Suspensions in Oslo

This video was shot by my friend Bastian (on a cheap $99 camera) during the Oslo Suscon and and I hope it gives you an idea of how beautiful the atmosphere is during a suspension. Bastian also sent me the following to go with the footage..

The chap suspending is Morten, he’s Norwegian and was part of the crew at the Oslo event. He’s been featured on ModBlog before although he wasn’t named (he’s the guy on the right), anyway he was contemplating a two point chest suspension but changed his mind at the last moment and decided he’d like to do a two point resurrection instead! He went up on Håvve’s back (unfortunately I didn’t capture that on video – it was amazing, as if it were nothing. He just leaned on Håvve’s back and was lifted from there in no time at all!

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This was so incredible to watch that I thought “Hey, let’s try this too” and decided to cut down to two hooks at the end of my own suspension. Alas, I didn’t manage to let go of the rope because it was just too intense and painful for me.

You can read more about the 2008 Oslo Suscon here – Day One | Day Two | Day Three.

10 thoughts on “Suspensions in Oslo

  1. What? A suspension without Rammstein or Tool playing in the background? God, worst event ever.

  2. That is Rammstein, with Tool on piano. Elton John is just their public persona and he mimes.

  3. roo… ily. I literally just visualized maynard from tool on piano with a rammstien back up band and elton john vocals.. id buy that CD

  4. Haha @Roo… actually there was LOTS of Rammstein to be heard that weekend. Gotta love it when Norwegians sing along in German at full blast :). And suspension music ranged from Richard Wagner to someone playing a saxophone while suspending.

  5. It’s Peaches in the background, WAAAAAY better than Rammstein, for sure!!!*

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