Sex is Brill!

We all love sex, right? But judging by the following tattoos we all express that love in different ways..

Fuck Slut – Manuel Huizar, Sadofilia, La Paz – If that rings a bell it’s because it what once the home of BMEzine, and Manuel was behind Phil’s toes (1, 2, 3).

Blow Jobs – Sjard, Kartell Tattoo Studio, Hessen, Frankfurt.

As for the last tattoo..

“I got this tattoo because I wanted something that would always make me smile. I’ve never had anyone say they were offended by it, mostly people just giggle and say how awesome it is [because it is] the only thing I regret is not getting a few curly lines to really tramp it up properly. But at least this way it’s kind of subtle.”

No offence to the owner of the tattoo above (yes, that one), but I’m not sure I understand the message “behind” the tattoo or the text submitted along with it – If I’m missing the humour please let me know!

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113 thoughts on “Sex is Brill!

  1. i dont want to put words into the mouh of the person who got the rape tattoo, but it seems like satire on tramp stamps. Hence the line “I regret is not getting a few curly lines to really tramp it up properly. But at least this way it’s kind of subtle.”…. atleast thats what i picked up from it

  2. The BLOW-JOBS tattoo is fab, especially in that script. And yes, psychoprincess, Smurf666 and Roo were having a joke about the “a” looking like an “o”. Keep up.

  3. the blow jobs one is the best! … the begging for rope..i m sure that comes after begging for rape… stil, everyone to thier own…

  4. O.k. I am gonna take a chance on explaining the rape tattoo.

    In reading the text, I think she referenced it being tattooed in the same place as a ” tramp stamp” type tattoo. I am not saying that having a “tramp stamp” type tattoo might lead to rape. But in having a tattoo there, one might assume the owner of said tattoo would wear a cut of shirt that might be a bit shorter then normal. To show off the artwork.Perhaps an item of clothing that might be considered provocative in certain areas.

    So maybe she was making a statement, a rather obscure one, but a statement none the less about girls who wear tattoos especially the ones considered ” tramp stamps” and or dress in a less then conservative manner Or I could be completely wrong on the entire thing. But in trying to understand both the tattoo and her note that is what made the most sense to me.

  5. I think the “begging for rape” is referring to when girls that are raped are told they “had it coming”, cause of the way they were dressing.
    Like the font though.

  6. “you cant rape the willing dumbasses….”
    isn’t that the whole point of the tattoo? :/
    like, isn’t that why it’s ‘funny’ …maybe?

  7. I think people need to suck it up, really.

    Rape is terrible. Rape jokes, not so much.

    Maybe she’s into hardcore bondage or rape fantasies. But I’m not usually a fan of text-only tattoos that aren’t from, say, poems or stories or other works of literature. So based on my personal taste, I’m not a fan of any of them, however well done the “Blow Job” one may be.

  8. A lot of dolts say that people who showcase lower back tattoos are “begging for rape” by showing off the tattoo/that particular part of their body. It’s like when someone sees a girl wearing a short skirt and says something along the lines of “She’s just asking to get raped for wearing a skirt that short.”

    It seems that the tattoo is just a mockery of those kinds of idiotic statements.

  9. The begging for rape tattoo….wow. To perpetuate the stigma that women who have tattoos on their lower backs are “begging for rape” is ridiculous.

  10. The last one isn’t in the best of taste, true. And I know some tattoos just come off that way. (Or really are that way.) But for any of us who are rape victims, or family/friends of rape victims it’s incredibly offensive. Even as someone who gets the lure rape fantasies, it’s just that. A fantasy, and hard to make it understood as such to most other people. Especially if it’s portrayed visibly on your body.

    The “begging for rape” opinion that gets projected onto women who dress or look a certain way just feeds the mindset that they “deserved” it. And that just makes it more difficult to press charges and face court proceedings.

  11. I saw the “rape” tattoo as making FUN of the stereotype that a girl with a lower back tattoo = “easy”, not perpetuating it. *shrug*

  12. Maybe for someone who begs to be raped, not being raped is the actual rape and you’re all raping her by not raping her.

  13. I thought it was funny …
    irony, anyone?

    she’s making fun of folks that’d say that seriously…you know? at least that’s how I read it. I tend to think she’s a feminist mocking people who think women EVER “ask for rape”

    and it made me laugh.

    ps warborn, begging for cock is very different from begging for rape. At least in my experience (not too sure about yours)

  14. Re: the rape tattoo.

    I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as funny to her if she actually got raped. And I don’t mean that in some PC “How would you feel” way. I mean, women get raped – what if she does, will it still be funny?

