33 thoughts on “Ignore the foreground..

  1. that almost looks like some Keith Haring work in the background…
    i love his stuff so much, ive got one of his paintings tattooed on my arm!

  2. RooRaah your roo-verse psychology didn’t work!! You said ignore the foreground; it’s exactly what I did!!! I thought the ingenious placement of the bme watermark was what the picture was all about… until I scrolled down and saw THE legs!! : p

  3. marc – on the left leg is a snake, and on the right is an evil form of a reindeer or moose. if you turn your head sideways to the left after you click through and zoom, it helps to make out these leg tattoos.

  4. Pidge: The point of reverse psycology is to get someone to do what you’re telling them not to.
    I didn’t even realise it was annie until I saw the cheak piercing, digging the evil moose as well.

  5. nice!

    is really so hard to understand, what Roo want to say?!
    sorry, but I have to… maybe for American people is hard… :)
    (sorry one more time, because I’m roguish)

  6. haha make fun of flip-flops and DIE! they’re the best invention after sello tape and sliced bread!
    oh yeh and close up on his legs please :D

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