, or else why bother?

  98. Love the artwork, not so much the attitude. If he’s the same way in everyday life I’m kind of embarrassed to be sharing a part of this community with idiots like that.

  99. I enjoyed this interview, it was humorous and so sarcastic, I’m surprised that a lot of people did not pick up on it. At least he was completly honest, there is not enough complete honesty in this world

  100. This guy reminds me of a few old friends I used to have. The interview makes me miss them. I think his attitude is great!! Going back to what the interviewer said I think one needs to have that attitude.

    I find it interesting that people would judge his intelligence based on this interview. But again I think and I have said this multiple times on posts on modblog.. that I find it very disturbing that as a society we sit and argue and debate about what personal freedoms a person should have.

    The body modification culture is so different from what it was… now I think the typical people commenting are bourgeoisie yuppies with 3 tattoos and 1.5″ lobes that think because of their “mods” it gives them a justification to judge people. Note the difference in comments between some of the people on here and RPVitiello’s. Interesting difference eh?

    I would like to read the thoughts of more heavily tattooed people and see how they differ.

    Really….society is so fascinating….

  101. Hahaha that was rad. I’ve been involved in the punk thing for years and I totally get and appreciate his attitude and he’s living how he wants to live and it fucking SHOWS, so good for him. cheers!

  102. I can’t belive no ones made a Punk’s not dead (just undead) joke yet.

    His look is absolutely brilliant, though I’ll admit a feeling of disappointment towards his answers. Whatever. 🙂

  103. I thought the interview was relatively interesting. I would have loved to see pictures of his transformation if he had any.

  104. What the fuck did you guys expect? He’s a down to earth, no bullshit kind of guy. When I met him he was incredibly shy, letting most of his friends speak for him. The only thing that got him excited is when we started talking about putting some Microdermals around his head.

    One on One with Veronika he seemed to have been much more open, which is a good thing…but honestly…

    Did you guys expect him to be a school teacher? Look at most of the heavily tattooed and modded folks around you…what jobs do they have?: Sideshow Freak, Musicians, Tattoo artists, body piercers, Editors/founders of Body Modification websites…

    There’s one Rocket Scientist that was posted on Modblog whom had stretched ears, was he the only one? Probably…because smart people don’t get their face tattooed into freaking skulls when they’re trying to get a professional job.

    When Veronika sent me the Interview last night I browsed through it and I laughed…I took it with a grain of salt, he had no pretensions…I knew this was him, he could of let Veronika write answers for him, he could of taken time to answer each question and putting as much thinking as possible behind it, but it would of been fake.

    Be happy he was willing to do the interview in the first place considering how much negative feed back the first pictures of him got!!

    PS: I just want to point out and throw flowers at Veronika, English is her third language and I think she’s done an amazing job responding to you guys.

  105. Es un pobre y triste gueon pero hay que reconocer que sus tatuajes en conjunto están muy pero muy buenos.

    ademas hay que tener los pantalones bien puestos para lograr lo que el ha logrado.

  106. I think people were expecting… something. Something more than “Wooo! Props to my homeboys!! I like to drink beer!!”

  107. I think its all great but man whats up with all those comments people left? … their so far up their own asses … no sense of humor at all … they are jealous of his art so they are ripping him on not talking proper and for his personal opinions … just shows all they care about is how they’ll make money someday and what others think about them … just self appointed judges judging what their too afraid to do themselves … I mean have an opinion fine … but how can you say in one breath I love the whole idea BUT hes dumb cause he doesn’t represent a certain ideal mod person and has a bad attitude?… IT WAS HIS FUCKING IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE TO DO IT but it is all for not cause of something he said? … its art its not a competition, its not politics let the man say whatever the fuck he wants … its fucking amazing and brave also no matter what your personal thoughts are on the art, people that can’t handle it are part of the problem and not the solution … I respect people more that don’t take themselves so seriously … great interview, in fact I like it more cause it isn’t another interview where the person is being painted as a starving, sad story just wants to be loved, misunderstood person, only cares about his next world changing inspiring tattoo … now I am ranting so yeah it is what it is it shows his personality what his plans for the future are, what he does… an like zombie already said fuck you assholes

  108. Thank you Kenevin, you said exactly what I meant. And yes english is my thrid language so thanks for not pointing out all my mistakes 😛

    And RPVitiello, EXACTLY my point also. Lots of you guys got sticks up your asses, loosen up, enjoy life, be HAPPY. Why is it so damn hard to appriciate somethng without always finding something negative to say.

    A lot of the interviews on BME have had their answers edited (I think, not sure about this one), but he didn’t want to, he did NOT let me type ANYTHING! I didn;t ask him to write a novel, I asked him to answer questions, in his own words, write what he wanted to say, express himself how he want it, and that’s what he did, you don’t like it? You can go F… plant flowers in your backyard.

  109. You know, I don’t care that he doesn’t have a story behind his work [cause, who really gives a fuck about story? art is art people] I’m just so bummed he “regrets” his work. Considering how intricate and astounding the art is, it’s a real shame he regrets it.

    And Bob, exactly. There has to be some sort of substance, otherwise there’s no real point.

  110. The whole interview came across as goofy and fun… slightly tongue in cheek, it did a good job of capturing a certain flavor. If I ever met this guy in person I think his tattoos would freak me out a bit I like scary and it’s definitly scary.

  111. Although his tattoo work is amazing, and I’m 100% FOR getting tattoos just because they look nice, he sounds like an immature piece of shit.
    I guess there’s no surprises. He’s just like any other 22 year old fuck up. I don’t expect every heavily modded person to be some kind of genius or anything, but he didn’t seem worth the interview.
    I also think it’s a little sad to see so many people excuse stupid ass people like this as a totally cool down-to-earth guy just because of his mods. If this were an interview with anyone else would any of you have liked him as much?

  112. ha that was great, and that skull piece is bloody amazing, a lot of attempts to work in real anatomy into a tattoo and vice versa come out like shit but his are GOLD!

    oh and I know he was probably kidding but I would totally watch him in porn 😉

  113. He’s really, really attractive. But I really wish the answers had been, well… deeper.

  114. it’s really intereting the way that a person’s reasons (or lack thereof) for acquiring a mod changes the way we think about them/the mod.

    just a thought.

  115. i remember when i got my head tattoo started a few years ago now i didnt put shit loadsa thought behind it,it went something like “im gonna get my head tattooed” an 2 weeks later i had a tattooed head and tragus,most of my tattoos have been that way including my throat,neck,hands,palms etc etcive actually been interviewed before and it mustve been the most boring fuckin interview to read in the history of the things,whatever happened to people doin things just cos they want to?and for the record most of my friends are punx who live in squats,dont work,and like myself wouldnt let something as trivial as a job in stand in the way of what they wanna do,i hope that didnt sound patronising cos its not meant too,i also thought it was refreshing to read an interview with someone that didnt sound theydv watched a season of miami ink!!

  116. I was pumped for the interview.
    Just like I’d be pumped for the interview with the guy with the stretched cheek piercings.

    After I read this interview I thought “Oh… well that was that.”
    As it turns out, Zombie’s just a regular dude with a lot of tattoos.
    I have a lot of VERY visibly and uniquely modified friends and when people ask me about them hoping for some profound explanation or personality – they’re just NOT! They’re just cool people.
    This dude’s obviously someone’s son, someone’s best mate, a good guy to hang out with for a drink… What more did you hope for?
    He’s not the coming Christ! He’s a dude with amazing tattoos.
    I’d definitely like to second (and some) an interview with his tattooer.
    I think more impressive than his “look” is the quality of it. It’s nice to see someone with socially crippling body modifications of a seemingly above-grade calibre.
    That’s a WELL DONE tattoo piece. (his face and back and chest)
    Under it, he’s apparently just a regular guy. *shrug*
    If anyone got to an “All about me – no holds barred, professionalism and expectations aside” interview they would all sing to the same tune as this one.

  117. i just want to give a big hand to the tattooists.. especially frank from derm fx… *claps hands*.. great work…

  118. Okay, so he doesn’t have to be super intelligent, deep, or philosophical. I’ll believe that he is a smart (or average) guy and was just messing with us, and now we’re left with even more maddening questions…Clever. But couldn’t he have made himself come off as normal or boring instead of forever 13 years old? I do wonder how he can afford so much talented work.
    If he really is that stupid, thank god he was smart enough to pick good artists. He’s still beautiful, and I guess we’ll just have to stick with pictures instead of him opening his mouth.
    I wish him lots of luck and hope he gets his eyes filled in like he wants.

