BME BOYS Calendar 02/01/2010

I apologize for the lack of man meat last week, ladies and gents. Here is this week’s installment of BME Boys Calendar hopefuls!

First up is atmosphericcaos. He sent me in a couple photos and I couldn’t deny us any of them. Bonus photos!


Click through for more!






Last but not least, IAM regnis!


Time to get your votes coming in! Remember that you MUST submit your vote by email – votes in the comment section will not be counted.   Don’t be shy, Boys! Keep submitting your photos!

About being a featured boy: This event is open to all BME Boys age 18 and over. Boys of all shapes, sizes and race are encouraged to submit pictures. Contestants can be dressed or nude, but nothing too pornographic will be featured. Pictures need to be of decent quality, lest the readers condemn me to hell for posting webcam shots. Agreeing to be involved is consenting to be featured in the calendar, if you are selected for it. If you want to suggest someone, feel free to do so. I will contact them and see if they are interested, but no one will be featured without their explicit approval.

About voting: Votes will be tallied by emailing [email protected], just make the subject “Vote (insert name of the guy you choose)” and your vote will be tallied.  Votes will be anonymous, there is no reason for anyone to know who voted for whom and how many votes each girl got. This isn’t about competition, it’s about a fun, interactive way to get the readers involved in the selection process.

About Commenting: I am enforcing a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for negative comments about the boys. They are being kind enough to share themselves with us and to help BME make a calendar, they should not have to fear public ridicule. Negative comments will be deleted, if we have a repeat offender, all of their future modblog comments will be sent to moderation. This isn’t about censorship, it’s about common courtesy and respect.

We’re looking forward to seeing BME’s most intriguing boys! Let’s see ya, fellas!

So Convincingly Real

You folks are swell sometimes, you know that? After Twyla Sue showed up earlier in the week with his veritable cabinet of curiosities, Parker checks in with another jackalope tattoo? Two jackalope tattoos in one week, for reals? Is it our birthday? (It is not our birthday.) Except, of course, because Parker is not so much a human with flaws as she is a perfect being from somewhere among the cosmos, this is not just a jackalope, but a jackalope crossed with a goddamned owl, which, hey. In fact, this jaunty fellow is Fairfax, the jackalope owl, just hanging out and having a cup of peppermint tea. He likes long walks on the beach and arts and crafts involving nature.

And just like that, it’s Friday, ModBloggers, and there’s a knife on the floor.

(Tattoo by Tara Quinn at Freakshow Tattoos in San Antonio, Texas.)

Watered By Men

If there is one thing to which we have held fast and true during our tenure here, it has been our unabashed love of bizarre animal tattoos. We can’t explain it. There is no rationale we can provide. These absurd creations just tickle us in a way we can not entirely comprehend, but we are forever grateful to the people who tattoo them, who get them tattooed and who send them in—TwylaSue among them. It was he who submitted this glorious narwhal chestpiece many moons ago, and he has just checked in again (from deep within the confines of an actual mustard bottle, apparently) with some shots of his legs, this one featuring what appears to be some sort of, hmm, jackalope, maybe? It is, at any rate, something that most definitely should not be. After the jump, a five-eyed wolf (in progress) and some other goodies.

(Tattoos by Chris Caldwell, Tom Keeney, John Rippey and Erik Brooks at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick, Maryland..)

The Cabinet of Curiosities

Those noble creatures, friends, are narwhals, proudly displayed on twylasue‘s chest and tattooed by Tom Keeney at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick, MD. (More from twylasue on ModBlog here.)

And, because I’m charitable, I’ve included a highly informative video about the narwhal below:

wow. Put your brains back together, ModBlog, and we’ll see you in the morning.

See more in Old School (and Old) Tattoos (Tattoos)

Tofu Wobbles, Yonder Lilic Angroves Sway Under Elephants

Ok, I must admit I have no idea what twylasue (Googling it just confused me more) means but the following photos are of him and I thought that as they have a definite Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas feel to them, I’d come up with something suitably random.

“There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

Read on for more photos..

We know what you’re up to, man.

“I hate to say this, but this place is getting to me. I think I’m getting the fear.”

“What? No. We can’t stop here. This is Narwhal country!”

Narwhal by Tom Keeney and elephant by Chris Codwell, both of Classic Electric Tattoo, Frederick, MD.