Science tattoo… literally

I’m probably done (emphasis on “probably” — you know I never follow that “I’m not posting rule” when I say I will) until Monday, but before I go a quick science tattoo done at Exotix in Toronto. As well as BME’s huge “Geek Tattoos” section, I wanted to recommend the superb “Carl Zimmer’s Science Tattoo Emporium” blog, which has lots of science tattoos and their backstories and makes a great read.

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17 thoughts on “Science tattoo… literally

  1. hmmm…dexter’s laboratory flash back. Back in ten minutes.

  2. LOL @ Fionna’s xkcd reference!

    Hmm…Thanks for the link to the blog. I’ve got a tattoo from field research (although the subject matter falls more under the “nature/wildlife” category than the “geek” category on BME) and am planning one based on lab research as a reward to self when I finish my MS. (Full sleeve to come after PhD…)

  3. it just makes me think of that quote from anchorman, “it’s science” heheh

  4. There’s something wrong with me!
    At first glance I thought it said “semen”, and later when I went back here to look for updates, it looked like “semen” again.

    Love it, tho. The tatto, not the semen. Well, the semen too, but in this context, I meant the tattoo. It’s all sorts of awesome.

  5. ha, and i thought my double helix scar was nerdy!
    this is awesome.

  6. crudbuckets. now i’ve got ‘she blinded me with science’ running through my head and it will not stop.

  7. #10 Same here!
    And wouldn’t it be cute to have a little boiling flask on the other side =)

  8. Love it but it looks like the orange is so angry, hopefully thats just the shading and not an evil reaction to the ink.

  9. :)
    I’m glad everybody likes my tattoo. It looks angry because this photograph is the day after I got it, and it was quiet scabby.Also, the bubbles are heart, but it doesn’t look very clear in this photo)
    I’m a chem eng major who works in QC and R&D at a chemical plant, so I really must love science! I’m lucky to be in a field where I might have to cover it up for some meetings, but overall my mods are pretty well accepted. (Including my 1″ ear lobes and 2mm nostrils)

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