    And the rapist would have a pretty good defense too. “Dude, just look at her tattoo…”

  15. warborn. take your misogyny elsewhere please. you suck. as does the last tattoo. ironic or not.

  16. let’s just say i wouldn’t get that last one tattooed anywhere on my body. i do think she’s probably trying to make an ironic statement, but i don’t know that it works that well, is all?

    then again, i wouldn’t really want SLUT tattooed on me, either, but i’m all for whatever floats whoever’s boat. tattoos are personal. i’m sure somewhere there’s someone who thinks, “yeah, not on my body,” about my tattoos, so.

  17. having rape fantasies doesnt mean you want to be raped…. and if you ask or beg someone to rape you, its not rape… because rape isnt consensual.
    i do think its a little odd. as is the argument that women who wear provocative clothes ‘have it coming’, however, it seems to be implied in an ironic/sarcastic/mockery of the stupid shits who say girls in short skirts/with ‘tramp stamp’ tattoos cause their own rape in some way.
    all that considered, i would not let anyone tattoo that on me for a million pounds!

  18. woo typo..Anyway the 1st one I wouldn’t get personally because it’s something offensive that is hard to cover if you need to. Even with neck tattoos you can wear a turtle neck:P

    The blow job one is pretty awesome..

    The last one..Well..I don’t like it at all.. Everyone’s pretty much already taken the words out of my mouth on that one 😛

  19. Personally, i’d beg for rope…
    And as for it being “Rape” some women joke about rape, or even fantasize about it as a way of feeling that they have some kind of control over the situation. I know plenty of women that get off on “rape play” that HAVE been really raped in the past. It’s a way for them to work their way through what happened to them.

  20. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I fear the wearer of the last tattoo might get what she’s asking for because of it.

    I really hope it doesn’t, i’m not saying she deserves it, but I know a lot of guys who would read that and use it as an excuse to rape her. She’s an idiot for getting that tattoo, she’s putting herself in harm’s way. Even if she dresses conservatively, if she sits down and her lower back shows, or she goes swimming one day, well, you get my point.

    She needs to get the tattoo covered up for her own safety.

  21. well it seems i’m one of the few people who likes the rape tattoo. of course, maybe if i was ,i wouldn’t find it so humorous and cute.
    but, at this point, if i had thought of it, i would have gotten the tattoo done myself.

  22. yeh having known someone who was recently raped and wat hell shes going thru with fuck-tards saying shes a skank who deserved it, along having to deal with all the other baggage that comes from going thru something like that- i looked at that tattoo and was offended

  23. I do not think “Begging for Rape” is in any way amusing. What a stupid thing to get tattooed on your body. Obviously that person has never been raped, then maybe they wouldn’t find such a tattoo so damn funny.

  24. HAHAHA, are you children serious!?

    Fuck assuming what she meant by it and
    Fuck your snobby views on what is and isn’t good taste.

    Are you lot seriously going to whine about controversial statements? Do any of you actually consider yourselves intelligent enough to be able to make absolute statements as to the consequences of this tattoo?

    Love the ink home girl, hold fast.

  25. omniscent: Yes, I do in fact believe that, as a community, modblog is intelligent enough to critique tattoos.

    I feel that the ‘begging for rape’ tattoo isn’t funny, at all. It seems ironic in the trendy, post-sexism way, which isn’t funny at all.

  26. People who aren’t analytical will read that tattoo as literal, therefore it becomes offensive. Personally, I think it’s clever, but there are much better ways to be witty. Rape isn’t a subject to be taken lightly, in any way.

  27. Ps-omniscent, what would the world be if people didnt analyze?
    ponder that thought.

    I also don’t think people were being so “absolute” on their “statements”, which had nothing to do with consequences of anything, but rather the reason for her decision.

  28. Out of all of them, the ‘tramp stamp’ is the one that will be regretted. All the others can be justified by personality; the type of person to get FUCK across the knuckles won’t look back. Someone who gets a rape joke tattooed across their lower back…..not so sure. 40-50 years from now, the little ones climbing up on grandpa’s lap who has FUCK across the knuckles; kids hear that all the time. It can be brushed off as fun amongst adults. But the back one?

  29. obviously rape is wrong. but i think freud said that everyone has a latent rape fantasy. lots of girls (in my experience) like to be dominated and “forced” to do things… . and lots of guys (including to some degree myself) enjoy the other side of this seeming paradox. perhaps this is due to the guilt often associated with sex, or just laziness, but as i said rape is wrong and sex should only occur between consenting adults (or teenagers).

