UPDATE: Experts Weigh In On Sarah Palin’s “Lipstick,” Nothing Determined Whatsoever

Ignoring for a moment that the economy is in the shitter and soon we’re all going to be raiding the shops of local tattoo artists to steal their bottles of ink in the hopes that some of them will contain much-needed iron for the weakened sinewy frames that used to be our bodies once all of the nation’s foodstuffs have been hoarded by roving gangs of lepers and vigilantes and such, let’s turn our focus back to a matter of much urgency: Is Sarah Palin’s lipstick tattooed on?

We’ve covered this story before, but the sexist liberal just plain terrible media has all-but neglected it. THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW, DAMN IT. Luckily, the heroes over at The Huffington Post have taken up the cause, offering up a thorough slideshow and even a poll to decide how to address this issue of national importance. Go vote now!

Ha ha, I’m just kidding, this is the biggest waste of time ever. While you were doing that, I was just at the general store filling a barrel full of soon-to-valuable-and-maybe-even-currency chicken stock. Ah, delicious chicken stock.

Is Sarah Palin’s Lipliner A Tattoo? [The Huffington Post]

8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Experts Weigh In On Sarah Palin’s “Lipstick,” Nothing Determined Whatsoever

  1. This is so funny. It’s like wondering if Obama stuffs his package.

    Looks to me like her lipliner is either tattooed on or poorly blended. It depends on which picture you look at.

  2. Well, the pictures are not very decisive on this point. But if they were tattooed that would be OK to me, irrespective of her political ideas.

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