  119. That one picture of him smiling looks funny, it distorts the tattoo on his face. I always wondered what he’d look like with different facial expressions. It’s not funny in a “haha you look stupid’ way, but more like the fact that even stoic (at least in prior pictures) ‘skullboy’ can look not-so-serious.

    I’m glad I got to see more of his work, updates on his suit would be great.

    As for his devil-may-care attitude, I don’t know why everyone is shunning it. Just because you have a whole body transformation happening it doesn’t mean you’re zen and with nature, energy alligning with the earth and all that bullshit. You already decided what you wanted him to be and when he didn’t fulfil it you judge him for it.

  120. Aside from the fact that I’d probably hate someone with that attitude regardless of his mods, it was a pretty bad interview. In a sense, worth it because of the value of showing both sides of the coin (ie. deep vs. don’t give a shit tattooed people). But I just don’t think that’s enough to balance out how bland and boring it really was… idk. Less sensationalism and more journalistic integrity, I would say. But then I am one of these types that cares about stuff 😉

    ‘If you don’t appriciate the interview, don’t read it, don’t click on it.’
    Unfortunately, you have to click on it and read it to decipher if you like it or not. haha oh dear. there’s so much, but I won’t.

  121. It is amusing how much stock people can put in the intentions and personal motivation behind modification. The much more interesting thing about this interview for me is, how he has come to regard these tattoos as a more or less casual thing to do, rather than a life-changing decision. It’s almost like he ‘opted out’ without fully realising it. Very interesting! And what’s more, he continues to ‘opt out’ of the BME community by not giving a serious interview and not having an internet connection.

    Quite a noble thing to do, actually. How many of us could resist being a celebrity? Very punk, if you ask me, to have it all in front of you and say “no thanks”, and continue to live a life with close friends and family.

    And thanks for the interview and the added info, Veronika. Well done.

  122. What an amazing interview. Definitely an interesting read, love the end photo where he is smiling.

  123. I think some of his humor was lost on some of the readers. Oh well, the tattoos are still amazing too look at, even if you didn’t like him.

  124. I think he’s super cute, and I like the attitude. why should every tattoo have a super meaningful concept? because he likes horror-movies…I think that’s reason enough. and I know several people with tattoos that they don’t like anymore, either because of poor quality or because of the motif. but obviously there are much more important things in life for them than worring about some stupid shit they got at the age of 16.

  125. “you are so happy because of his physical-mental illness. congratulations”

    what are you talking about?get a grip

  126. I love his tattoos,I do think it reads like he hasnt put much thought into anything but I think he intends us to read it like that if you know what I mean. He reads to me like a typical 22 year old tbh, he has gone much further into his journey than most 22 year olds but I have a feeling from his interview that he wont regret it (dont know why I get this feeling I just do).
    I dont think he just woke up one morning and thought ok today I get my face tattooed, though Im sure thats the impression he is pretending to give. One thing that made me really happy is he seems to have his family behind him which is great.
    I actually enjoyed this interview more than some of the ‘deeper’ ones it seemed much more real.

  127. I wish he had more to say… but no surprises there really…


  128. Well I find it funny that most people find the interview a letdown…… Kinda like meeting god (any god you want) and finding out hes a retard or just the same as everyone else.
    People with alot of mods or full body tattooing are the same as everyone else , its funny how some people look up to them as being something there not.

  129. Ok, that wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve read… some cool pictures though. The backpiece looks very well done.

    I remember seeing pictures of his facial work a while ago and it’s cool to see the rest of the body stuff, but I don’t understand why he didn’t start out with the body first THEN move to the face at some point. He’s still very young and that’s one very extreme facial tattoo!

    It’s all very well him joking about work, but the reality is…. who will employ him?

  130. I skipped a vast amount of comments so forgive me if I reiterate.

    I can understand regretting your tattoos – when you get little ones in the beginning that don’t fit in with how your “body suit” is going. *sigh* It’s a tragic side effect of being young once.

    I think he’s through and through punk. And, he’s yummy – in a crazy sex sorta way.
    It was nice to see some bigger pictures of his work too! Yea for interviews.

  131. what these comments mnake me think is that theres a whole bunch of subcultures within this subculture. there are some ppl who think are holier than thou based on the fact they choose to pick everything apart and use big words, cos they are eloquent and probably sit at some desk for a job all day.

    you guys CANNOT expect and havent the right to expect everyone who is modded/tattood to represent the whole community with their brilliant minds and perfectly crafted arguments. not everyone wants to think of the ‘right’ answers for stupid questions like ‘did that hurt’ ‘why did you do that to yourself’ or ‘whats your momma/boss gonna say when they see you’

    i have fuck all obligation to side with any of those twats who want to put people on the street right, to prove we are just ‘normal’ people making a chose about the way we look.
    i dont wnat to explain to them or to you. just leave guys like zombie alone.

    im just gobsmacked that there are people in this community dissapointed that zombie was just some dumb kid who had nothing to say. like the interviewer said, he chose to not divulge anything about his personal life and so he should. he owes us nothing.
    the internet has turned into a culture where everyone opens up and shares lifestories, and if you dont want to then that should be fine, but there will always be folk who wont like that. theyll argue back saying you are not fighting their battle with them.

    shannon chose to publish this interview cos of who he is more so that for what its inside, or thats what i suspect anyway.

    and if anything bmezine what a site to showcase all modded/tattooed people, not just modded intellectuals who think everything must be done for a profound reason. and even then its doesnt even begin to represent a fraction of the type of people who chose to chnage their appearance permanently.

  132. at last some sense,and would you believe that there are people that are heavily modified that arent interested in internet fame??!!

  133. I found that interview quite disappointing. Yes, everyone is different and will get different work done on them for different reasons, but it didn’t feel like Zombie had a reason for altering his appearance like this beyond a commitment to boredom and pushing the envelope. And then he says he regrets all his tattoos, which I just find incredibly sad.

    From what I’ve read in interviews from people who have extensive work done, it’s part of some sort of journey for them, however deep and meaningful that may be. I’ve seen the Skullboy photos around a lot recently and I was really intrigued when I saw an interview with him here. I thought that all the wondering I’d been doing would get answered and resolved, but now I just feel uneasy and disappointed. His motivations seem almost infantile. Eccentric, bohemian, challenging and anything like that I would expect and find intriguing, but this wasn’t what I anticipated finding.

    Still, it’s another dose of reality and a bubble burst, which needs to happen sometimes.

  134. It was a interesting interwiew. He did what he did and regret it, but so what? Its his body, his life and his choise so why bother him with it?

  135. what a refreshing interview!. so good to hear from someone not obsessed with ‘meaning’ and ‘enlightenment’, there are so few REAL Individuals left in this world…
    i just wish all of the ‘what-a-moron’ briggade could meet him face to face, as i’m sure he’d let ‘em get into their ‘self-respect-rah-rah-rah’ and just go “meh, whatever” and walk away smiling….

  136. I personally don’t think you need a reason for tattoos, alot of these mo fuckn tattoo shows like miami ink build up that you NEED a GREAT reason to get a tattoo, and it better be a good one like your boyfriend died, or you were sexually abused and need to break out of your shell or you shouldnt get a tattoo because you’ll automatically regret it.
    Having few tattoos myself, a lot of them were spontaneous tattoos which I still do not regret, I love them to pieces.
    This interview was good, what are you people expecting from a 22 year old guy? He’s down to earth and says it like it is, he gets his point across.

  137. I liked the interview a lot because does teach me a lot about the person and his motivations. I don’t know what a psychologist would say, but I think its wrong to see him as a dumbass. His tattoos are well thought out and purposely shocking and repelling. He may regret and dislike the individual tattoos, but he seems to like the overall effect. According to Veronika he is also a soft warm and friendly person, and he says that he has been growing up in hell. This all reminds me of several people I have met with very vivid/showy/flashy tattoos, who actually turn out to be very silent and introverted, having a low self opinion and too insecure to exploit their ambition. I’m not sure and maybe completely wrong, but perhaps he is hiding his uncertainty behind a mask of tattoos that make him look tough and unapproachable, perhaps its his way of self expression, perhaps he likes the certainty of having no options: no reasons to worry about career expectations from others. This also gives some kind of freedom, still being noticed and respected by like minded. The people I know who are this way are of type: Still waters have deep grounds. They deserve the respect that they so much like to have! Especially from our community.

