Fell Down Some Stairs

You know, this photo of Sicko seems as good as any to serve as the basis for a good old-fashioned caption contest! The winner gets a copy of that motorcycle poster on the wall. Let’s hear it in the comments, good people.

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45 thoughts on “Fell Down Some Stairs

  1. The first thing I thought of was him, looking exactly like that, coming up to me in a bar and simply saying:
    “Hey darlin’…need a light?”
    So that’s my caption input!

    Roll on the motorbike poster … woooo!

  2. hehe this reminds me of those Bugs Bunny cartoons when the people get hit on the head and grow HUGE goose eggs <3

  3. “hey guys, do you mind if i use your toilet, i really gotta pee”

    i really want to know why hes bleeding, i cant work it out.

  4. As much as I like bodymods, as much as I am fascinated by them and the people waering them, thoughts about the future sometimes also freak me out…

  5. #30 – the future as in impending nuclear war and the crash of the economy right? Don’t freak out, I think this dude will fit right in to a post-apocalyptic world!!

  6. “Mummy always said not to run with scissors… but I think there was something important she WASN’T telling me…”

  7. Admission: $20
    Drugs and Alcohol:$300
    Lighter: $1

    Passing out at a Body Mod Convention and waking up the next day with some new tattoos and implants…Priceless.

  8. lol @ #37…. Love the implants but I cant quite figure out why theres blood all up his forehead either

  9. Almaxaquotal: I see your point and think your right to some point. If not through disaster we will all certainly vanish if our time has come. So why not make it an interesting for yourself? But then again, the risk is social neglect or repulsion, which can be hard to deal with. I (we) also explore this fringe in some way or another. But he goes far… how does he live with it?

  10. to those that aren’t sure what is up with the blood, I have come to believe that the blood is a result of a play piercing session. That seems to be the only logical explanation. but yeah, sticking random things in your piercings is fun :P

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