Jack Yount – On Piercings and Subincisions

This video is a little fancier than the old 8mm conversions I’ve been sending in.

Filmed in South Florida in 1989 by Sailor Sid on a fancy VHS camcorder it features Jack Yount talking about his piercings and subincision. It’s living proof that the pre-1990s modification scene didn’t believe in wearing clothes. Which is how I like to remember Jack..


Shawn PorterScarwars.net

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DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

9 thoughts on “Jack Yount – On Piercings and Subincisions

  1. The truth is- you guys are the ones who’re preserving them!
    Ever extreme2/full member who views and saves these files is doing their part to make sure that they never disappear!

  2. shawn porter.
    you are amazing.
    I cannot thank you guys enough for bringing us these beautiful pieces of history.
    and Roo for uploading them to modblog, I think it’s important for those of us in this community to realize just how far we have come and to keep our culture alive.

    for real, thank you.

  3. These videos make me so happy and proud to be a modded gay man!
    I love all the homophobes that have no clue where modern body modification was born.

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