37 thoughts on “Nom Nom Nom

  1. This is hilarious.

    Roo, I think you’re doing a great job, and I’m behind you 100%. Even though we’re all feeling Shannon’s loss, the best thing that we could do for him is to be true to his vision for the modding community.

    Don’t let anyone bring you down and keep on posting!

  2. I can’t believe someone has had a cat grafted to the side of their head. That’s just inconsiderate and cruel. To the cat.

  3. Heh, my cat does that to me too.

    I used to work in a wildlife shelter and have a crow peck at my ear piercings all the time…

  4. This is my first time posting on ModBlog even though I come here several times a day. Ive got to agree with technoapostle, youre doing a great job Roo, this has got to be one of my favorite posts youve done so far. The lads expression is priceless and the kitteh is a beaut =]

    “Dis hooman, his flavorz iz no so gurd”

  5. OMG, animal abuse – he’s forcing that poor, defenseless cat to (I can barely even think of it) CHEW ON PLASTIC EYEGLASS FRAMES!!!!! (faints dead away from shock and horror).

  6. Okay, everyone is talking about the cat (which my all admissions IS adorable) but what about that sexy boy?! A lil credit for him me thinks!

  7. Awesome photo. Makes me want a cat even more. Keep up the good work Roo, you’re doing a great job.

  8. We have a 10-month-old kitten who is IDENTICAL to this kitty, and she bites like mad! We think that the forehead spot is in fact the NOM NOM NOM spot which signals a VERY BITEY KITTY! XD XD XD

  9. MetalHouse- *bravo!* I enjoyed.

    That photo is the best thing I’ve seen all arvo. Awww!

  10. I’m going to agree with 21.
    Forget cute cat, what about the cute boy?? Mmmmm.
    Ace pic.

  11. Awww. That cat is adorable. I love cats…even though mine just meows at me for attention… =p

  12. Nom nom nom nom nom. Haha. Love it. <3 Very handsome handsome and adorable kittyy.

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