Good Morning, ModBlog!

Hey, don’t look so scared! I know IAM: lunar looks like he’s gonna cut you, but really, he just wants to make you some breakfast! So, you know, relax. (Just kidding, oh my God will he cut you. He will cut you so bad.)

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29 thoughts on “Good Morning, ModBlog!

  1. i want to commend you for putting a real guy up on Modblog. we see a lot of um..emo’ish pics which are fine and NOT complaining! but this guy looks like a regular “lets go to Hooters eat some wings and watch the game” kinda guy and thats cool as hell. and i fully expect some body hairless teen to rip the guy for the foliage but REAL men HAVE body hair! why the hell do you think i have APE in my name?
    rock on modblog with the “unperfect” men and women who love your site!
    Speedoape! Out!

  2. Mr. Speedoape,

    I think you’ve got your words mixed up. You seem to think that ‘unperfect’ is your version of ‘perfect’. So in your mind perfect things are hairy, are not adolescent, include going to a restaurant that promotes the degradation of women, and patronizing in a sport that rivals the popularity of religion. While this would be fine in the normal world, a community based on modification and an reinvention of beauty does not need you or anyone else commenting on the way they live their life (or display their bodies). If someones image of perfection includes being totally hairless with big lobes, facial piercings, and large gauge nipple piercings then they deserve the same respect as someones whose image of perfection includes those things and hair.

    As someone who has spent years of their life getting electrolysis and laser hair removal as well as traditional (as if there is a thing) modifications I want the same respect. Let me define beauty and let my modifictions manifest themselves in any way I see fit.

    Just my two cents.

    -Ellie Changes

  3. Ellie, I think Speedoape is just glad to see some variety in the people modblog is posting. It’s true that there are a lot of pictures of pale, skinny, relatively hairless boys and girls — and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, I am pale, skinny, and hairless. But it’s nice to see that people with body modifications come from all walks of life — essentially, people come in all shapes and sizes. I do disagree with his statement that “real” men have body hair, because body hair has absolutely nothing to do with what makes a man.

    It’s not a personal insult to say, “It’s nice to see some variety.” Because honestly, it is nice to see some variety.

  4. wow…Ellie you really took that to heart . and this “include going to a restaurant that promotes the degradation of women, and patronizing in a sport that rivals the popularity of religion.” was totally the thing that cracked me up the most.
    see, im a dude. i do dude things. i look like a dude. you do what ever you want. i could care less. no really if it was possible to care less about what you do i would. really. no really.
    i was just saying this was a nice change.
    and i end this by saying. whatever………

  5. “A restaurant that promotes the degradation of women” <– *reflects back to that Modblog post about those strippers Diesel Girls or whatever they called themselves* HRRMM…. what are you doing on a website that, by your standards ‘promotes the degradation of women’ then?? Oh there are SO many things wrong with what you said I’m not even going to bother to go on XD

    That aside, I am in agreement that it is nice to see some variety here, and I would rather cuddle up to this dude at night than one of those hairless teens with their jutting out hipbones ;p

  6. I don’t understand how a man with a shit load of body hair, is more of a man than a guy with less body hair, or more of a than one who chooses to get rid of his body hair.

  7. This body hair discussion reminds me of the new Russell Peters live show, red white and brown – Was watching it today lol

  8. I tried to click thru to see a pic of him frying bacon nekkid or something!
    I certainly wanted to see =)

  9. I’m going to side with Ellie on this one. Its one thing if you’re an average, everyday American who likes to see hot girls and hot guys on modblog. Then something comes around like this picture and you think, “Man its nice to see some variety!” Its a whole different game if you’re an American female with excessive body hair.

    First of all, if the guy above was instead a heavyset, topless, and moderately hairy female (obviously not as hairy as the guy is) NO ONE would be saying how refreshing it is to see variety. They would be making derogatory comments on how hairy or fat she was. Don’t believe me? Check previous modblog posts featuring heavyset or even slightly hairy women (read: crotch shots of women who don’t look like 12 – year -olds).

    Second, I know most of you won’t succeed in doing this, but try for a minute to imagine what it must be like to go through life as a hairy woman. You are the butt of all jokes. You spend thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to conceal or remove your excess body hair. You endure self-esteem destroying torment during your teenage years, and you can never be “hot” or “pretty” the way American women are conditioned to try to be.

    Say what you want about lack of sense of humor, but as a woman who has lived nearly her whole life with excess body hair, I don’t find it very amusing either.

  10. dryxi, i’m one of the guys who groans at the hypocrisy of the people who whine about women with body hair. then again, as someone who is trans, i dream hopefully of the day when i can maybe one day grow a beard. do people suck for the way they treat women? yes.

    i do want to see move variety on modblog. i would like to see a heavy-set, topless and moderately hairy female with lots of piercings making faces and wielding sharp kitchen implements.

    fuck gender norms and heterosexist ideas of what’s gender-appropriate and attractive.

    because the solution here isn’t, okay, well, variety is bad! let’s only post pictures of scrawny pierced emo kids with razor-sharp hipbones and girls with no pubic hair. the solution is to say fuck you to the people who go “OH NO, girls with body hair” and post pictures of awesome people with awesome mods regardless of weight/age/race/etc./etc. because variety is fucking awesome and anyone who disagrees sucks.

    but then, that’s just my opinion.

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