19 thoughts on “The Three Staages.

  1. That’s awesome 😀
    (And Roo, isn’t it supposed to be “be” instead of “me”, “our forearms would _be_ as smooth as babies”?)

  2. Looks pretty cool. My friend in work had a small one in her arm and was told to have it removed or lose her job :/

  3. …but who wants smooth arms like babies bottoms?i don’t…i want my arms market for life ^^
    great pics, but i want to see the arm with the implants on them :x…please

  4. sweet seeing implants “in action” shot haha, but i agree with the others…i’d like to see the outcome.
    and on another note:
    i’ve noticed all the negative comments on the other modblog entries on how people don’t like the “new news” thing, and i thought yall should know i disagree. the new modblog/bme is coming along great, and i think more pleasing. good job guys *high five*

  5. Folks – As soon as it heals and as soon as the healed photos are submitted, I’ll update you :).

  6. xPUREx – It’s not for me to say, I thought it would provoke more discussion than it did, though..

  7. umm is it just me or are this really shallow and isnt the insicion a tad bit close to fare from the implant is bad but to close will put far too much stress on the wound

    =/ but thats my opinion

  8. It is my arm ^^ DIY

    The wound carries well, I have can take off the skin farther has reason of other implants put down earlier… But everything goes well ^^

  9. cool cool i just say complications on some of the first implants i did when they were to close to the opening and thy would put alot of stress on the sutures

  10. Yes, normally I put them down, but check farther, it was on me, and the other place to incise would have too much been near the elbow joint…
    Main it is because fine ^^

  11. I shall make photographs of my arm a creed tattooed, I have nasty scars owes in re-milk of old implants that I did not like any more, therefore I am going to rest it still them then to tattoo, photographs will be available on my myspace;
    http: // http://www.myspace.com / mr_t_la_reponse

  12. If these are the only “problems” you all have come up with from these pictures then i’m just gonna stay out of it….

  13. well if u put it like that the entry point its distance from the placement of the implant the tool that looks like a butter knife and what im missing id love to know

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