In The Red

Sure, he’s got long, dark, flowing locks, and bedroom eyes, and is in tremendous shape, and has a well executed, complex and interesting Ulver-inspired chest tattoo, but, uh … hey, look at that stupid doorknob! You can’t even see all of it! Ha ha, geez, worst picture ever.

(Tattoo by Chris Van R. at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Vancouver, British Columbia.)

60 thoughts on “In The Red

  1. oh..wright…the worts pic ever -_-’……can i order one of those to be delivered to my doorstep as soon as possible?..he looks like jesus…so mf lovely!!!!

  2. That tattoo looks fake somehow… can you post another picture of it?

    The boy, of course, I cannot argue with. <3

  3. this by no means is a shitty tattoo. i find it to be gorgeous and a very unique chest piece at that.

  4. gorgeous

    but if we do need to pick faults his left nipple is slightly higher than his right :- )

  5. really like this tattoo. it kinda looks fake cos of the colours being altered is all.
    mean as.

  6. he just reminds me of the dude from biffy clyro, it’s a good thing
    at first though i thought the chestpiece was an unreal-sick-beyond-belief skin removal but it’s still sweet!

  7. i almost thought it was a scarification too! but either way, it is gorgeous. as well as the person it is on, ohh my god. hahah :)

  8. Hmmm, note to self, next time I take a self-portrait, remember that the door knob is the most important.

  9. i got an all read tattoo no black outline it looks alot darker than that one though.. but his still looks cool

  10. Tremendous shape if he just got off a desert island, maybe. I thought it was only cool for girls to starve themselves.

  11. my gawd i love all-red tattoos…i thought it was a fresh scarification at first, yet nay, even better. i hope he wears those super-low v-neck shirts every day so it can be seen by all.

  12. I’m with #46 (Meaghan). This is what happens to pass as being tremendous shape these days? I should go back to being a malnourished vegan then, rather than a well nutritioned athletic.

  13. can I get one of those delivered to my front door? Waiting for me when I get home from work?
    ….I can wait the 6 to 8 working days…. :-)

  14. Yes, I am judgmental. Deal with it.

    Here’s the thing, I actually know Chris that did the tattoo, he’s a REALLY great artist and I wish I still worked with him. This is a nice piece. Well done for something without a black outline. I don’t even have anything negative to say about this guy’s body. He’s not grossly obese or pathetically skinny. I’m just saying that if you put a load on this guy’s back and told him to run, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this fella would NOT impress anyone from an athletic standpoint.

  15. Timebomb, why don’t you go rock climbing with him for a day and see how you can keep up? Ignoramus… bulky muscles do not always equal strength.

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  17. LOL I know you timebomb and our photo friend and I know of Tuesday… so this is amusing ’cause I know how you guys are/look in real life. XD

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