Apples and Crayfish

You may not be able to tell, but this is IAM D1exa, she of the apples from last week. Pinchy pinchy.

(Photo by Brushsha.)

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49 thoughts on “Apples and Crayfish

  1. i totally couldn’t tell what that was at first. not enough contrast in the photo. the piercing is impressive and beautiful, but the shot could have been done alot better. idk, the angle is all weird i can’t tell which way is up.

  2. I actually love this picture, I thought the 1st one was great, but this is amazing.

    Jordan, that font..I don’t think its Lane, but it’s incredibly similar……
    It’s ruining your post. Switch it up, please.

  3. um… so ow. and did i mention ow?

    cool picture but I didn’t know they had crawfish in Russia…

  4. yah, thats a cool photo. pinch the tails, suck the heads

    @ ryan #6 – prolly just a retainer/plug(glass?) with o-rings

  5. HAHA I had absolutely no idea what that was for a few seconds.
    I was like “what does a crayfish have to do with…OHHHH. I GET IT NOW.”

  6. *cough* fake tits *cough*

    but… im not complaining who doesnt like little barbie titties :P am i right or am i right!?

  7. Yeah so I’ve done a little more oogling. This has to be photoshopped, which sucks. They’re TOO Perfect. NOTHING IS PERFECT I TELL YA !!!!

  8. I may be wrong but this looks like one of the fake squishy tits we used to sell at spencers gifts when I worked there. The size and everything is right for it to be one of them.

  9. If you rotate the picture counter clockwise it makes more sense. But you also have to play with the contrast. If you read her profile it says she has 2 vertical 8g nipple piercings. So once the photos rotated correctly it appears to not be as fake as before.

  10. Okay, I was pretty confused when I first saw this. Like with rae, I couldn’t figure out the direction at ALL, but I’ve come to the conclusion that she has to be laying down, and the thumb is pointing north. So basically the crayfish’s tail would be closest to her face.

    That IS a cute boob but I agree with the photoshop comments.

  11. Insert foot into mouth.

    I take it back.
    That still looks wrong.
    I’m still confused.

  12. the tail is closet to her face, if you hold your hands like her, thats the only way it makes sense.

  13. okay… I’m scared to death of crawfish. so I don’t find that attractive. but the whole photo looks fake – the boob, the nipple, the beast. it’s so photoshopped, it hurts. but I do kinda like the aesthetic.

  14. most boobs look a lot faker/better when gravity isnt having it’s way with them! i’m pretty sure she’s lying on her back and therefore the boobs are more shapely (not to take away from their natural splendour haha)

  15. to # 34.
    being a woman, I know that lieing on your back will not make you boobs look rounder at all.
    actually they tend to flatten, quite a bit if their not fake.
    The way her breast is keeping such a perfectly round shape if shes lieing or standing, would not make sence at all unless thay were fake or the curve at the top was photoshopped in.

  16. Nice photo, to me it kind of looks like it was taken underwater, in a bathtub or something. That would explain the weird skin color and mean that the crayfish isn’t suffocating :). Also, under water boobs have a tendency to float, so that might affect the shape of the tit…

  17. I don’t care if it’s fake or not, that is the perfect, perrfectt boob :]. hott! (emphasis on perfect)

  18. The way it’s lined up and shot makes it look luike her tits are lower then they really are, I still like it though.

  19. #17, The crawdad’s gonna be okay (if he was even alive to start with) their gill chambers pull oxygen from the air and as long as the chambers are moist they’re fine out of water. In a humid atmosphere they can live for months out of water.
    I wouldn’t put one on my nipple, tho.

  20. It took me a minute to figure out that it’s a boob.
    …Why did it take me a /minute/ to realise it’s a boob?!

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