23 thoughts on “Clockwork Hooter

  1. Mna that is a really nice peice of work.
    I would love to hear a story behind it though

  2. For Some Reason This Tat Brought Back A Wonderful Feeling Of Nostalgia And The Brave Little Toaster. Thanks Knife Your Awesome

  3. I love how the eye on our right looks like a torch is shining in it at night.

  4. I wonder if this site (and BME) will ever return to body modification. Lots of updates, lots of tattoos and piercings…Cut your cock in half… Will we move on? Tell me where I need to post and I’ll go away; this is not what I’m here for.

  5. Maybe body modification is too mainstream now and Thomas is hoping for unusually untainted limbs instead?
    IDK b4youreyes, I’m confused too.

  6. I can see how some piercings may be perceived as mainstream – but cutting your cock in half? Slicing your own fingers off? Tattooing your eyeballs? What are you actually asking for?

    Very nice tat, by the way. I love the lightbulb.

  7. BRAP BRAP MODBLOGGED! haha i feel so happy.

    #5 is right – it was inspired by blade runner. :)

  8. Wow, I thought I recognized this artwork but I thought it was almost impossible.. Its Travis! He does amazing work and I just got my leg worked on him about two weeks ago. Definitely a great person to go to for an awesome tattoo, if anyone is in the area :)

  9. @ 19
    thats exactly what I was thinking when I saw it, n0ir. Makes me want to go play it.

  10. Very creative!

    My first thought is “the secret of Nihm”, for some reason.

    Owls are always so neat and creative!

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