21 thoughts on “Cockney Nut-Job

  1. that boy got talent!!!
    and, cutesy cockney boys are the bee knee. too bad I can’t do that cockney rhyme. ah well.

  2. laura- where is the blowout alert? closest thing i can see is his labret but thats a split toungue.

  3. Why does someone always have to point out if someone else has a blowout? anyways i love the picture:)

  4. Does he have to stick his finger in the hole at the front when drinking so his tea dosnt run out?

    Gotta admit tho its one hell of a look!

  5. haha i first didn’t realize that he stuck his tongue through his labret. hahaha. i like how it looks though. :]

  6. his iam name is my email address, weird. anyway, i enjoy this kind of silly thing. it always makes me smile.

  7. Haha! Ahahhhahahaha! Cheers for that RooRaah. Modblogged for being a ‘Cockney Nut-Job’! Classic! That photo man… haaahaaahahaha! I look terrible!

    …btw… the blowout has pretty much gone now. I take ‘em out for 8hrs a day and they’ve sorted ‘emselves out :)

    Thanks again people! And for all the comments!

    ….now blog me looking nice!


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