26 thoughts on “She Is Electro Girl..

  1. I love the colouring on the flower on her chest – suits her so nicely. The way she looks, it seem the the chest work flows into the work on here arms …. Love it!!

  2. she is sooo beautiful. she looks indian to me which is awesome since i honestly have never seen work on an indian women. the tattoos are timeless. love it.

  3. I honestly have to say this is one of the nicest looking tattoo collections I have seen in a long time. It fits perfectly. A+

  4. Thanks eveyone! I didn’t even know I had “made” modblog. Obviously the picture was photoshopped, I am sorry to say that even though my eyes are light brown they aren’t that light.

  5. Yay finally something excellent coming from kansas. Almost makes me feel a little bit better about living here.

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