You worms are no match for the dark side.

I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars (blame my attention span), but I really like this Darth Maul scarification and skin removal by Josh LoBes of Whatever Tattoo, NYC – At least I think that’s where he’s working from.

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21 thoughts on “You worms are no match for the dark side.

  1. I like it a lot and would like to see another pic when it’s healed. Wish I could work out its location; shoulder perhaps?

  2. In the larger picture looks like there’s Darth Vader in the center of the back… maybe there’s a third piece on the right shoulder as well. Comical design, made me laugh anyways

  3. i just love that! although i agree it’s a weird choice of character, there was hardly any darth maul in their entire series. but his appearance was pretty badass.

  4. Darth Maul has a bad ass background story, and was a tough guy. A fitting scarification.

  5. Josh works out of Whatever Tattoo in the West Village. Its really not that deep and is already healed. Vader is in the middle and Yoda on the other side. The good, the bad, and the tragically conflicted. The ears were a bit awkward as he was cutting around hook holes from a suspension I did a few weeks before.

  6. I think Darth Maul’s pretty sexy. Except for the horns. Can’t deal with that in bed eh?

  7. Eh, Darth Maul is just a little horny….ah ha ha ha ha…..*ahem* anyhoo… i rather like this skin removal. I agree with roo as i dont have the attention span to keep up with star wars either but i really like this!

  8. I’m not a fan of Star Wars either, but I´m a huge fan of Darth Maul. Great scarification. WIsh to see it healed.

  9. that is fucking sweet
    best looking starwars character yet
    it looks really cool now but
    im not sure when its healed if it will still look just as cool

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