    Although I like the freakishness and the artistic concept of the tattoo, thinking of why he has them and realizing how much it restricts the life of such a kind person also makes me feel sad.

  138. That’s just fucking sweet. Incredible.
    I’d never do my face that much, but still that “zombie cover” pic is just fucking raw.

    Great stuff.

  139. oh and also…he already said he doesn’t own a computer and for us assholes to get fucked….kinda funny how much we still have to say about a person who clearly doesn’t give a shit.

  140. KJ/etc – He doesnt’ say he regrets his tattoos. He says he regrets getting the small random ones at the start, but is now happy with it because they finally all flow together into a single concept.

  141. I’m just jealous he got decent looking tatts and a lot of coverage on presumably little income. I can’t even afford any time under the needle haha

  142. i think he is a work of art.his tattoos clearly reflect him and i think that is the most important thing about a tattoo.if it aint personal then why bother getting it.

  143. So sad that he doesn´t want some girls at his no-beer time… He´s still just too sexy, but i´ve just gave up the idea of thinking of him as ‘interesting’.

  144. perhaps this interview would have had more depth if the two hadn’t been communicating with text messages.

  145. Makes total sense that the guy is a nihilist. Glad to get that “regretting” bit clarified. I figured it was the ones that weren’t part of the suit concept, but didn’t know for sure.

    Thanks to Veronika for hunting this guy down and getting an interview. I’m glad to know more…

  146. To the interviewer – I do understand that you got to see a whole lot more to him than we know, but that’s just the point: we can only read what was published in the interview, not what went on behind the scenes.

    I have to admit to being a bit disappointed. Not because I expected him to live up to my expectations, but because I really thought that this interview was going to help dispel some myths around people who do these kinds of extreme mods (and you saying he is a lovely, intelligent guy kind of suggests that there was hope of that). Instead, it read like every middle class white parents’ worst nightmare, and when the readers voiced their opinion on exactly that, they get told off for being judgmental…?

  147. as another earthling engaged in a project of transformation, i salute you Zombie.

  148. Where did the money come from to DO all that work?? Thats Hrs. of detailed inking…must have cost a small fortune so far…

  149. Jimbo – I’d suggest that there’s not always a need to dispel a “myth” since it’s no myth. It’s a reality that some people get tattooed out of punk rock nihilism, and that’s just fine…

  150. “He doesnt’ say he regrets his tattoos. He says he regrets getting the small random ones at the start, but is now happy with it because they finally all flow together into a single concept.”

    That strikes me as a rather loose interpretation of what was written in the interview:

    BME: “Do you regret your tattoos at all?”

    ZOMBIE: “I regret most of my tattoos, but now that they kind of blend in together I don’t even notice them anymore.”

  151. I don’t think anyone was seriously expecting Zombie to give a heartfelt Miami-Ink speech about how much his tattoos meant to him. When you’re into the punk scene and you get a skull tattooed over your face it’s pretty much a given that you just liked it and did it.

    That said, the interview was incredibly dull (not because of Veronika, she asked the questions we all wanted to hear). Hearing in some kind of detail about how it actually changes his day-to-day life would have been ten times better than reading a bunch of drivel that might as well have been copy-pasted from some semi-literate kid’s MySpace. Yes, I know that he’s just playing around and being punk, but that doesn’t make it any more interesting to read. As for not “getting” punk, I definitely do, but people who are really into punk scenes are invariably the most boring goddamn people I’ve ever met. You can only take forced nihilism and canned edginess so far before it becomes dull and repetitive beyond belief.

    I’d still bang him though.

  152. Guys with “fuck you”atitude is all around.You had to have brain when you choose to be so different.Or have a family with a very good financial condition for not work all your life. Or have a brutal talent and work for yourself. Or choose a circus to work.
    I expect more from a guy with a body modification so impactant.
    Maybe he’s think that your tattooed brain help him to get more inteligent.
    And he regret for all your tattoos include the face.

  153. Bob – I understand that it’s possible to misinterpret what he said if you’re looking to read something negative. This is why Veronika has posted here as well clarifying what he was getting at.

  154. Could someone please post a link to any article describing the Montreal Punk scene? I’ve obviously googled it but not much came up…

  155. Well I like his tattoos and he has a great attitude…
    But(!!!) he gives a bad picture of the BM community…
    People read this and will think that we are all just fucked up
    white trash, living under the bridge type people and I don`t like that…
    I mean I don`t give a fuck but still it sucks…

  156. Something that consistently cracks me up is when people who have almost no visible mods — and certainly none that test social boundaries — worry that guys like Zombie are somehow going to reflect on them…. hahaha, trust me, NO ONE is going to get you mixed up or assume that you’re in the same category.

    Having a kitty cat tattoo on your hip is not going to make people think you’re going out boozing in a squat with Skullboy…!!!

    It’s almost as funny as people getting worried that the Wandalaput interview would make people assume that all people on BME love eating shit out of HIV+ diapers…

  157. What a suprise this interview!
    To my suprise it was almost the same what i was thinking of the boy. A punk, and doing what he like to do!!

  158. They won’t think that you’re boozing in a squat, no. But obviously people play into and reinforce stereotypes.

    Why bother with this article though, really? Isn’t it a given perception already that tattooed people don’t give a fuck? It really doesn’t add anything to the situation.

  159. Cobalt Chemistry – Realistically, would you prefer that I work hard to publish misleading interviews that lie about why people get tattoos? The reality is that, especially in punk culture, Zombie’s reasoning is quite normal. I don’t think we should be ashamed of that, even if we don’t share it.

    I really think that the public is smart enough these days to understand that lots of different types of people get tattoos. I believe we’d be doing ourselves a disservice by responding to insecurities about how they’ll see us by creating dishonest propaganda.

  160. Well, if nothing else this interview explodes the myth that tattoos make people interesting.

  161. @Shannon (#208) – Fair enough. But I still think it’s inappropriate for the interviewer to lecture readers on forming opinions based on the presented material. We can’t possibly know the intellectual debates they had that didn’t get published, so all we have to go by is the message he sends in the actual interview – which was, when it comes down to it – a mixture “Fuck you all” and “I don’t give a fuck”. This may be exactly the message he wanted to send, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have an opinion on it?

  162. he might in fact be a nice guy, but i agree with many of you. he came off as ignorant and self absorbed, and self hating? the whole interview was done great from BME’s point, but his answers were all really childish. i was hoping he might of had alot more input on things, especially his daily life. i feel like i missed out almost =[

  163. 218?
    What’s so bad about bein fucked up white trash kinda people?
    If that’s what we are, then fuck, that’s my favorite kind of people! the world would be so boring if we didn’t have them.
    I absolutely love the anatomy work on him.
    . . . I’m suprised he has no zombie bites tattooed on him.
    That’s the first thing I thought of when i thought of zombie tattoos.

  164. No gods no masters!

    I admit, I was expecting a little more reasoning from him as well but at the end of the day, the dude is a punk amd obviously lives that lifestyle full throttle, if he’s happy then I’m happy. I think that an interview with Fishmouth (I hope that’s right!) or the Russian guy with the ton of facial tattoos featured here a couple of weeks ago would be exactly the same, I doubt there’s profound reasoning behind them but that doesn’t make them any less relevant or worthy of attention.

  165. I was really happy to see this interview up=). It’s deffinatly nice to see some more photos. Great work Veronika!! I’d love to see it all in realy life though.

  166. I’m not going to bleat on like 99 percent of the spacktards on here but if the responses to this are anything to go by, only one thing is certain…

    He must be rolling in pussy.


  167. I love this stupido. He’s gorgeous!
    Like people whitch give a shit about other folks and do their thing.
    Greez 4 that.

  168. Well…I had respect for him before, but now I just think he’s a complete dick.
    Still love the mods though.

  169. @Shannon I have my whole lower arm tattooed and I`m getting more tattoos…
    I`ll actually get in fact 2 whole sleeves and some work
    done as well on my legs and upper body…
    So please…

  170. David – I’m not saying that what you’ve done isn’t cool, and I’m sure you have reasons you consider more profound than Zombie’s for your sun and moon tattoos and so on. However, my point is that you shouldn’t kid yourself into thinking that people will believe that Zombie speaks for you and get all in a huff about it… There’s no way that the general public will put the two of you in the same category.

  171. A lot of your comments read that you are disappointed in why he chose to get his work done. It’s like some you have these right and wrong reasons for getting mods. So, what are you standards for the “correct” reasons for getting mods?

