Outer Areola Microdermals

These unusually placed microdermals are the work of Marea from Aesthetics, Indianapolis, IN.

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31 thoughts on “Outer Areola Microdermals

  1. Perfect place to get brushed by a bra.
    Which sounds nice when you say it out loud.
    Still, cute.

  2. I agree with Fluorescent Panda, especially if they were bling, that’d look sweeet. I’m not sure I really dig on the one. Interesting though.

  3. Just out of curiosity Roo, do you think something like that would affect breastfeeding? I know nipple piercings commonly interfere for some, but I wonder if a microdermal so far up/out would? Ps; When might we expect some pregnancy/belly photographs from the fellow modified pregnant ladies of BME/IAM?!!?

  4. Hello. This client plans on getting eight total. This was just the first pair… and yes the cross hair was from marking :) Also, she doesn’t wear bras so that should eliminate some issues thanks!

  5. I have 30 around one of my nipples in a nautilus spiral design…bras and other clothing largely don’t affect them. However, I will say, I’d never recommend anyone getting them on the underside of the boob. The sheer weight of the breast causes problem. Those are lovely!

  6. Wtf, they’re boobs. How are boobs ugly? Women should all have the same superficial, media fed looking breasts now too? Wow. That’s just sad. Everything comes in different shapes, and fucking forms #11, FYI.

  7. I agree with Sara, why are you bashing on some girl’s boobs? Are you really that insecure that you have to criticize her boobs? They’re BOOBS. They aren’t going to be perfect unless they were photo shopped and she’s got implants or something. No one has boobs that are 100% perfect, why do you have to be so rude and mean?

  8. thirded: remember what boobs were meant for. to feed babies. evidently you dont have the confidence to post pics of your own up. if you dont have anything nice to say don’t say it. this is a place for appreciation not criticism on a womans body.

  9. They’re really nice but I would still be paranoid about bras lol

    And they are not ugly boobs!!!

  10. Boobs are full of win (and milk).

    I happen to think they’re quite a nice pair actually. She should blatantly get the crosshair inked on permanently though !

  11. Wow SO I was thinking that she didnt need to worry about a bra cause she had nice boobs.

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