Samoan Hand-Poked Malu

I stumbled across this video today and realised it was never posted, it’s almost a year old (as is evident by the rather dated watermark) but still worth an airing!

I’ll leave it up to John Harrold to explain..

“I’m a Peace Corps volunteer currently serving in Samoa. Two friends (other volunteers) and myself decided to get traditional tattoos.

My roommate and I had ours done this weekend — simple leg bands around our ankles.

My other friend Candice is scheduled to get a malu. That’s the traditional tattoo that girls get on their upper legs. I’m planning on photographing it and recording the audio of the session (if I can get a directional mic). I’m going to combine it with other singing I’ve recorded while here into a short movie..”

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11 thoughts on “Samoan Hand-Poked Malu

  1. absolutely beautiful. all of it.

    after i watched it the first time i pressed play again and just listened to the music. talk about putting yourself at peace. i just felt this wonderful calm.

  2. my mother lived in American Samoa from 1972-74. she says it was one of the happiest and most exciting times of her life.

    oh yeah, and the vid is awesome!

  3. It’s really cool, but do you by chance have a picture of this piece that isn’t moving? I want to actually get a good view of the tattoo without it moving everywhere ;p

  4. I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to get work done by indigenous peoples according to the tradition of their culture.

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