32 thoughts on “Whipping Boy

  1. i’m with stef, but its still cool looking…and probably less painful in the long run vs. whipping

  2. very interesting piece..i wonder what it represents to the owner. any back story behind this?

  3. wow, that turned out really beautifully. What a neat idea, too. I’m with trailerpark – would be interested to hear a back story.

  4. I woulnd’t scar this… I would just do it myself… If it meant anything to me some whipping wouldn’t be any trouble for the marks which would remind me of whatever I did this for 🙂

  5. So is this guy really buff or kinda overweight? he has a V shaped frame and veins in his foreamrs which would suggest buff, but that reflection of his front looks a little average

  6. tom, thats because he is hunched over foward to stretch out/show off the entire back..you dont get a back like that from drinking beer and sitting on the couch!

  7. Wow..it’s a really neat idea..I can imagine this is going to be awkward while it’s healing.
    But it’s going to look so good ^_^

  8. #15 okay, i will send more infos about the cuttigns that i post!:)
    it was done with scalpel, and i cut him two times.
    the story behind the man: this guy told me that he wants to feel the same pain that Jesus had during his whipping procedure. in my eyes it was very respectfull, but after i started cut his back he felt too much pain to control himself, and thats why i only made the left side of his back, and one day later i finished the whole work. so he wasn’t like Jesus:)

  9. Okay, I know that’s not the motivation behind this, but for some reason I am finding this WICKED hot.

  10. i got shivers when i saw this because the first thing that popped into my mind was whipping during slavery and the horror of images of that, i can’t look at those without feeling sick thinking of what my ancestors went through and how terrible that experience must have been. I didn’t even think of Jesus or anything else, when whipping really has a multitude of historical and cultural connotations. My point is that I think it is really interesting the emotions and images or reference points something like this brings up. people see it and automatically think certain things and have certain reactions. Some people think it is hot, others automatically think of how hardcore the guy would have to be to get so much work done on his BACK, some think of sexual submission or dominance! On first glance I was slightly repulsed, not by the modification because I really think it is cool, but by the image that first popped into my mind when I saw it. For this guy it has absolutely a different meaning. Thats one of the reasons why modification is so amazing, its personal but it assumes this life the wearer or artist might never have intended or considered after its put on or through skin. awesome.

  11. I dunno personally I think it’s really silly to get cut so it looks like you were whipped. If you want whipping marks, then just get whipped.

  12. sadly whip marks don’t last at all, you have to be whipping REALLY hard to get that scared result and if you did then the result would not be nearly as clean and as obvious as this.

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