Tight Like A Shark!

I know I seem a little over-enthusiastic about the tattoos I’m posting today, but I almost ruptured my eyeballs when I first saw this tattoo by Brian Corley (Eye Candy Tattoos, Pittsburgh, PA).

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25 thoughts on “Tight Like A Shark!

  1. Every year, countless hookers are killed and eaten by hungry sharks.
    I can’t believe the insensitivity of people applauding a tattoo that glorifies this terrible reality.
    Maybe when your chosen streetwalker is eaten by a shark, you’ll see the pain this causes.
    For shame.

  2. That was strange. As soon as I clicked on this link my mum said nom nom nom about her salad…

    But yeah this tattoo is amusing =p

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  4. this is why i don’t have tattoos. in my twenties, sure, i was a maneater. but even then i felt bad about it. why brand yourself as a jerk for life? you might grow up, and you might want your daughters to think you respect women.

    still, if you simply must have a shark devouring a hooker, nom nom nom is pretty funny.

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