  30. The last one is not funny. Not in an ironic way, or post-feminist way, or any way. Before I read the explanation I thought she was a severely wounded survivor who needs therapy more than a tattoo. But after reading it I can tell she’s never been raped.
    I sincerely hope she never does. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I wonder if she’ll still think it’s funny then?

    Actually, I think it looks too serious to be funny. To make it *actually* funny, it needs hearts, stars, ponies, and rainbows.

  31. MKultra(or any specific person) – Please present the credentials that state that you somehow represent the amassed experience and knowledge of the ModBlog community and are therefore qualified to make definitive statements about how this tattoo will affect this woman’s life or about why this tattoo is in poor taste.

    Sammi – Anyone on here who has judged this tattoo based on how they “feel” is not being analytical. In reality, anyone on here who is making a judgment based on anything other than hard facts is not really contributing an accurate analysis.

    p.s. Since when is all analysis positive or useful? Sara Palin makes useless analyses all the time…

  32. When a woman dresses provocatively she essentially IS asking to be raped. “Blaming the victim” as you guys like to put it is spot on accurate when the victim is antagonizing the predator.

    If you slather yourself in meat and walk into a lions dn expect to be bitten,

    ANd if you walk around dressed like a whore, can you really blame the guy when he takes the hint and puts himself upon you?

  33. cere, you may think she’s asking to be raped. Fine. That’s your mistake. And when you grab her, she may think you’re asking to be shot or maced or knifed. You don’t poke a lion and expect not to lose your head, hmmm?

  34. Not sure that I agree with your reasoning 100% there Cere, I see your point and it is valid to a degree, but surely the predator is ultimately the one at fault?

    Personally, I don’t mind the rape tatt, but I agree that it may not seem quite so ironically humorous in 30 years.

  35. Even though cere is trolling; does raping women come as naturally to you as eating meat does to a lion? Then I don’t think the girl with the tattoo is the one with a problem. Also, do you rape whores? I tend to leave a coupla dimes on the bedside table and maybe, just maybe slap them around a bit, but full-on rape not so much.

    Aside from that: as soon as people start pulling the “in 30 years…”/”in 40 years…” card, the silly rape joke tattoo just got fifty times better. Big props to the muffin top girl for some good silly shit.

  36. What if everyone stopped over analyzing the ‘Tramp Stamp’ ?
    Just think of it as a tattoo?

    Yes rape is bad, and I agree with both sides to an extent.
    But seriously, if she want’s it there then who are you to say that it’s ‘wrong’ and that shes ‘inconsiderate’.

    I think if you met the girl and she explained the tattoo to you and her reasons for getting it, you would change at least half your opinion of the tattoo.

  37. Bah, ever the conservative I have to say the begging for rape tattoo just isn’t cool or funny in my eyes. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

  38. i love the fuck slut one! the others not so much but each to there own. Im not offended by either of them i just dont really understand them well especially the rape one, i would like to know the thought process behind all of them

  39. As a survivor of rape I saw the subtle irony of the tattoo, and just thought she has a rape fantasy fetish which is basically consensual sex with rape play involved.
    The difference is with real rape: the victim is not begging for it or deserving of it, and is never consenting to it. Most rape happens with people we already know, as it was with me he got to know me for a few months before we had sex, I didn’t drink, he spiked mine, I wanted love, he wanted to inflict hate.
    20 years on and I’m still unable to trust anyone fully and have had years of therapy, I’m better now, but think anyone talking on a subject they have no real experience of is a foolish thing to do.

  40. Oh, *sigh*

    Get over the rape issue already.
    So she got a tattoo that she thinks is funny. Big fucking deal.

    What we need to talk about is the FUCK SLUT piece.
    That’s my signature calling card, my “fuck” and “slut” hand tattoos are one thing that people always remember. haha.. and I demand to meet this person walking about with it on their knucks!.
    We should start a club, but only if I get to the be the leader. 🙂


  41. Sigh, I’d have laughed about the rape tattoo a few months ago, but now, I find it in extremely poor taste.
    One can only hope she either gets raped (horrible, I know) or knows someone very close to her that does get raped (the preferable solution) for her to fully understand quite how disgusting the tattoo really is.

  42. OmniScent and MissMeg – couldn’t agree with you guys more.

    It’s great how everyone here pre-judges, assumes regret and reads way too far into everything.

  43. lol fuckin gay fag loser modertor i will make ur life and this site come crashing down I did it to Shannon and ill do it to u 2

  44. ur checking my ip is an invasion of my privacy…every1 else here should be wear since they checked my ip I have recived numerous unsolicted things…so my suggestion would be to use a fireball to conceal ur ip …

  45. Oh and there’s no possible way (as you also know) that you could have received anything unsolicited from BMEzine or any other party. Your IP address is not your email address, and besides, I didn’t post either, we don’t share any confidential information and BMEzine doesn’t spam.

