You Just Toss the Ball, Catch it in the Cup

Does anyone else look at this surface weaving job by Damien at Outer Rim Body Mod in British Columbia and think of these? No? Really? Not at all? Hey, calm down, I jus— fine, I’ll leave, but please, stop yelling at me.

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27 thoughts on “You Just Toss the Ball, Catch it in the Cup

  1. To 5 and 7: I COULD be wrong, but judging by the look of the exit points of the piercing, this piercing IS healed. I’m guessing the healing wasn’t done with this piece of jewellery though.

    I do agree that the jewellery doesn’t quite sit perfectly within the piercing though, which doesn’t bode well for the eventual longevity of the piercing.

  2. why the fc*k are you posting this neo-nazi’s shit? you’d think the fact that he’s head of the local aryan nation and is sporting an ’88′ tattoo would tip you off that maybe he’s not the guy to promote. do some research, retards.

  3. MrPibb – Beauty is beauty regardless of the source. Try to enjoy the piece for itself, as something totally separate from the person who created it. I like it because it’s the most interesting nape system I’ve seen. Kudos, neo-nazi. Your politics are outdated and ridiculous, but you do good work.

  4. How on earth was this jewelry inserted? also, do the ends come off? I don’t see how. Overall it looks damn tricky to get in.

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  6. I assumed looking at this that it was inserted into two already-healed surface piercings… cos that doesn’t look like a fresh piercing to me, to the people who are sniping about healing XD Very pretty!

  7. That looks pretty awesome. I agree with 14, it looks already healed for the most part. I couldn’t imagine doing this on someone with long hair like me though, I’d be so afraid my ponytail would catch in it and rip it out…..eek

  8. thats way hot.
    I dont know how they got it in and I can only see one way it is going to come out but its freaking pretty.

  9. thats very pretty – i’d be worried about the long term pressure on the piercings though – i think if the center spiral was flatter it would sit better? (did that make sense?)

  10. DeadlyPoison- yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too. If it was more gently curved so that it fit flat with the contour of the neck. It’s really gorgeous, but healed or not, I’m afraid that jewelry will either a. be a prime target for stuff to catch on and potentially pull and rip at the piercing, or b. exert too much pressure in the long term on the piercings and result in an equally bad situation.

  11. I do like this :]

    As for taking it out i think it will just be a case of sliding the jewelry to the right as the bar is quite long. It should leave it enough room to pop out on the left.

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  14. the healing looks complete it is the artist who made the piece that is at fault, my suggestion find a better metalsmith and you will have a better product…there is a lot of undue pressure, as evidenced by the left side bulging out under the skin

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