  172. Again, I really don’t see that in any of the comments here. It seems to me that people are just disappointed by the total lack of meaningful content in the interview itself. Sarcasm and a “punk” attitude are all well and good, but do not an interesting interview make. When someone chooses to turn their face and head into a skull, people are interested to know things like their motivation (he didn’t have one), how it impacts their life (he doesn’t care), and how people react to them (he doesn’t pay attention). That may be his way of seeing things, and bully for him, but it makes for a very boring interview.

  173. Bob – I agree that personally I prefer to read the more intellectual interviews, because that’s where my interest lies. However, I don’t believe that we should discount the validity of people who choose to present themselves and their identities in a less academic sense. In some ways, the lack of answers is what’s interesting and puts the whole thing into context.

  174. it depends on your perspective to be honest,i personally related a lot more to the zombie interview than an interview about personal journeys etc etc an thats not takin anything away from people that get modded for those reasons its just for me those reasons are not there,good on you zombie either way.

  175. He’s the punkest person on Earth I think… “I don’t give a shit-and-I-fuck-you”, I’m happy we have such persons, even if his attitude is really stupid !

  176. @ david

    im sorry but a half sleeve a freaky punk does not make.

    arm tattoos if anything are the most commonly found. people on the street will stare at zombie and they MIGHT glance at you, but they wont think your the same kind of person. there are lines and people can see who has crossed it and who has not.

  177. Shannon, to imply I’d like interviews in which people lie is going a bit far. My point is simply that we are all already aware that this attitude exists within the body modification community, because it exists anywhere.

    The fact that it’s a reality doesn’t mean that it has to be reiterated to people who have heard it already.

  178. i am sure it has been asked a million times- but are you and your wee one alright? she must have been scared!!!!

  179. Cobalt – Sorry, I was unaware that I had already posted too many interviews with people who are fully tattooed with such striking concept tattoos (or that Zombie has been interviewed too much already in other media)! 😛

    Surely you’re not saying that if a person with remarkable mods doesn’t say what you politically want him to, that we should not post his interview? I would disagree with the idea that BME (or any magazine) should only feature interviews where the subject agrees with the politics of the readers.

  180. ffs dramarama. they’re obviously gorgeous tattoo’s and it’s an interesting concept,but I am ashamed of some of the comments. I don’t know what people here expect; for him to spill his whole life’s secrets out over the course of a 10 minute interview for all to mull over and pick fault with? People don’t work like that. He needn’t be revered or reviled, he’s just like everyone else and deserves to be treated with respect. I can’t imagine anyone saying half the stuff that’s up there if they met him irl.

  181. The mods are crazy and i’m just so surprised to see he lives 1/2 an hour from my hometown. I admire the fact he chose to have a full body tattoo, even with the chances he now has to fin a job. Nevertheless, i was really disappointed too, cause he’s the kind of person who makes the general population think body mods are for dumb asses who don’t think about the consequences of such modifications. I think that kind of procedure has to be taken seriously with a lot of consideration.

  182. You know I find it a little sad the amount of judgment being passed here on BME. Honestly it seems a little hypocritical and immature. BME is a community founded on people who come from different places, think different things, and most commonly look different. Outside of here people may point and gawk at us for looking different, but here? I can’t believe some of the comments I saw on here. Quite honestly, unless you can stand in Zombies shoes, or anyone’s as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t be judging them. Now for my two cents on the interview, thought it was awesome, horror flicks are why I decided to become a film major. And, damn, those tattoos are seriously intense, beautiful.

  183. Geez Shannon, just because someone thinks it’s a disappointingly boring interview doesn’t mean that they’re implying that BME shouldn’t publish it.

  184. Shannon — You, I would think more than most, should know that the majority of people are not ‘cool’ with tattoos. Just because someone doesn’t have visible tattoos doesn’t mean that they won’t ever be assumed by others to be the same type of person as people like Zombie.

    Many believe that tattoos are a slippery slope — my father, for example — and that when you get one tattoo you’ve begun your descent into looking like Zombie, or at least ending up with your arms, hands, neck and skull tattooed. Furthermore, a large number of people still associate tattoos with the ‘outlaw’ or ‘criminal’ lifestyle and judge people with tattoos accordingly.

    (plus there’s the whole concept of mods being visible when swimming, or playing sports, etc. which means that usually-not-visible mods often become visible (but that seems an unnecessarily obvious point to have had to make)

    Basically, to say that just because someone doesn’t have visible mods means that the general public will never associate them with people like Zombie is wrong. I see where you’re coming from, but it is simply not true. It happens all the time. Though admittedly, and fortunately, less and less.

  185. ..come on..posts super moralist,,let him live like he want..what u care for real?

    he looks awsome!! clap clap clap for that

    ..live mods in the way like u like!!

  186. What I find funny is that the russian guy who had tattoos everywhere ( http://modblog.bmezine.com/2008/02/28/no-future/ ) didn’t receive any bad comments and the guy didn’t seem to have a theme while Zombie at least has one and he gets criticized? Come on people…

    For the job thing, it’s all a matter of priority in life, I would love to have facial tattoos, but I still prefer working as a teacher, which I couldn’t do if I had facial tattoos so I will have wait until I retire to do that… This guy probably don’t want to work with the public and if he decided to go back to school or something he could probably get a desk job, it would be harder to get the job that’s for sure, but most of the time if you don’t work with the public directly it isn’t much of a problem (the Catman has a desk job as a programmer or something like this and his mods are quite intense!)

  187. Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of comments on Modblog saying things along the line of ‘this person is not a good representative of the modified community bla bla bla’ and this irritates me no end. Would you prefer if the only people interviewed or modblogged were vetted for their views and behaviour so only people who present what you feel to be an acceptable personality and lifestyle made it onto the site?
    This is ridiculous. BME is supposed to be a cross-section of ALL modified people.
    I find the idea of a modified all inclusive ‘community’ unlikely anyway. There are many groups of people with differing interests on BME and I personally don’t feel like I ought to automatically feel some kind of connection with somebody just because they have big lobes or a certain amount of tattoo coverage. If someone regularly suspends yet holds views I find abhorrent then I won’t find any reason to talk to or try to get along with them.
    For what it’s worth, I think Zombie looks great. I love the smiling photos.
    He’s just some guy with a lot of tattoos, just like I’m just some woman with a lot of tattoos, just like the rest of you. BME is a group of individuals, not some hive mind or Borg entity where we all have to agree with each other and abide by some code of behaviour.

  188. A huge fuckin’ laugh at all the people who care what others think about their mods because a punker with a skull on his face and a great sense of irony doesn’t spill his guts and tell his whole tale in a short interview haha. Some challengers of society’s norms you lot turned out to be! Mmm I love body mods on people but only when that person will share every personal reason for doing what he does in a completely serious manner! A big cheers to Zombie!

  189. I have quite a few visible tattoos now and while I get a LOT of stares when I wear a tank top to the mall, I have never had a negative reaction from the public, and in fact get a lot of positive feedback from all different kinds of people.

    I think in general we are seeing the public’s attitude towards tattoos relax and change, and while there are still people in the older generation who associate tattoos with crimminal activity or other negative connotations, this type of thought is growing further away from the norm.

    I don’t feel that someone like Zombie is casting any kind of bad light on people like me. And in fact, I don’t care. The truth is that the public needs to learn to suck it up. Lots of different people in life have tattoos, and there are all kinds of reasons behind them, including no reason.

    I don’t think the onus is on people like Zombie to bust stereotypes, or on BMEZine to post specific kinds of content, but rather on the public to open their minds further and learn to accept all walks of life. Screw the close minded, they are getting left behind.

    And holy shit does his back piece ever look awesome! His interview also really took me back to my punk days… I miss it!

  190. it’s funny how accepting people are now- i love it.
    so many girls think this guy is beautiful- he is.
    i’d be his girlfriend anyday- and have beer time with him.

  191. ‘Surely you’re not saying that if a person with remarkable mods doesn’t say what you politically want him to, that we should not post his interview?’

    Nope, I’m saying it’s not adding anything. Nevermind.

  192. Unlike a lot of people I don’t care that he comes across as an idiot. What does confuse me though is why, if he regrets most of his tattoos, does he continue getting more ink?

  193. Unlike a lot of people I don’t care that he comes across as an idiot. What does confuse me though is why, if he regrets most of his tattoos, does he continue getting more ink?

