34 thoughts on “Something stretched, of course…

  1. I know, right fuus? That’s what I said when I saw it… lol! Foreskins or assholes, apparently.

  2. I was thinking testes… But that’s a pretty eclectic choice of apparatus to say the least.

  3. As a female, I don’t necessarily need a guy to be shaved, but it is nice when they trim a bit – it’s just tidier.

  4. I don’t understand, I don’t understand the anatomical aspects!!! How is that possible. Funny that I never wonder why, just how!

  5. Naw Shannon, at least in my case, I just find pubic hair icky. It’s a personal taste thing I suppose. I’ve been that way since long before I discovered porn and realized shaving is considered “fashionable”. Course I’m speaking of how I prefer to keep my own (lack of) pubic hair. I don’t mind it so much on a guy if it’s trimmed. I must say though, that forest just made me giggle and think how badly it would tickle trying to suck it…

  6. Yes, but WHY do you find it icky? You must recognize that pubic hair (and leg hair, etc) fashion changes from time to time — this is determined by aggressive marketing and media forces more than anything.

  7. I find pubic hair gross, and it’s got nothing to do with what’s popular or fashionable. Hair in my mouth irritates the hell out of me, and I think shaven bits look better–girlie bits or boyish ones, it matters not.

  8. Wow that is prolly the longest (and somewhat straightest) pubic hair i’ve seen! It’s whirlwind-wrapping around his cock! Have to agree that a kempt cock would be more helpful in the sack, for his benefit and the lady’s.

  9. ^^^ I find that comment above me funny. If I don’t shave I have completely straight pubic hair. I went thru a shaving strike/hippie phase. But about the cock piercing. Someone needs to get this guy some quality jewelry. I just have to think maybe he’s in some desolate town in bumble fuck no where that doesn’t have a mall or internet access.

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