The Wolf on the Fold

It’s always nice when lanileegarver sends in photos. Why? Because they’re so stunning that people usually don’t even read my caption and catch on to what a doofus I am. Phew!

See more in Double and Multi-Labrets (Lip Piercing)

38 thoughts on “The Wolf on the Fold

  1. Jordan, just because you are a doofus doesn’t mean we love you any less.

    Extremely lovely!

  2. wow, she’s really beautiful.

    PS. totally unrelated, i apologise, but does anybody know what typeface has been used for ‘’ in this picture?

  3. Omg I loveee her, she’s my favoriteee ! She’s soo beautiful with her amazing lips. I think the labrets look awesomeee on her…gah shes gorgeous.

  4. She is so beautiful. Are her eyes really that color, or is it contacts? And I agree a medusa would look awesome on her.

  5. Aw man she’s so over-rated. Puleeeese. Her colorbones are crooked. And she keeps blowing up my phone with txt messages about her being modblogged. Sheep all of you!

  6. Kurosagi – looks like century gothic or arriere garde to me! :) probably arriere garde.

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