  194. i didn’t realize he was so young.
    with him regretting most of his tattoos i wonder how he will feel when he is a bit older.

  195. A little late to be commenting I think, but for those who are disappointed in “Zombie’s” attitude towards his tattoos, I would just like to point out that he has a skull tattoo on his face. That just screams “I don’t fucking care about anything!” Did you expect a man that looks like that to be some really deep thinker with a plan for the future?

  196. It would have been better if he was at least pleased with the effect that tattooing his bloody face has had!

    …and didn’t he have a mental breakdown a while back because he couldn’t remember what he looked like or something?

  197. wow! Comment Central! I think a lot of people were disappointed by the way he presented himself, but does it matter? it is his choice and who are we to judge? Tattoo is an aesthetic art form, so why not get ink simply because it looks good? i think we expected something else of him because he is so heavily modified and here on BME people with mods such as his generally do have a deeper meaning behind them, but again, it is just a matter of personal motivation. the art is amazing and really suits him, the interview was excellent and he said what he felt and why. could we really ask for more than that?

  198. I’m so glad that Fishmaul/ZygZag doesn’t like to be photographed or interviewed. People would probably bitch about him too (because he’s a squatter) or because he didn’t conform to some preconceived ideas that people have about him and his reasons to heavily modify himself.

  199. BEST POST ON modblog EVA!

    219?)Something that consistently cracks me up is when people who have almost no visible mods — and certainly none that test social boundaries — worry that guys like Zombie are somehow going to reflect on them…. hahaha, trust me, NO ONE is going to get you mixed up or assume that you’re in the same category.
    Having a kitty cat tattoo on your hip is not going to make people think you’re going out boozing in a squat with Skullboy…!!!
    It’s almost as funny as people getting worried that the Wandalaput interview would make people assume that all people on BME love eating shit out of HIV+ diapers…
    Shannon on March 19th, 2008 at 10:21 am

  200. His tattoos do look great, just hope he has good hands..seeing he’s got a life of poster hanging to look forward to…

  201. Hah, I liked it, actually. I’ve always been curious about him…

    Oh, and I hope you and your daughter are all right, Shannon! Car accidents = the suck.

  202. I love him- he has nothing to prove to him self- or anyone else– he is also young-i do not mean biologically- but come on- most of us are breed from the same freak nomad ooze that crawled from beneath when the world was anew- I would wager hard cold cash that every person on here has wandered down a city street eye’ing the *norms* and thinking “those bastards are judging me..” and allow them selves to spill out al sorts of anger and hostility- and I would as easily wager that any passerby are making a grocery list or wandering about the increase in transit fair.

    Most of us AIM to look different- sure any of us who are sacredly and symbolically adorning our holy temples and journey through the transcendental fields so often blocked to our psyche..

    but truth has it… all those norms judging you—in actually fact you are judging them.. and that is simply unkind.

    I wouldn’t wear a day-glo silk blouse with plastic flowers up it- but it if makes the one who wears it happy- that brightens my day!

    fuck stop worrying about who is judging who and ~*breath.. and maybe take a good hard look at what your mods mean to you on a personal level.

    EGO- my facial tattoos are no more insignificant than the tutu my daughter wears weeks (months) at end- simply because it makes her feel good and she doesn’t give two flying fucks what anyone else thinks..
    (i just spent a few year
    choosing my *tutu*s before permanently adding them to my *look*- or rather.. adding them until the look is complete- ha

    he get it yer a bad ass.. the swearing and such probably doesn’t rive the point home nay further… and like most us freaks I am sure you love your grandma and and have comfort toys and are as loveable as anyone else- thank you for sharing Zombie!

  203. Oh fucking hell…

    To anyone worried that this will reflect badly on them, I refer to a quote from the “Droid Master” interview: “I impress them with what I do, not how I look”. If you can’t set yourself apart from some FTW gutter punk, then that speaks far more about you than it does about Zombie.

  204. Oh, and by the way, I’ll take an honest-to-goodness “fuck the world” over an obvious scene whore running down a checklist of modifications under the guise of “I’ve always wanted them!” and “I’m on a path to deep spiritual wisdom!”

    There, did I manage to offend both sides?

  205. Okay, people don’t read, and they really don’t get it, read up the posts I’ve made in this forum…

    And he DOESN’T regret his tattoos, the tattoos he regrets are the “small” ones that aren’t part of the body suit BUT that now they blend in together, he doesn’t notice them anymore…

    Read up people before getting all pissy and shit…

  206. fuck, thats pretty intense,
    i’d heard of him a long time ago.
    um, yeah, just wow.!

    wouldnt even think of anything so insane myself
    but i guess each to their own.

    i admire his commitment
    but it doesnt seem like he has high hopes in life.

  207. He says he doesn’t own a computer but you don’t have to own one to get online. I can’t shake the feeling that he’s read Modblog enough to have formed an opinion, and that he wants to be disliked by as many of its readers as possible.

    Though I could be wrong.

  208. I really enjoy the 200+ comments here, especially the ones essentially saying that if you thought this was a shallow, uninteresting Facebook status update of an interview, you’re obviously an intellectual snob.

    Because interviews here SHOULD be roughly on par with, say, listening to kids at a public transit terminal, or reading MySpace blogs, or watching a LiveJournal comment thread derail into rickrolling. That IS something I couldn’t get elsewhere. Thanks!

  209. I think this is a case where interviewing the legend has altered the status itself. I love the tattoos mostly(being a super horror freak myself)but the attitude is suprisingly common-and nothing special to Montreal either(much as I heart Montreal). Come spend a weekend in the Haight ashbury in SF and some of the ickier parts of the tenderloin. There are heavily tattooed gutterpunx aplenty-badly hand-inked faces and hands in total hands-up-fuck-the-world energy. but nihilism isn’t what punk is about to me-there are plenty of people just as nihilistic sitting on the couch at home endlessly pressing the remote control button to surf to the next channel. A bad attitude is hardly punk(and calling something punk always felt like being too lazy to come up with something more descriptive than “rebellious” anyway-its so limiting).

    Seems a rather short, not really very interesting story. his tattoos are interesting. He himself does not seem as interesting as an interview subject-not because he needed to traipse down some intellectual highway, but because-nice tattoos aside-he didn’t have that much to say. Minus the photos, it sounds like internet chat.

    Total side note: It did make me wonder if BME has ever thought about doing something akin to posting a boy or girl of the month+photo spread. You could do it by lottery-and let people who didn’t want to participate opt out-or just PG or whatever. There’s certainly enough of us now to do something like that and its probably a few lines of code to write a bot that would notify people. it would be democratic and show off ‘everyone’.

  210. I hope I’m not the only geek who wondered what Erica (#280) meant by ‘For The Win gutter punk’… :/


  211. Reminds me of the London punks in the late 70′s, early 80′s..so this interview leaves me more nostalgic for a time that has gone than anything else.

  212. it was definitely interesting. In a different way to a lot of the other interviews, but yeah, the whole FTW mentality obviously plays a big part in his ideals, and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s plenty of peopld that can live happy like that,

    live fast, die young and make a good looking corpse.

  213. Well I thought at least he’d be a die-hard Misfits-fan, but obviously not…

    I think that his claim that he doesn’t care does not fit the fact that he has hours of very detailed and well thought out work on him.

  214. Frank did the face too. Zombie had something done already (a few lines I think) because Frank didn’t wanna do it in the first place, then when he got them, he went back to see Frank to fix/cover them up.

  215. lol so funny, i bet people wanted to hear something like this:

    “Transforming my body into a work of art has been an amazing journey, many people see it symbolic of death but I see it as quite the contrary…life. To me being the way I am is an expression of freedom, that we should be able to express our inner desires and dreams on the outside without having to worry about the opinions of society and main-stream thinking…I am reaching out to all my brothers and sisters in the mod community yadda yadda…

    instead u got, ‘yeah just woke up and thought fuck it’

  216. I’d love to see this guy in ten years, and read another interview with him then.

    290: comment 280 wasn’t “for the win”, it was a far less geeky and much more old fashioned version of FTW, “Fuck the world”.

  217. That interview went pretty much exactly as I expected it would… Come on, think of any other “full concept” modified people out there… Lizardman, Kat, Enigma… They have their reasons for choosing their transformation. Just what kind of deep, meaningful explanation for changing into a zombie was anyone expecting? Maybe he had wonderful experiences with zombies as a young’un? Lol. It’s not a lot of mental math. He started with one zombie tattoo, dug it, and expanded it and pushed it as far as he could because he doesn’t care about the repercussions and thought it would look cool. That’s the gist of what I thought I’d read, and that’s how it went.

