Because you asked for it..

The BMEShop gets requests for items all the time.  Sometimes we can fulfill those requests, sometimes we can’t.  So when Rachel started getting requests for the jewelry featured in this post last year, she set out to make it happen.  Well, it took a bit of time, but the waiting paid off, you can now get these hearts from the BMEShop!

We have 2 types of hearts, 18ga bendable niobium hearts, and 14/16ga stainless steel bendable hearts.  The niobium ones come in a variety of colours, including Ice Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Dark Blue, Teal, Dream Blue, Rainbow, and High Polish.  Here’s the pink one..

And here are a couple more colours.

The larger gauge ones only come in stainless steel, as you can see in this picture.

So head on over to the BMEShop now to get your own hearts!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the t-shirt section while you’re there.  Rachel just added MORE DESIGNS over the weekend, including the ever popular “Always Wear Lube“.

A brief chat with John Durante of Evolve Body Jewelry

John Durante is one of those guys whom I have known of for many years. However, I don’t believe I actually had the pleasure of meeting him until the Philly Tattoo Convention early last year. Since then, I have ran into him at a few conventions and have always enjoyed talking to him, so I felt sure the modblog readers would enjoy hearing from him as well.


John is a good example of a body mod renaissance man. He is actively involved in so many facets of this industry/community that he is hard to keep up with.  Perhaps later, I will have to interview him again to dig deeper into his piercing and scarification work, as well as his extensive traveling and involvement with ancient and modern body rituals alike. This time though, we are focusing on the body jewelry company he founded, Evolve.


For the interview, keep on keeping on.

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A brief look into Maya Organics

A while back I featured my old friend Jared’s company onetribe on here. Readers seemed to appreciate an in depth look into one of the many organic jewelry companies. So when the, ever so likable, Cyrus showed up in my shop carrying a selection of gorgeous organic jewlery from Maya, I told him to tell his boss I’d like to do a feature on her company. Due to prior commitments on both our parts, it took a while to get it together, but I am pleased to have it ready now.


For many more images and a brief interview, keep on keeping on.

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Q&A with Jared of onetribe organic body jewelry.

I have known Jared for several years now, a bit before he started onetribe. When he first approached me at one of the old Richmond Suspension Socials with a few pairs of plugs and a dream, I thought he was crazy. I didn’t think it was even possible for one man to compete with the established organic jewelry companies. Well, obviously, he proved me wrong. Not only did he prove me wrong, he did so in an honorable and humble way that deserves recognition. So without further ado, I present to you a few question with jared from onetribe.


Jared hard at work grinding jade

For the questions, keep on keeping on.

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Just In Time For Christmas: Glow in the Dark Nipples

We will admit that, sometimes, we are very simple and easy to please. This is one of those times, and it’s all thanks to one of our long-time and most reliably creative contributors. Take it away!

About 10 years ago, I sent some pictures of self-done nipple-pocketing. In 1999, a picture of my nipple with a cigarette butt stuffed in its stretched hole at the center was selected as a cover image of BME. I also sent pictures of my flame-throwing penis, which was achieved by sending butane gas through a silicone tube inserted into my penis through a urethral reroute. Some of those pictures appeared in the ModCon book. I also had my own bonus gallery that was entitled “Beaded Nipple.” More recently, I’ve done some cool (and funny!) nipple play.

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Ohhh, Bug Plugs

That saucy little minx Uranium Hobo just sent in these shots of him sporting some home-made bug plugs. It was his first time casting in resin and, while he says they’re not perfect, everything is “glass smooth” except for a few nicks around the edges that he says don’t affect anything. These ones were rather heavy and stretched out the piercings somewhat, so next up will be a thinner pair, more suitable for long-term wear, filled with mantises.

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