28 thoughts on “Forearm Flowers (and skulls)

  1. Cool tattoos, well done too. My only concern is that when the guy drops his arm down and is walking around that massive skull is gonna be very upside down.

  2. hahahah very true sez.
    i find its always hard 2 make people get names on there wrist the rite way round

  3. Surely there is no “right way round”?….I have script on my arms that i would rather read, not the rest of the world…
    But yeah, nice colours!

  4. See you’re looking at it the wrong way Sez. The skull is right side up when he’s got his dukes up. Which is the only way you will see him. Kicking your ass.

    But yeah, really solid work.

  5. That is WOW!! I love it!! Please let my colors look that nice 😉
    HA! That skull will look fucking awesome when he rocks the horn at conserts! Lamers 😉

  6. Or Monkey Kind, covering his face crying in the corner after I kick his ass haha. Besides, Im sure he’s a nice enough chap not to hit girls.

  7. Nice t-shirt! the Joe D’Amato’s “Il ritorno della morte” hahahaha
    Maybe this guy italian?

  8. That shit is tight bro, working on a sleeve right now but so far the color’s are only like a aqua blue and black I dont know if adding more colors will make it look not as good idk…

  9. It´s my arms. and ii´s no mistake that the skull is upside down. And the only time you´ll se my arm drop Sez is whey i point at you and tell you to stay down after yout tap´d out after some ground work and a rear naked choke.

    On topic:

    The colors is sick. Mats Lyborg is a world class artist and my skincolour is very pale and so it’s a good chance that the colours lock the same on me as they do in the jar.

    iv´e got som new sick work done by mats at built to last tatto since these photo. i have both my ribs full covered, letters on my fingers and a massive chestpiece. all done by Mats Lyborg. and 2010 is fully booked on my knees and the entire back pics will come here at BME later when iv´e got the time. to post them.

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