  218. I think “Skullboy” is a pretty cool guy,
    he has been changed into a zombie…and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  219. I read this interview once and thought he was an ass. Then I read it a second time and realized I was mostly judging him for his grammar and that I was being an asshole. Maybe he didn’t give a paragraph for each question and go off on tangents, but he gave perfectly sufficient answers. You know a little background, how many artists worked on him, how many hours, how it started, where he wants to go from there…

    Besides, horror movies *are* awesome. You don’t need more reason than that to become a zombie.


    oh man i laughed for like 10 minutes on that.

  221. If I were to get a facial tattoo, especially a horror-themed one, it would really affect my future and my job options. But for some people, it wouldn’t affect them at all, and it might even make them MORE employable. Zombie is obviously a hard-core punk: he wouldn’t be able to get a job at McDonalds anyway because of his clothing or attitude: nor would he want one. The venues that he would want to work in would probably want to hire him more because of his tattoos. There are many other people who are in their subculture and don’t want to step out of it. The thing that makes him different is he got some really excellent and well-concieved tattoos.

    Not everyone lives in the same world as you. Some people have very different options in life, both through outside forces and thier own choices. It seems like his tattoos havn’t really changed things for him all that much.

    This interview was excellent, because I think it made it clear who this person is and why he chose to do that. I’m sure he doesn’t care if you don’t like his reasons.

  222. So…I dont want all the “he can do what he wants, dont judge” bullshit.

    This kid is an idiot. Way to have no goals or ambitions. Im really irritated that he sounded like a total moron and couldnt put together one semi-intellectual sentence.

    I personally think his “I dont give a fuck” attitude is bullshit. Everyone cares about SOMETHING.

  223. True #307…everyone cares about something. And I’m sure Skullboy does. I just don’t think giving an interview is one of them.
    You can’t be 100% “I don’t give a fuck”, that’s for sure.

  224. I had a drink problem aswel once but then I got in to aa and got sober and stoped acting like a cunt with a masive ego .but what a cool mask to hide behind when you have a really low self esteam,

  225. now thats punk rock at its best.

    i seriously dont get how people take his answers so damn seriously. cant you all see he was just taking the piss? and props to him for not even owning a computer. i think he’s even more interesting to me now than from before i read his interview.

    i really wish i knew this man in person, he seems so cool and to have such a rightous attitude. and im sure he cares more about his tattoos than what you all think, he just didnt feel the interview to be such a huge deal as far as getting his life’s philosophy across.

  226. #307, #308 – EXACTLY. It’s cool to put on the “I don’t care about anything” ‘tude, but it’s fake. So, boring. Which is okay, I guess, but people are just calling it like it is.

    FWIW I do appreciate the art of the suit. It does flow together quite nicely.

    And add me to the list of people who would be interested in a 10 years on interview.

    As for the “which way to the circus?” bit, seriously I wonder if he will ever get into performance art.

  227. well I was not surprised at all from the interview.He certainly is employable as an idiot.Maybe he should get a tattoo of an I.Q on his head.Everyone on this site are proud tattooed people who have a reason and used a thought process before being marked where as this twit has no thought process at all.Sorry to be blunt but I am honest.

  228. yo bill #103- i heard that you fuck your little sister at night. why do you do that man? what does family think? why don’t you come over to my house and i’ll make love to you instead… i’m eager to see you in the streets… little clown bitch-ass; pull out my 9 and we’ll see who’s the real punk… fool.

  229. Oh my god please let #316 really be him… the irony is too delicious. Look out ModBlog, he has a computer! And he really does care – when it comes to allegations of fruitiness. If that’s really him, he just totally settled the debate.

  230. Everyone expected Shakespeare and they got a 22 year old kid with Zombie tattoos. I want to make out with him post haste.

  231. Can someone do a fake interview with someone who’s perhaps interesting and/or coherent and post it up here? Just for those of us that wanted something more than …. well….that.

  232. In most cases I tend to favor more subtle tattoos but I have to say the way all of his tattoos tie into each other really makes me love the way his body looks. Plus I have always been a fan of zombies.

    I pretty much laughed the entire time while reading the article he seems like a funny guy.

  233. Well i really hope that they mark the word Up and DOWN on the posters.When god was handing out brains he thought he said trains and asked for a slow one.Shit I know why the brains tattooed on his head now.But hey 10/10 on Veronica for getting as much out of him as she did.

  234. love # 297 answer, you totally got the idea 😉 I know Rick (Zombie) just enough to say he keeps his deep thoughts for himself and some people he wants to share them with, he’s just not gonna spill his guts for a bunch of strangers in an internet interview!
    …I must had that for those of you who didn’t notice his irony and were expecting a dramatic story ”a la miami ink” sorry for your disapointment, he’s just a fun guy to hang around, he’s not gonna depress you with his life story ’cause he is, actually a kind of positive guy who enjoys life just as it is

  235. #321 – Yeah, the tying together really is good. I appreciate it much more than I did after the first face-only photo. The greyscale is really nice.

  236. Most of the punks i’ve met behave like overgrown drunken children, so i don’t know why i was surprised when he came across that way. but it was kind of obvious to me that he had drawn some boundries in regards to the interview’s content. and if he’s spent that much time and effort on something, he obviously cares about it. so he chose to present himself in a certain way and we’re eating it up. i’d like to meet him someday, he seems like a complex guy, not like an idiot at all.

  237. UGH! This whole debate has just reaffirmed why I hate most people with tattoos and mods. Fucking wankers, get over yourselves. None of you cured cancer or built a spaceship so stop acting like your flavour of the year japanese quarter sleeve makes you some kind of god. Fuck I keep as much of my body covered for fear some modnazi wanker will try and talk to me about tattoos and bore me to death with their life journey through outward body change AAARRGGHHH HATE HATE HATE

  238. “I do understand that you got to see a whole lot more to him than we know, but that’s just the point: we can only read what was published in the interview, not what went on behind the scenes.”

    Exactly. The thing is, if there’s nothing interesting in the interview, it doesn’t matter how many scintillating conversations you had with him … the interview is boring and unrevealing. And what is the point of publishing a boring, unrevealing interview?

  239. I found this interview horrible… well, actually the questions were not too bad but “skullboy”‘s answers were awful. It’s as if he had zero interest in doing an interview at all, and he comes across as very dim witted.
    I too wish I hadn’t read it- his tattoos really are something extraordinary, but now that I know how shallow his is in real life it makes them somehow not nearly as nice.
    Not to say there always has to be a “journey” involved, but this person seemed to be extremely apathetic and insulting, while at the same time demeaning all of us who are intelligent and work to be seen as such in a world that is sometimes hostile to modified individuals.
    His response of “fuck you, assholes” to people with computers who are reading his interview was also particularly enlightening…

    Overall: awful.

  240. live and let live – zombie has caused no harm to anyone here so try not to cause harm to him – he seems like someone just doing what he likes to do – right, wrong, proud, regret, etc, etc – that is life and we all belong to it – lower expectations.

    why do we put people up as hero’s and then get down hearted and angry when they don’t live up to our expectations?

    it just goes to show in a subculture that is ‘supposed’ to be excepting of difference that we have women’s weekly, new idea, etc lovers who have ‘those’ opinions..

    opinions only serve to make arseholes of us all and useless unless they are well constructed and back up with factual evidence – beat down on another.

    again live and let live.. fark i bet 99% of the folk who posted here are farked up in someway or another!

    i am..

    bme is too..

    life is beautiful..

    you don’t have to partake.. unless you have tried you’ll never now – walk a mile in my shoes as the saying goes.


  241. The number 1 reason people get tattooed TO LOOK TUFF, the number 2 reason TO GET LAID. I think alot of people in the bodymod community lie to themselves about the real motivations for those first few tattoos they got and try to make everything they do seem so much more important than it is.

    I have a personal number 3 SO PEOPLE LEAVE ME ALONE. Why does everyone who has tattoos and mods have to want to be part of some artifical community? Alot of people do this stuff to opt out, and that means they don’t want to hang out with people who they have nothing in common with except tattoos or mods. I certainly don’t want to hang out with a bunch of wankers who think they are cutting edge and interesting cause they have altered their apperance. Why do you all care so much what society as a whole thinks of you?? Why is it so important that some lady on the bus thinks your smart? Seems like theres alot status anxiety around here to me.