    Unlike you.

  46. Omniscent- Hard facts=her statement. Therefore by looking into (otherwise known as analyzing) that text people can start to understand her reason for getting that tattoo. Text is the best, and only sufficient way into someones mind.

    I don’t think Sarah Palin was a good example (ps, that does not imply I am pro-Sarah Palin), but no one can be certain an analysis is correct, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Just look at a great philospher. Most of their ideas we later found out were incorrect, yet their still useful to people today.

  47. Sammi – I’m sorry dear, but you are sadly mistaken.

    Her statement contains absolutely no factual evidence as to what the deeper meaning of the tattoo is or even that there is actually a deeper meaning to it… Lots of people just took the one word “tramp – adj.” and ran with it. On top of that people just totally ignored what she said about how it hasn’t caused her any problems and went off about how she was fucking up her life by getting that tat and that it should be removed. Logical analysis by the haters? I think not.

    My god, did you just imply that that text is better at letting you “get into her mind” than by meeting her, talking with her, learning about her life’s history, etc.???? Please reevaluate your statement and get back to me.

    This issue transcends whether or not any of these analyses are correct. These analyses are all useless because they are based on emotion and arguments showing the sad toll modern society taken on your thought processes. But it’s cool… whatever floats your boat (it’s obviously not logic)

    P.s. Sara Palin hates this tattoo and all of you.
    *Especially all you gay’s… you’re like a threat to national Christianity- umm, I mean security.

  48. p.p.s. No, those “ideas we later found out (to be) incorrect” are not considered useful. Unless somehow your genes do happen to follow the laws of Lamarckian Acquisition.

  49. yeh having known someone who was recently raped and wat hell shes going thru with fuck-tards saying shes a skank who deserved it

    the point is it’s satirical, she’s making fun of people who say women who get raped are ‘asking for it’

    she probably dresses somewhat provocatively, or she’s promiscuous, either way some form or in charge of and owning of her own sexuallity. i’d assume she gets told she looks like she’s asking for it, by parents or something, who knows. i get the joke. its not about rape at all, its entirely about our culture’s negative associations about sexual women.

  50. #68 hopin 4 sum1 in her chain to have bad things happen to them for sumthin they had nuthin to do is well hummm aNY1 readin this can make up there own mind onthat one and I blame the modertor for posting my hateful cooments haere not me sumtimes I tests them because i am a undercover shopper the only reason i even stopped by here was cause there was all those die,i hate u comments for the that fricken misfit fan and i was like wow i think i found my ho,me but it was a lie poeple reallyu judge people here while i just judge crappy work done by sum crappy skilled or lazy people …..but its not all bad because sumtimes i pretend to be me…

  51. No bescuse u think ur important and ur not wood and books could burn down like whatever…nd the moderator thinks he’s smarter tyhan me and I was like whatever..because im sumbody…one day they will read my woirds like clifford thats one big fuckin (RED)Underdog///i am going to go for the worklds record of longest playin comp gamer in a plexi glass box in downtown Tokyo ….it will air 4:27,19:69(9:16)-

  52. Along with a how to tie ur shoe video for kids the first dvd we will concentrate on the velcro strap it i suseful as serves it’s person along with it can have a fashion statement if brought out into the public like glow in the dark in the day light so no one knows it but u that would be nice there are no moderators in deep space ….SAVE pANDORA

  53. no matter how girls get dressed, it’s not an excuse for them to be raped. it’s all about the psycho’s mind.
    and yeah, i get what you mean — i’ve read most of the replies here — and i still find this tattoo pretty offensive.
    i’ve always condemned rape, and now, since my pregnant sister got raped, i feel even more disgusted about it.

    i don’t think the owner of this tattoo is looking forward to it, but if it does happen, this tattoo might be used against her when the doctors who will care for her see it and when she gets psychological help.
    i never thought i’d ever say that, but i won’t feel sorry for this person.

  54. You babies. How dare you pass judgement on her. This is her body, her choice and her reasoning (which we haven’t even heard).

  55. great, bradly, could you stop using my name please? because that is in fact my name. and i am awesome.

    quite frankly — i’m not a fan of the tattoo, as i said: i wouldn’t want it on my body. but it’s her body and her tattoo and some of the comments i’ve seen on here are just disgusting. one can only hope that she or someone close to her gets raped? excuse me? you’re kidding, right? that’s not even a remotely funny joke, but please, please tell me it was your attempt at one.

