Pat Dry Your Eyes.

I think it’s time soap companies started looking into “No Tears” hand lotion..

Gabriel Dain (the owner of the creepy hands) writes..

“Seeing as there’s been two other “palm eye” tattoos featured on ModBlog (Roo: I can only find one) I thought these might interest you. They weren’t inspired by the Pan’s Labyrinth tattoos, however. I don’t really know what they were inspired by, if they were indeed the product of inspiration, but I love them! They’ve washed out heaps since I got them (about 3 months ago), but I’ll try to send an updated photograph soon.”

By Lucho, Lorenzo Tattooing and Art, Buenos Aries.

13 thoughts on “Pat Dry Your Eyes.

  1. I find it curious that the wrists need to be crossed in order for the eyes to be facing the “right” direction.

  2. starred_and_scarred – Not really, because if you think of her with her palms outstretched and her arms parallel.

    They eyes would be looking outwards, and the lacrimal sacs would be in the correct places.

    If you get me..

  3. The only other place I’ve seen something similar was in the new Season 4 Episode 2 of Doctor Who called “The Fires of Pompeii”. But the temple priestess’ were sporting them on the back of their hands, not the palms.

  4. i dunno roo, the position of the lashes suggests that theyre MEANT to be shown with the wearers arms crossed..

    just what it seems like to me, but the arm crossing part doesnt bother me i sort of like it better that way, its far more dramatic.

  5. whoa, look at the coloring! so nice!
    i kind of want creepy palm eye tattoos (or maybe even creepy feet eye tattoos!) now…

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