  242. reason number 4 they just fucking like it
    but i do agree with alot of your points maddy
    who gives a fuck what people think & why should we try to change peoples opinions

  243. Oh dear..
    i was really dissapointed with that.
    to be honest he sounded like a school child.

  244. Great interview! Some questions could have been answered more thoroughly, but the all the pictures were awesome. I’d like to be in a band with him. He could definitely make a living off music.

  245. Huh. First, let me say: I LOVE HIS MODS.

    Second: I hate his attitude. I know that you should be free to feel like you want, but…

    Anyway, awesome mods.

  246. oh my!
    When did a 9 become punk!?

    There are a lot of thugs out there who just turned punk.

    So, zombie_mtl #316, just how would you make love to me?

    I’m waiting and eager,

  247. @bill- You should of seen that one coming after what you wrote. Seriously, C’mon people, what’s wrong with all of you? And bill, when you post something like you did, don’t get pissy after a negative response, what you said first was immature, seriously (after going on how the interview “sucked”) you write about cock sucking… Please, what the hell is that? He’s not an insult to body-modification, if someone is in all that, it’s you, not only you sunk to his “level” (which of course you think is inferior to you) you managed to go even lower than him with that comment.

    Ohhh and if people still read this thing PLEASE for God Sakes, my E-Mail adress on the bottom of the interview is to contact me personally or Zombie for business (interviews, photoshoots and so on…), not hate or fan mail. I don’t mind positive comments being E-Mailed (I don’t care about he bad one too, just most of the people don’t speak english or french or polish, so the rest I don’t understand)but I don’t like being added to random lists, I didn’t do that interview to make new friends. I had 9-10 adds, and most of the people said “good interview” and waited until I would of start the conversation. I apprciate it, but please, you have something to post, post it on here. Thank you. (PS I didn’t get that much hate mail, mostly religious people on fire frsutrated, and I think some russian guy writting in Russian, and a few other things I couldn’t understand).

    And for all the negative comments, how the hell you want people to go and do interviews if your responses are like this to people who get interviewed and you don’t like what’s being written. You want every one to write the same thing or what? Or everyone to be the same? If you backed off a little, didn’t pump yourself up for a novel, you wouldn’t of been sad, or angry or whatever. So instead of being pissy, why the hell don’t you go out there and interview “better” people instead of whinning? No everyone sees the world as serious as you do. This is a BODY MODIFICATION website, stop being stuck up about people’s, to all those with modifications, you should understand that all of us, at one point in our lives got “rejected” for our mods, and now, that we found a place, we reject others? How does that work? I feel turned down by a community, I’m happy it’s not in general…

    For all those who send positive comments, thank you, some of you I know aren’t modded and you kept this civilized, compared to other people with modifications, who had no decency at all. And Shannon, thank you again.

    OS sorry for my spelling, it’s late (early).

  248. Wow, mind blowing. You can only admire his innerself. For those of you who are bitching, EAT MY SHORTS…

  249. THE DUDE IS LEGIT, haha i think he’s rad! when did everyone here get so uptight? 🙂
    Let him know I wouldn’t cut into his beer drinking time. Thanks for the interview guys!!

  250. Damn right.! I`m soo going to Mtl this weekend. I MUST find this dude!

    If you ain`t satisfied with the interview, go do it yourself.! Thanks.!!

  251. As an interviewee he wasn’t much to call home about, but I must say I’m hoping for more pictures and detailed such! Is it sad, the way he seems to view life and himself? Possibly, hopefully he will never think so.

  252. #340 – Nowhere in my reply was I getting pissy. I found his response pretty amusing.

    And why is no one allowed to not like something? You seem to be pretty defensive over this interview, which is fine and understandable, but people ARE allowed to have negative opinions. And the general opinion of some people seem to be that this interview wasnt that great. And that has nothing to do with you personally, or the quality of your interview, but instead the person you did it with. As far as I understand, interviews are generally expected to be either interesting, informative or entertaining. And “Zombie” there failed on all points. Not your fault or his. It just turned out that he had nothing interesting to offer. And that makes a shitty interview, in my opinion. No one is expecting a “miami ink” story with his tattoos, but if an interview is going to be done, people do expect a little something out of it.

    Now if some pictures had been posted of him, along with the following: “Zombie here is a street punk whos only interest are beer and blunts, dont expect anything profound from him people” no one would have had a problem. Nice pics, a bit of info to settle curiosity, and no pretense that he is interview worthy.

  253. @ PiRi; How do you even KNOW how he views life if he kept the interview very VAGUE for this exact reason (not wanting to spill his opinions all over the place)…

    Seriously, a lot of people missed the point… @SID, TKO and Kaymile; Exaclty, you all got it! And you’re VERY welcome for the interview, was awesome and had otns of fun!

  254. @bill, you’re allowed to think what you want, you’re allowed to say what you want, you’re allowed not to like whatever you want. There’s a ton of stuff I don’t like. But there is WAYS to formulate what you say, BUT of course, you had to go into “dick sucking”… AND calling someone and idiot. There’s WAYS to present your point, why people aren’t happy with the itnerview, the way he answered, you’re not better than him with the past comment.

    And yes, damn right I’m defensive after seeing what people (YOU in particular) are writting. You bitch about the interview (well his answerd) being “stupid”, but look at what you wrote. PLEASE… and people call HIM a shame to the “mod” community…

    Seriously, I give as much of a fuck about your “opinions” as you do about mine(submitted any interviews lately?), you can say what you want, but don’t go attacking personally people, what you wrote is just so wrong and saddening on so many levels… Read the posts I wrote before, still standing by what I say. If you want to take this conversation further, I invite you to do it through my IAM or E-Mail, but I’m done with the BS carrying on here.

    And by the way I didn’t HAVE to do the interview, can’t you just appriciate what you got? And how the hell you wanted him to be “open” and talkative after the posts that were made in the first Modblog post. You should be grateful I even got him to say one word, lucky for us HE’S A NICE GUY. Ok, I’m repeating myself, read up what I wrote, do what ever the hell you want with it. And once again, the DICK SUCKING wasn’t necessary to voice your opinion, and you proved yourself to be as idiotic (if not more) than the one you acused of being an “idiot” in the first place. There… Wanna add something, do it by mail or whatever, as I said, I’m through…

  255. Well obviously I don’t know. I guess based on what I interpreted from the interview. But hey, I might be wrong in assuming the interview was intended to give some sort of glimpse into who he is. Anyway was my comment not meant to be read as a negative.

  256. “This guy layed on the sarcasm about a foot thick and its amazing that some people think all his answers are serious, this dude rules” i agree.

    Why bother being interviewed if you’re not even going to be truthful though? That annoys me. He obviously doesn’t even realize that other people are actually genuinely interested in him. Seems kind of self-centred actually. And for all the front he puts up, he doesn’t seem at all happy. What’s up with that?

  257. Good lord, what a tantrum.

    The reality is this: sometimes you go out to get an interview and you just don’t get a good one. When an interviewee is uncooperative or uninteresting (even if only “on the record” while being brilliant otherwise) then you don’t get a good interview. You can then publish an uninteresting interview, or try and turn it into a more interesting article or something.

    And why the heck do you think anybody reads an interview? It’s to learn the interviewee’s opinions and viewpoints. A subject who deliberately refuses to say anything of substance should, be informed that it will probably result in the interview not being publishable. (If he didn’t want to talk about himself why let himself be interviewed in the first place?)

    There’s no need to get defensive, jeez. I don’t think anybody said it was your fault this guy didn’t give good interview. But disappointingly, he just wouldn’t or couldn’t offer much.

  258. @Kristin- I don’t mind if someone didn’t like the interview or if they loved it. I don’t mind people expressing their opinion that they like it or dislike it. What I don’t like is the insulting. You can say you didn’t like the interview, too bad for you, you can say you liked it, well good for you. Not giving a good interview is not a reason to be called a cock sucker and idiot and all the other things that have been said in this forum (and personally to me by E-Mail).

    I know it;s my fault the interview wasn’t good, I don’t mean to be defensive, but I do not like personal attacks at all. The point is, everyone should be able to give out their opinion but there are ways to do so and I think everyone agrees with this. You don’t have to insult someone because you don’t like something, you can say it politely, as I said in the response to bill, think what you want, but if you can’t construck your thought in a nice and polite way, well then keep it for yourself. (this was a reply to his post #103)

  259. he is an amazingly open person, that is always commendable. i personally wish everyone could be that open and honest about the way they feel about there life instead of lieing and being a punk bitch. you can only live life one time so why not live it the way you want instead of living life only to be accepted?!?!?!?!?!? he seems to be a great man… i would love to meet him!!!!!!

