Legs Autumnal

It might just be because it’s Autumn fall here in Toronto, but I really like Jill‘s (who is a piercer at the studio where it was done) fall-leaves-leg-sleeve*..

Click through for a larger view!

* – Trying saying that with your mouth full of swept up leaves. Oh and it’s not just because it’s fall in Toronto, I’d love it any time of the year.

By Johnny Johno, AMillion Tattoo (autoplayer), Austin, Texas.

42 thoughts on “Legs Autumnal

  1. This piece is so cool. The colours are vibrant and so give you that fall feeling …. well done!!

  2. not to be the lone naysayer here, but it just doesnt do it for me. its well done, but something just seems off. maybe when its completed and full healed i will like it better.

  3. That’s gorgeous… I wonder if the unfilled leaves will be left that way, I really like it as it is now.

  4. DARN IT! I was hoping this was done in toronto!!!!!
    i love this. I’m in toronto too and am totally into all the leaves right now!

  5. The colors look amazing. This is one of my favorite tattoos. Oh & I have those ice creams, yay!

  6. Wow, that is awesome. I thought it was a scarification at first, but surprisingly it’s just a really bright tattoo.

    Wonderful :)

  7. Holy crap, when I saw this, I was floored! I actually got my first tattoo by Johnny, and the photo of this tattoo in hiw portfolio was what made me choose him! Such gorgeous color work, exactly the kind of talent I was looking for. I bet he’s exicted that he’s on BMEzine ^______^

  8. I just moved from upstate NY to Orlando FL (for college). This represents all that I am missing right now.

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