26 thoughts on “Head Squishings.

  1. is it wrong that all i think when i see this image is *damn i LOVE that nail polish*.

  2. I definitely expected to see the other kind of head squishings… I’ve been surfing ModBlog for too long. =) Great post.

  3. No. 8 – it’s fine, all I can think is ‘damn I want those shoes!!’ 😀

  4. hmm something on modblog Giles could get behind? Will wonders never cease.

  5. Lori – in my experience, they do, and the bits of your foot where the plastic is in contact gets all red.

    I’ll stick with boots, and let other people wear the clear shoes for my pleasure 😉

  6. I would like to see more pictures of that dude’s head… squished or otherwise.

  7. Lori: They do! My friend has a few pairs of jelly shoes and they steam up in the summer so she doesn’t wear them too often haha.

  8. mmmmm… I like hard step. I like to dance. I like you on my face. I like to f***!
    Nice selection Roo! (Godspeed…)

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