  260. hottest guy i have ever seen.

    “” #5 Michael Graves eat your heart out lmao
    Zombielicious on March 18th, 2008 at 5:33 pm “”

    thats funny.

  261. Hes crazy, but I do think his tatts are amazing. Im not really into the whole idea of trying to look like a zombie, I think thats a bit too far. But alot of people might not agree with me, but its just opinion. c:

  262. Yo Ricko what the fuck? you’re like a star or something! Dude these assholes totally put more thought into their comments then you did on your entire body suit hahahaha, yo give us a call dude i fucking miss you buddy! come get fucking drunk this weekend its claire’s birthday party or some shit!

  263. This guy is fucking halarious… has anybody seen a skeleton pornstar?? LMAO! how can a guy admit that he’s white trash and not give a fuck?? I do give the guy credit for going balls deep by doing his face, but fuck, how do you live with yourself??

  264. Wow…very cool tattoos. The face looks awesome but I’d probably do that with face paint for Halloween, not permanently. Still, freakin’ sweet tattoos, man. Lovely.

  265. Dear lord this is frustrating. You don’t like his tattoos/reasoning for them? Oh well! It’s not your body, and I doubt you speak to him or interact with him in anyway, so be dissatisfied, and move on and let it go. Not everyone has to conform to how you think a person should go about mods and any reason for them. Ever hear of art for art’s sake?

  266. This guy is amazing! I think his tattoos are insane yet brilliant.

    It looks really good on him. It makes him sexy.

  267. I think it’s beautiful, actually rather sexy. The article itself was a tad off putting. So 100 points for tats, -50 for attitude. It’s sad. 🙁

  268. Wow this man is truly dedicated to the art..he just brought the inside people don’t like to see,,outside I love it

  269. it doesnt seem like he himself actually regrets the tattoos, more like he’s adopted a “dont give a fuck” attitude in defense of the harsh conflict one faces when doing something they really want to do in spite of the social difficulties it may entail. sometimes i ts hard for myself to deal with the adverse side effects from being a heavily tattooed person (especially a girl) even though i couldnt see myself with out my tattoos. he doesnt seem like an idiot, he seems incredibly unpretentious and real, just another person in the world…who happens to be a skeleton. i think its bad ass. (hey zombie, wanna get drunk n get diiirrty you let me know when your in the former soviet area ^_^ )

  270. i think your amazing! i would love 2 be like you , you show differences in this world and i love it!

  271. A child filled with love by responsible parents doesn’t talk this way, feel this way or look this way. I wish the little child he was had the love he needed to be whole.

  272. I came across a photograph of him when searching for new tattoo ideas and i spent hours trying to work out whether the tattoos were genuine.. Due to the vast amount in usually very rare places.

    But i think it’s safe to say he could quite possibly be one of the most gorgeous guys i have ever come across! He has some amazing artwork and i love the fact that he has sacraficed all normal everyday things such as; getting a good job – In order to do what he truly feels passionate about.

    Hubba hubba! If only there were boys like that around here!

  273. Ok a little bit more to say now, as i’ve just read some of the comments (and arguements) made by people in previous comments.

    One thing i really don’t understand; When did modification become such a competition to everyone?

    Those of us who have body modifications, all do it for our own reasons and all end up with some shit said to us by people who can’t comprehend us. Whether it’s tattoos, piercings, stretched piercings, scarification etc, it’s all modification on our original appearence.

    So why would it not count as modification, or why would it be ‘unsufficient’ just because he has an (amazingly well done) themed tattoo(s)? It’s still all the same, surely?

    I’ve learnt from experience that body modificators are usually those who were brought up into punk/rock/metal/grunge/goth lifestyles, and because of that, dealt with a hell of a lot of abuse for how they look/dress/music+interests. Sort of ‘all from the same grain’, so why the hell are we all judging someone who is simply doing what each in our own way are doing?

    Some people seriously need to grow up and learn to stop being so bitter. Envy is a terrible thing!

    I think his art is amazing! Enough said =]

  274. I love the picture with the smile, great smile that…
    I wonder what did his face look like before he tattoo’d it? Please post pix if he has!!!

  275. aww, he’s a goth wigga…that’s cute:)

    i love how he regrets most of his tattoos, but is like “ah, well!”

  276. I think he is fuckin hot! would love to explore all his tats upclose with my body, as for the beer drinking time no problem, i can use him as a fuck when he needs it and when i need it! i love fucked up guys but only one question, does he like black girls?

  277. Another thing to ‘sophia’ i agree with evrythin u say but i was brought up in a respectful house with christian views yet i get such stick from other black ppl for not bein black enough n listenin to punk, metal n otha shit and for bein bisexual. i wna get some tats, already hve loads of piercings, but im scared so that put me in the same category as u described??

  278. Astounding work. The main question I have is, did Skullboy direct the art on himself, or were the creative choices done mainly by the tattoo artist? If the former, he should try to continue being creative. Err, somewhere else since he’s got only a few square inches of canvas left so he’ll have to find SOME other medium in which to express himself.

    He needs to work on how he expresses himself, though. The whole Punk Rock Star thing was done first, better, and to death, over a decade ago. Time to move on since it makes him look small – he’s bigger and better than being yet another generic asshole, only w/ cool tatts.

    I hope he ventures online. There’s some kewl sh*t out here and I’ll bet he’ll enjoy adding to the conversation we have here.

    Veronika – great work too!

  279. I agree with a lot of you – this was one of the least intelligent interviews I’ve read. He stumbled into a great artist though. Kudos on that.

  280. he is a twat! he is one of those people that has become a sterotype in the minds of people who know him. “wow!man you’r crazy!” now he has to live up to that.

    it’s quite common. look at blacks. we expect them to be bad and they try to be.


  282. i dont understand this. doesnt care about anything. the work is good yeah il give him that, but the way he thinks about everything gives modded people a bad image. hes EXACTLY what everyone protrays modded people to be, a complete jackass i dont even know what i say i wish i hadnt read this or even got interested in him in my eyes hes honestly a disgrace.

  283. Dude… So awsome

    I could never bring myself to do that. But i would so love to.

  284. ахуенно мне нравится мала кто на такое решится ! зато он уникален)

  285. Its a bit…crazy but I guess he’s very unique and he’s someone to remember! Hes got to be pretttty brave to actually get all those tatts done, A bit of a legend in some aspects!

  286. @404:

    That was a great article. He put much more thought & time into the answers and he didn’t come off with as much of the fuck the world attitude.

    There were also a lot of really great pics!

    Nice find 🙂

  287. Nice interview, I wished it lasted longer would have liked more of an insight into what makes this Guy tick.

  288. He’s a lucky man cause he get what he want! I try to find a f….. tattoo artist in my area to tattoo my face for 2 years ago,but no succes 🙁 With money ofcourse,not for free! My messenger yahoo id is “mariantattooo” if anyone can help me! Otherwise i respect that guy and also apreciate his artwork!

  289. He is a complete dick. He’s everything I don’t like in a person. Having tattoos would never make up for someone being such a complete dick.

  290. I’ve never wanted to sit on someone’s face more than I do now. Fucking hot as fuck. Personally I like his attitude. He’s not pretending to be anyone.

  291. Ебанутый долбоёб!!! Реально ебнутый!!! Ему ваще делать нехуй, рокерша ебучая!!!

  292. This is my friend Rick! I love that dude! I havn’t seen him since I moved out of montreal…Miss ya buddy

  293. oh! zombie boy! i saw you the other day walking on st-laurent with a few freinds… i must admit that i wouldn’t mind getting down to business with you. wink! wink!

  294. I think what he needs is a nice hat. Maybe one of those stripey skull caps with a propeller on top.

  295. great article but really…
    while reading all i could think abt is how badly i want this guy to fuck the shit outta me

  296. I want to meet this guy so bad.
    Before anyone judges him, they need to read interviews on him, it changes alot.

  297. Hey, that man have to be really mad…only job he can do except porn or circus staring is a costumed santa’s elf! He can’t be surprised he’s single when he looks like a monster…

  298. it saddens me to see people like this. He belongs in the Arkham Asylum. nearly as bad as leopard and catman

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