  56. #97 in the court of opion here sum people here would think she deserved it but me what I think is if that happens then she should call 1-800-Matlocks he still alive ?yes?

  57. Text=language=meaning.
    So I guess the transitive property would allow you to assume that through ones text, or language, you could get an idea of someones thoughts or ideas. I think her clever diction shows that the tattoo is more than literal, and many people took a shot at that meaning (which didnt involve taking the word “rape” and “running with it”). Of course there are people that are going to jump at her thoat, and im not condoning those people. I’m just saying that I think that analyzing her words is a sufficient way to get an idea of who she is, or her reason for the tattoo. Many people didn’t take an emotional approach to it, either (while on the other hand, many people did). Again, no one is saying that they are correct on their analysis. My main point: if people were afraid to take a chance and analyze things, the world would never move forward.

    We’re obviously not going to agree on this, which is completely fine. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, just to state my point of view.

    oh..Sarah Palin. hah

  58. So as a rape victim, assuming we’ve got her reasoning right and it is a satirical take on the “tramp stamp” asking for rape thing, I think it’s quite witty. It’s not something I’d get tattooed on myself, and if I met her I’d really question her about it, but I think on paper it’s a pretty neat idea. But then on paper communism works out great too….

  59. Sammi – Yeah, analysis is great as long as people are accepting that it’s only a theory and could easily be wrong. That’s obviously not the case here. Almost everyone that made an analysis abt this tat is just assuming that they are right and it’s made many people look like total ass holes – i.e. “I hope she gets raped so she will know how wrong that tattoo is”
    – you do realize that by trying to defend the notion that all analysis (no matter how faulty) serves a purpose, you are defending statements like that…right?

    And no, you have guessed incorrectly -language can have many meanings and her limited text alone is in NO WAY substantial evidence for a thorough analysis.

    “Don’t threaten someone with a chainsaw”

    Sounds clear, right? But do I mean
    “When holding a chainsaw, do not threaten others” or
    “Do not threaten people who are wielding chainsaws”
    Kind of a big difference, and her text is much more vague than my example…

    So please explain to me what the purpose is in making an analysis when you have little to nothing to go by and you are just going to assume it’s right regardless?

  60. #102 ur so very smart ….her or any 1′s elses analisis is correct even if ther originator says it’s not….ur not as smart asu think u r so wake up u annoy every1 here with ur dumb ass..umptions but they r urs an u r entitlted 2 them ….

  61. everyone one get’s so serious on here, it’s funny, that’s all. If you don’t like it and think it’s in bad taste, don’t look at it. Two thumbs up for the rape tattoo, I also have a rape tattoo about little kids, what’s the big deal. A little forced lovin’ never hurt anyone.

  62. 104 Apperantly u liked being forced as a kid…was it ur dad that did to u or ur uncle or did they team up on u? calls the paramedics because the music sucks..besdsides ur one negative troll….

  63. “every1 here”???? sounds like you might be including yourself in this little community ehh?

    That’s sweet, I’m glad you are finally willing to accept that people do love you and genuinely want to here what you have to say. 😉

  64. look bradly, i think we both know who was taken advantage of as a child, otherwise you wouldn’t be taking my comment to heart, you need to learn to ignore people like me.

  65. 107 first adress the fact that calls the paramidic swallows donkey cum lol lur funny I can apprcaite any view and appaerntly I must have hit home for u to make such a quick repsonse im thinkin itr was both of them loli dont give a fuck what u have tattoooed on you there are plent yof peopole wh mhave the type of ur type online tattooed on them I figure u need sum type of shock value to have sumthing to show people imjust pissed that ur momgave me herpes but i blame ur dad for givin it to her…now besides all that GO\ RAYS

  66. oh omniscent…you got me.

    (aka, im beat and my brain can’t comprehend anything. maybe I’ll respond later on. Time for bed)

  67. I think she just thinks rape is funny. A lot of people do*.

    *Either a lot of people do, or I just need to move out of this fucking town -_-

  68. Funny how people think a tattoo being satire means it’s -funny- satire. Ironic or not, that’s a pretty offensive tattoo. She can get whatever she wants, and I can dislike it as much as I want.

  69. I thought it said begging for rope at first so i thought they must like getting tied up.

    But begging for rape?…. why?
    Is she trying to be ironic?
    Is she trying to say people with words tattooed on theyre lower back are “begging for rape?”
    and thats why she said “the only thing I regret is not getting a few curly lines to really tramp it up properly”
    Either way..

    What a dick.

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