31 thoughts on “Ladder to Head-En.

  1. I’ve never been sure about corset tattoos in the past, but this one’s pretty spiffy :)

  2. Is the modblog logo tattooed on? Or is it shopped on? I love the tatt tho! I like the blue ribbon. :]

  3. That’s really awesome. Took me a couple of seconds to realise it was a tattoo, though.

  4. Looks to me like she tried to start a nape corset already, gave up on that and got a much more awesome idea instead :)

    Looks fantastic. Also, I can’t tell whether the modblog is tattooed on or not!

  5. I like how whoever did this tattoed irritated skin around the jewelry. that really sells it. this is my favorite of the tattoed corsets

  6. Dam This Looks Awesome And It Just Gave Me One Hell Of An Idea For A Tattoo/Piercing Combination. Getting A Corset Piercing Then After Healing Getting A Tatt Of The Ribbon. This Either An Awesome Idea Or One Of Those Pointless Ones

  7. I must admit, when I saw it first it completely fooled me. Made me wonder how that kind of transdermal jewellery would be implanted, why I’ve never seen trans in this or a similar placement, what it feels like to touch etc.
    You bastards tricked me :P

  8. Wow, sitting back from the computer screen makes it really look like a piercing. Awesome.

  9. Nice corset tat. Don’t have to worry about this one not staying put!!

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